b'IRONMONGERYGATE FITTINGSIRONMONGERYGATE FITTINGS GLASS PLATES &HARDWAREMIRROR PLATESGATE LATCHES FELT PADS & GLIDESSecurit Glass PlatesSecurit S4737 Ring GateSecurit S5138 Ring GateFixman (969465) Self-Adhesive Latch Galvanised Latch Zinc Plated Pads Set 125pce BlackGATE FITTINGS, GLASS PLATES & MIRROR PLATES, HARDWARE & HASP & STAPLES150mm (1136) Twisted Ring Code Size UnitCode Size Unit Code Size Unit Electro Brass Plain Provides smooth protection for MPSS4737 150mm Each MPSS6804 32mm Card floors, cupboards, drawers and other MPSS5138 150mm EachMPSS6806 38mm Card hard surfaces. Also reduces noise of Securit S4738 Twisted RingSecurit Suffolk Latch 180mm MPSS6808 50mm Card furniture being moved. Sticks to any Gate Latch MPST6806 38mm Bag 100 hard surface such as wood, laminate and vinyl. Self-adhesive backing for MPST6808 50mm Bag 100 fast, easy application. Includes 20mm Electro Brass Slotted x 48; 15mm x 36; 10mm x 32; 38mm x 8 and 200mm cut-to-size square x 1.MPSS6805 32mm CardMPSS6807 38mm Card Code UnitZinc Plated Plain SIL969465 Black EachGalvanised 150mm (1137) MPSS6814 32mm CardCode Size Unit MPSS6816 38mm Card Fixman Self Adhesive Felt PadMPSS4738 150mm Each MPSS6818 50mm CardZinc Plated SlottedSecurit S4911 Spring LatchCode Finish Unit MPSS6815 32mm CardSet Galvanised 600mm/24 2.25kg MPSS5134 Zinc Plated Each MPSS6817 38mm CardMPSS5135 Black EachSecurit S2654 Brass Chest GATE SPRING Corner Provides smooth protection for floors, cupboards, drawers and other hard surfaces. Also reduces noise of Perry 517 Gate Spring 10 furniture being moved. Sticks to any hard surface such as wood, laminate and vinyl. Self-adhesive backing for fast, easy application.Code Desc. UnitSIL329069 95 x 68mm Pack 2Code Size Unit SIL621423 Round 38mm Pack 8Code Unit Black MPSS2654 50 x 50mm Card SIL900862 Round 20mm Pack 24MPSS4911 Each Code Size UnitPER517-PP0250BK 250mm Each Securit S6810 MirrorHASP & STAPLESSecurit S4921 Self LockingBrackets Adjustable Nickel Gate Catch Galvanised 180mmSecurit Door & Gate SpringPlated FDL SP14 Vertical Hasp & 1.10kg Zinc Plated Staple Black Japan 6 Pre PackedCode Unit Code Size Unit Code Size UnitMPSS4921 Each MPSS5123 200mm Each MPSS6810 Set Of Four CardMPSS5124 250mm Each Code Size UnitSecurit S4936 Spring LoadedSecurit S6812 Mirror CornersFDLSP146BJ 150mm EachBolt (12mm) Zinc PlatedSecurit Gate Spring Black Nickel Plated210mm - 660g FDL Staple For Medium Hasp & Staple GalvanisedCode Size UnitCode Unit MPSS5121 200mm Each Code Unit Code UnitMPSS4936 Each MPSS5122 250mm Each MPSS6812 Card FDLDS6GALV Each398 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'