b'FIXINGS & FASTENERSPLASTERBOARD FIXINGSFIXINGS & FASTENERSPLASTERBOARD FIXINGS PROJECTION BOLTS RIVETSMetal Cavity Anchor Speedplug Plasterboard Fixing Anchor Bolt Projecting Arrow Long RivetsCode Size UnitCode Size Unit M6 Specially designed cutting tip toFOR10PB610 10mm Bag 10FOR10MCA420 M4 x 20 Bag 10pierce plasterboard skin FOR10PB625 25mm Bag 10 Code Size UnitPLASTERBOARD FIXINGS, PROJECTION BOLTS & RIVETS FOR10MCA432 M4 x 32 Bag 10 Cavity fixing plugs are an easy toFOR10PB650 50mm Bag 10 ARRRLA1-8 3mm Pk 15FOR10MCA438 M4 x 38 Bag 10 use fixing for plasterboard and hollow wall applications FOR10PB660 60mm Bag 10 ARRRLA1-8IP 3mm Pk 100FOR10MCA445 M4 x 45 Bag 10Nylon speed plugs can be used inM8 ARRRLA5-32 4mm Pk 15FOR10MCA537 M5 x 37 Bag 10electrical installations FOR10PB810 10mm Bag 10 ARRRLA5-32IP 4mm Pk 50FOR10MCA552 M5 x 52 Bag 10 Code Unit FOR10PB825 25mm Bag 10 ARRRLA3-16 5mm Pk 12FOR10MCA565 M5 x 65 Bag 10 FOR10MSP420 Bag / 10 FOR10PB840 40mm Bag 10 ARRRLA3-16IP 5mm Pk 50FOR10MCA637 M6 x 37 Bag 10FOR10MCA652 M6 x 52 Bag 10 Fixman Hollow Wall AnchorsFOR10PB860 60mm Bag 10 Arrow Medium RivetsFOR10MCA665 M6 x 65 Bag 10 Pack of 10 FOR10PB880 80mm Bag 10M10Spring Toggle FOR5PB1015 15mm Bag 5FOR5PB1030 30mm Bag 5FOR5PB1050 50mm Bag 5FOR5PB1060 60mm Bag 5Code Size Unit FOR5PB1070 70mm Bag 5SIL492746 M4 x 32mm Pk 10 FOR5PB1090 90mm Bag 5SIL655205 M5 x 52mm Pk 10 M12SIL707761 M6 x 65mm Pk 10 FOR5PB1215 15mm Bag 5 Code Size UnitCode Size UnitFOR10TOG350 M3 x 50 Bag 10 Silverline 633753 Wall AnchorFOR5PB1230 30mm Bag 5 ARRRMA1-8 3mm Pk 20FOR10TOG550 M5 x 50 Bag 10 Setting Tool FOR5PB1275 75mm Bag 5 ARRRMA1-8IP 3mm Pk 100FOR10TOG575 M5 x 75 Bag 10 FORPB1215 15mm Box 25 ARRRMA5-32 4mm Pk 20FOR10TOG5100 M5 x 100 Bag 10 M16 ARRRMA5-32IP 4mm Pk 50FOR10TOG650 M6 x 50 Bag 10 FOR5PB1615 15mm Bag 5 ARRRMA3-16 5mm Pk 15FOR10TOG675 M6 x 75 Bag 10 RIVETS ARRRMA3-16IP 5mm Pk 50Metal Cavity Anchor FixingArrow Short RivetsGun Hilka 20110004 Rivet Assortment 100pcFor setting cavity wall fixings into hollow/stud walls accurately and quickly. Place the anchor into pre-drilled hole, attach setting tool and squeeze trigger.Specialist gun can be used forCode Unitrepetitive fixing applications. 4 Metric sizes to cover manyCode Size UnitSIL633753 Each requirements. Suitable for most Code Unit makes of rivetter 20ea 3.2 x 5.5 4.8xARRRSA1-8 3mm Pk 25FORMCAGUN Each Fixman Self-Drill Fixings 12 x8.30 ea 3.2 x 8.4.8 ea 3.2 x 5.5. ARRRSA1-8IP 3mm Pk 10032mm Pack of 100 Code Unit ARRRSA5-32IP 4mm Pk 50Speedplug Plasterboard Fixing HIL20110004 Each ARRRSA3-16 5mm Pk 18ARRRSA316IP 5mm Pk 50Arrow RK6120 Rivet Assortment Kit 120pc Arrow WashersSelf-drilling plasterboard fixingsSpecially designed cutting tip to with anti-corrosion finish. Offers the pierce plasterboard skin easiest and quickest way to install a Cavity fixing plugs are an easy tofixing in drywall. Sharp, self-tapping use fixing for plasterboard andthread enables safe and reusable hollow wall applications fixing. No pre-drilling necessary.Nylon speed plugs can be used inRequires no special setting tool -electrical installations install with screwdriver. Aluminum Washer 1/8 InchCode Finish Unit Code Type Unit Code Size UnitFORMSP420 Zinc Box 100 SIL825735 Metal Each Code Unit ARRWA1-8 3mm Pk 30FORNSP421 Nylon Box 100 SIL475004 Nylon Each ARRRK6120 Each ARRWA3-16 5mm Pk 30140 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'