b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESGRINDER ACCESSORIESPOWER TOOL ACCESSORIESGRINDERGRINDING DISCS & WHEELSACCESSORIESGRINDING DISCS METAL GRINDING DISCSSilverline 101421 Flange Set M14Silverline (836851) GreenDronco Depressed CentreSilverline 302067 Tungsten Silicon Carbide Bench GrindingMetal Grinding Discs 6.4mm Carbide Grinding Disc 115 x Wheel 150 x 20mm Medium 22.2mmReplacement flange set for use with most M14 threaded angle grinders and cutting and grinding discs. Pin-drive holes at 30mm spacing.Code UnitGRINDER ACCESSORIES, GRINDING DISCS & WHEELS, GROUND AUGERS & HAND MIXING PADDLES SIL101421 Each Heavy duty 46 grit silicon carbide. For sharpening tungsten carbide- Good all- purpose disc with aExtra hard quality. For rough Silverline 101430 Pin Spannertipped (TCT) tools. Suitable forgood service life. Very suitable forconcrete, fibreglass, stone, tiles and 30mm use on ferrous metals and alloys.unalloyed an alloyed constructionbrick. Also ideal for removing rust. 31.75mm (1-1/4) bore with 12.7mmsteel. Well suitable for sheet steel.Max speed 13,300rpm. For all makes (1/2), 15.88mm (5/8), 19.05mmLimited suitable for very solidof angle grinder.(3/4) and 25.4mm (1) reducingconstruction steel, tool steel, cast, bushes. For use with all 150mmwelding seams, non- ferrous metals. Code Unitbench grinders.Hardened 4mm drive pins, 30mmCode Size(mm) Unit SIL302067 Eachspacing. Suitable for use with mostCode Unit DRO3106040 102x16 Pk 10angle grinders. SIL836851 Each STONE GRINDING DISCSDRO3116040 115x22.2 Pk 10Code Unit DRO3126040 125x22.2 Pk 10SIL101430 Each Silverline (976303) GreenClipper Depressed Centre Silicon Carbide Bench GrindingDRO3186041 180x22.2 Pk 10 Stone Grinding 180mm x Silverline 686139 AdjustableWheel 200 x 20mm Medium DRO3236041 230x22.2 Pk 10 6.5mm x 22.2mmPin Wrench 15 - 52mm Silverline (699791) Metal Grinding Discs 10pk 100 x 6 x 16mmFully adjustable pin wrench from 15-52mm. Stepped handle can be used as a spanner to undo nuts from 10-19mm. Can also be used as wrench to replace pins in angle grinders, bench grinders, mitre saws and circular saws. Heavy duty 46 grit aluminium oxide. Suitable for general grinding and Code Unit tool sharpening. 31.75mm (1-1/4) SIL686139 Each bore with 12.7mm (1/2), 15.88mmCode Unit(5/8), 19.05mm (3/4) and 25.4mmCLI700393 Pk 10GROUND AUGERS (1) reducing bushes. For use with all 200mm bench grinders.Resin-bonded glass fibre reinforcedDronco Depressed Centre Silverline 868696 Post HoleCode Unit aluminium oxide. Ideal for grindingStone Grinding Discs 6.4mm Auger 127mmSIL976303 Each ferrous and non-ferrous metals.Pk10Suitable for all metal-grinding applications, especially with air Silverline Metal Grinding Disc cut-off tools. Compatible with 16mm bore angle grinders and air cut-off tools. Manufactured to EN12413 and Post hole auger for drilling 127mm (5)MPA approved.dia holes. Earth is removed by rotationCode Unitof steel corkscrew blade. Auger has smaller locating screw for easy holeSIL699791 Eachstart. Overall length 1100mm.Code Unit Silverline 224514 Metal Grinding DiscSIL868696 EachHAND MIXING PADDLES Medium - hard grinding disc with very good removal rate and a long Silverline 282645 Mixingservice life, suitable for grinding Sticks 280mm Pack-3 Premium quality fibreglass meshboth edges and surfaces. Very reinforced aluminium oxide grindingsuitable for concrete, sand- lime disc. Long life and fast, grinding ofstone. Well suitable for porcelain, metal and alloy (not suitable forgranite, clinker brick, marble, aluminium or brass). Manufactured andfireproof clay, slate, terrazzo, certified to EN12413 with MPA approval.earthenware pipes, exposed Suitable for all angle grinders. Expiryaggregate concrete.date stamped for safety.Lightweight plastic mixing sticks,Top quality for all makes of angleCode Size(mm) Unitfor mixing paint, plaster and otherCode Size Unit grinder. MPA approved. DepressedDRO3116660 115x22.2 Pk 10coatings. Overall length 280mm. SIL274905 115 x 6 x 22.23mm Each Centre 115 x 6 x 22.2mm. DRO3126660 125x22.2 Pk 10Code Unit SIL275173 125 x 6 x 22.23mm Each Code Size Unit DRO3186660 180x22.2 Pk 10SIL282645 Pk 3 SIL272328 230 x 6 x 22.23mm Each SIL224514 115mm Pk 10 DRO3236660 230x22.2 Pk 10470 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'