b'SEALANTS & ADHESIVESEXPANDING FOAMEXPANDING FOAM EXTERNAL FRAMESEALANTS & ADHESIVESSEALANTSEverbuild Fix & Fill Foam Everbuild No Waste ExpandingSoudal 135234 Genius Foam Foam 750ml 600ml Gap Filler ExpandingBartoline Frame Sealant Foam 310ml Standard CartridgeEXPANDING FOAM, EXTERNAL FRAME SEALANTS & FILLERS & PUTTYFix & Fill Expanding Foam is a quick setting polyurethane based foamUsing new foam technology, No which expands greatly on applicationWaste Foam is the first hand held and yields up to 50 times original canfoam that allows part used cans to beThe Genius Gun is a speciallyBartoline Frame Sealant is a flexible contents. Can be cut, sawn, plasteredsaved and used again and has a shelfdesigned patented triggeracrylic sealant which has been and sealed over after approximatelylife of 24 months, compared with 12mechanism ensuring precisespecifically developed for sealing one hour. Fills irregular gaps, fixesmonths for conventional foams. Itsapplication and removing the needinterior gaps and cracks where framework, insulates and soundunique safety valve will not clog orfor an additional gun. The ergonomicmovement can occur, such as between deadens. Cans are fully litho printedleak, guaranteed to work every time. handgrip fits perfectly and can bewindow frames and door frames. Easy for effective display. Gloves areCode Unit easily operated with one hand. Theto apply, dries quickly and conforms to included in the cap. built-in closing system with bungthe harmonised European standard EN EVENOWASTEHH Each permits re-use of the can for up to15651-1 for faade interior applications.Code Size Unit 6-weeks. Code Colour UnitEVEEVFF5 500ml Each Everbuild Pinkgrip Dryfix 750ml Code Unit BAR52770100 White EachEVEEVFF7 750ml Each SOUGENIUS Each BAR52770300 Brown EachEVEFOAMNOZZLE Spare nozzle EachSoudal Expanding Foam GunEverbuild Exterior Frame Everbuild Gun Grade FoamGrade 750ml Sealant C3750mlPinkgrip Dry Fix is a revolutionary type of fast curing, adhesive foam that has been specially developed for the rapid installation of plasterboard, insulation boards and other sheet materials such as roof decking and floorboards.External Frame Sealant is a high Gun Grade Expanding Foam is a quickConforms to the requirement of ENHigh thermal & acoustic insulation.quality acrylic based sealant that setting polyurethane based foam13501-1 Class E for fire rating. Good adhesion. Expansion rateprovides a long lasting, permanently which expands greatly on application30-40 times initial volume. Internalflexible seal that can be overpainted and yields up to 50 times original canCode Unit and external use. Can be sanded &when cured.contents. Can be cut, sawn, plasteredEVEDRYFIX7 Each painted when cured. Champagne in and sealed over after approximatelycolour. Code Colour Unitone hour. Fills irregular gaps, fixesEverbuild Thermofoam 750ml Code Unit EVEEXTWE White Eachframework, insulates and soundSOU750GUN Each EVEEXTBN Brown Eachdeadens. Designed for professionalEVEEXTGY Grey Eachuse in conjunction with gun foam applicators. Soudal Expanding Foam HandEVEEXTST Stone EachHeld 750mlCode Unit FILLERS & PUTTYEVEEVGF7 EachBartoline Ready Mixed Soudal Firefoam Hand HeldExterior Filler 330g750mlThermofoam is a specially fomulated, highly flexible PU foam that absorbs component movement thereby giving an air tight seal to reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency in buildings. Thermofoam has been tested to the latest standard and is not only airHigh thermal & acoustic insulation. permeability tested to EN12114:200-03Good adhesion. Expansion rate but also acoustic rated to EN ISO 717-130-40 times initial volume. InternalSuitable for repairing cracks, holes up to 64Db, temperature resistant (-40and external use. Can be sanded &and gaps in exterior rendering, to 80C) and finally fire rated to ISOpainted when cured. Champagne inbrick, stone, wood and most building 13501 Class E. colour. materials.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSOU750B2FIREHAND Each EVEEVTHERM7 Each SOU750HAND Each BAR52720737 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 543'