b'HAND TOOLSPRECISION TOOLSPRECISION TOOLS PROPS PUNCHES HAND TOOLSSilverline Digital VernierSilverline 226168 Heavy DutyCENTRE PUNCHESCaliper Trestle 150kgHilka 62880003 CentrePriory Centre PunchPunch 3pcPRECISION TOOLS, PROPS & PUNCHESQuality, stainless steel digital vernier calipers with 4-function measurement: internal, external, depth and step. Thumb wheel fineFor the accurate marking of centres adjustment and zero setting at anyprior to drilling.position. Large, easy-to-read display. Accurate to 0.01mm/0.0005. Code Size UnitPRI12412 7 x 1/2 Tip EachCode Size UnitSIL380244 6 (150mm) Each PRI12438 6 x 3/8 Tip EachSIL833626 8 (200mm) Each Silverline 196555 Auto Centre SIL411212 12 (300mm) Each Drop forged heat teated steel.Punch Steel 130mm Heavy duty trestle Knurled body for sure grip. Size: 0.8, 2.5, and 3mm.PROPSHeavy duty box section steelDual-locking safety arms & foldingCode Unit Kingfisher (CPROP) Blue Linesupport braces HIL62880003 EachProp Folds down for convenient storageWidth 685mm; Height adjustablePriory 44 Heavy Duty Centre 810-1300mm Punch Square Knurled steel bodied centre punch Max load 150kg with hardened tip.Code Weight Unit Code UnitSIL226168 150kg Each SIL196555 EachPUNCHES Silverline 598496 Auto Centre Punch Brass 130mmCENTRE PUNCHES For the accurate marking of centres prior to drilling.Telescopic Clothes Line Prop.Eclipse 65-171R Auto Centre Extends from 1.3m up to 2.4m. BluePunch Code Size Unitpowder coated tubular steel with strong and durable plastic fittings. PRI44116 1/16 EachPRI44332 3/32 EachCode Unit Brass bodied automatic centre BONCPROP Each PRI4418 1/8 Each punch with hardened tip.PRI44532 5/32 EachSilverline Mega Prop PRI44316 3/16 Each Code UnitPRI4414 1/4 Each SIL598496 Each Delivers a punch when handpressure applied to knurled head LETTER & NUMBER PUNCHESOne handed operation, hammer should not be used Depth of impression adjusted byPriory 180 Set 0-9 NumberPriory 181 Set A-Z Letter Punch Punchturning knurled headTelescopic steel pole with strong, spring-loaded ratchet mechanism.Code UnitInfinitely adjustable, quick and simpleNEI65-171R Eachto use. Max vertical capacity of 60kg.Code Size Unit Eclipse Centre PunchSIL427667 1.6 - 2.9m EachSIL245076 2.1 - 3.95m EachSilverline 465983 Easy Prop 1.15 - 2.9mPunches are individually marked Punches are individually markedwith the character and size. Used to indent, mark, scribe lineswith the character and size.Code Size Unitand to make indentations in work pieces prior to drilling Code Size Unit PRI181-1.5 1.5mm Each Punch point accurately ground toPRI180-1.5 1.5mm Each PRI181-2.0 2mm Each an angle of 90 PRI180-2.0 2mm Each PRI181-2.5 2.5mm EachAdjustable height builders prop.Code Size Unit PRI180-3.0 3mm Each PRI181-3.0 3mm EachSimple one-handed ratchet system.NEI351A 3mm Each PRI180-4.0 4mm Each PRI181-4.0 4mm EachSwivel pads adjust to any surface. ForNEI351B 4mm Each PRI180-5.0 5mm Each PRI181-5.0 5mm Eachuse with polythene sheeting to form enclosed work areas. Adjusts 1.15-2.9m.NEI351C 4.7mm Each PRI180-6.0 6mm Each PRI181-6.0 6mm EachMax vertical weight capacity of 40kg. NEI351D 6mm Each PRI180-8.0 8mm Each PRI181-8.0 8mm EachCode Unit 4 Piece Set PRI180-10.0 10mm Each PRI181-10.0 10mm EachSIL465983 Each NEI351W Various Each PRI180-12.0 12mm Each PRI181-12.0 12mm EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 285'