b'HAND TOOLSBLOW TORCHES & REFILLSBLOW TORCHES & REFILLS HAND TOOLSBLOW TORCHESGo-Gas AP2010H AutoGo-Gas MT2055H Blow TorchGo-Gas QP8088H Quick ProSilverline 553079 Butane Gas Blowlamp Head Only Auto Power Torch Torch 1300 CelciusBLOW TORCHES & REFILLSA durable high power, high temperature (up to 1500C) gas torch,MT2055H Fine Flame Tech Torch. Instantly FLARESAFE; use at anyA multi purpose gas torch withAuto lock on and dead man angle, auto start piezo ignition, stableprecision flame control. Technicallytrigger. A durable high power, high neck stand allows for hands free use,advanced screw on burner with rapidtemperature (up to 1610C) gas stability base included. Ideal for skilledwarm up (1 minute to flaresafe).torch. Instantly FLARESAFE; use plumbing, soldering and brazing work.Simple and safe to use its fineat any angle. Swirl flame for moreLightweight, compact refillable butane Joins and repairs a range of metals;flame is ideal for intricate solderingeven heat distribution, wrappinggas torch. Piezoelectric ignition and See the range of GoSystem accessorywork (up to 1450C). Stability basearound the target. Auto Start Piezofine flame adjustment. Suitable for rods, Safety checked and test burned.included. Fitted with cartridgeIgnition. Ideal for plumbing, brazing,craft work, jewellery, model making, For use with G2350 or 2175,GoSystemsecurity locking ring. Safety checkedautomotive. Joins and repairs asoldering and minor plumbing repairs. gas cartridge. and test burned. For use with 2175 orrange of metals; see the range ofMax temperature 1300C. Approximate G2350 GoSystem gas cartridge. Go System accessory rods. Safetyworking time of 25 minutes.Code Unit checked and test burned.Code Unit Code UnitGOGAP2010H EachGOGMT2055H Each Code Unit SIL553079 EachGo-Gas AT2071H AutoGOGQP8088H EachBlowlamp Go-Gas PS2045H PlumbingWeller WHK30UK Torch Monument 3450G Soldering &Woodburning KitBrazing TorchStable powerful fine flame (up toThis kit is GS approved and RoHS 1600C). Rapid 1 minute warm upcompliant and is designed for use at any angle, precise flameMonument 3450G is suitable fordecorative woodburning projects using control. Auto start piezo ignition.soldering and brazing of copper,the patterns from the project book Simple and safe to use. Stability basebrass and aluminium. Use withsupplied. It is ideal for sculpting and included. Ideal for general DIY, paintpropane/MAPP gas. The Gas Torchembossing wax candles, adding accents stripping, plumbing and intermediatehas Piezo ignition and producesto picture frames, gourds, ceramic, soldering. GoSystem accessory rodsCode Unit a hot turbine flame, with a flameglass, leather, wicker, papier-mch, and paint burners sold separately.GOGPS2045H Each lock button. The flame size can befabric, as well as stencil cutting, pattern Safety checked and test burned. Forchanged via an adjustable valve.transfers, hot knife cutting, embossing use with 2175 or G2350 EN417 SafetyAn ergonomic hand grip ensuresor branding. With this Weller kit, the Valve GoSystem gas cartridge. Go-Gas TP2062H Protorchcomfortable use. Fits CGA600design tasks are endless.Blowlamp Cylinder.Code Unit Code UnitGOGAT2071H Each Code UnitMON3450G Each WELWHK30UK EachGo-Gas GB2070H DIY Blow Torch Monument 3475Q Pro GasNEWAstonish Protect Torch and Care Antibacterial Handwash 650mlTP2062H Workmate Torch Kit. A durable high power, high temperature (up to 1360/1220C) Stable rugged flame (up to 1370C) idealgas torch. Supplied with a largeMonument 3475g Pro Gas Torch for most DIY jobs. Rapid 1-minute warmpower burner attached and a spareEN12205. Supplied with a Super up use at any angle. Ideal for generalfine flame burner for intricateTurbine Tip.Monument Pro Gas Torch DIY, paint stripping, plumbing andwork Instantly FLARESAFE brassis suitable for soldering and brazing soldering. Simple and safe to use withburner; use at any angle. Idealof copper, brass and aluminium, and precise flame control. Stability basefor skilled plumbing, brazing andfor use with propane and MAPPProtect & Care handwash included. GoSystem accessory rods andintricate soldering work. Joins andgas. It has interchangeable tips. Thedeveloped to remove 99.9% of paint burners sold separately. Safetyrepairs a range of metals; see theGas Torch features Piezo ignitionbacteria, dirt and germs. With the checked and test burned, For use withrange of GoSystem accessory rods.for ease of use, and produces aadded benefit of an antibacterial 2175 or G2350 GoSystem gas cartridge. Stable neck stand for hands freehot turbine flame, which can beaction your hands will be left use. Stability base included. Safetylocked via a lock button. The sizehygienically cleans. All round Code Unit checked and test burned. For useof the flame can be altered by anprotection for the whole family.Complete with 170g gas with G2350 EN417 Safety Valveadjustable valve. An ergonomic hand GoSystem gas cartridge. grip improves user comfort. Code Desc. UnitGOGGB2070H/2175 EachASTC4760 Berry Fields EachHead only Code Unit Code UnitASTC4770 Citrus Grove EachGOGGB2070H Each GOGTP2062H Each MON3475Q EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 219'