b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESPOWER TOOL BLADESPOWER TOOL ACCESSORIESPOWER TOOL BLADESCIRCULAR SAW BLADES JIGSAW BLADESSilverline 991704 TCT CircularSilverline TCT Nail Blade Bosch 2607010541 RobustlineBosch Expert Display 12 PieceSaw Blade 40T & 60T Pack-2Jigblade250 x 30 - 25, 20, 16mmPOWER TOOL BLADES 0 rake for wood with nails, MDF and hardwood. Can also be used forCode Type UnitSuitable for hardwood, softwood,plasterboard and aerated concrete.BOS2607010555 Metal Pk 5chipboards and other compositeHardened body. Alternate doubleCode Unitmaterials. Hardened andchamfer / flat top tungsten carbideBOS2607010554 Wood Eachstrengthened to ensure a long life. 1teeth. 30 teeth. BOS2607010541 Eachx 40 teeth and 1 x 60 teeth blades. Bosch Sabre BladesCode Unit Code Size Unit Bosch Jigsaw BladesSIL991704 Pk 2 SIL282390 184 x 30mm EachSIL633507 190 x 16mm EachSilverline TCT Circular Saw Blade Triton Construction Saw Blade Code Type UnitCode Type Unit MetalAluminium BOSS1122BF S1122BF Pk 5BOST318A T318A Pk 5 BOSS918B S918B Pk 5Ceramic BOSS922BF S922BF Pk 5BOST130RF T130RF Pk 3 WoodBOST150RF T150RF Pk 3 BOSS1111K S1111K Pk 5Laminate BOSS1531L S1531L Pk 5BOST101AO T101AO Pk 5 BOSS644D S644D Pk 5Suitable for hardwood, softwood,BOSU1AO U1AO Pk 3 BOSS922HF S922HF Pk 5chipboards and other composite materials. Hardened andTungsten carbide-tipped teeth andMetalstrengthened for longer life. 16, 24thin kerf. For use on hardwood,BOST118A T118A Pk 5 Heller Jigsaw Blade Woodand 30 teeth. softwood, chipboard and composites. BOST118AF T118AF Pk 5Code Size Unit Code Size Unit BOST118B T118B Pk 5SIL704410 135mm Pk 3 Max 6000rpm BOST118G T118G Pk 5SIL292712 150mm Pk 3 SIL417678 190 x 16mm 24T Each BOST127D T127D Pk 5SIL436755 160mm Pk 3 SIL514167 190 x 16mm 40T Each BOST218A T218A Pk 5SIL934115 165mm Pk 3 SIL577375 190 x 30mm 24T Each BOST227D T227D Pk 5Max 6400rpm PlasticSilverline TCT Circular SawBOST119BO T119BO Pk 5Blade SIL628111 184 x 30mm 16T Each Professional jigsaw blades: fast, Progressor precise, durable.The right jigsaw BOST123X T123X Pk 5 blade for any application. Available Triton Woodworking Saw Blade in various materials, tpis and cuts BOST234X T234X Pk 5 for optimal results. Matched to BOST345XF T345XF Pk 5 all popular machines. Superior Steel performance and precise cutting.BOST318B T318B Pk 5 Code Teeth UnitBOSU118A U118A Pk 3 Clean Curved Cut (T119BO)BOSU118B U118B Pk 3 HEL240161 2mm EachWood Clean Cut (T101B)Packs of 3 circular saw bladesBOST101B T101B Pk 5 HEL240130 2.5mm Eachsuitable for hardwood, softwood,BOST101BR T101BR Pk 5 Down Cut (T101BR)chipboard and other compositeBOST101D T101D Pk 5 HEL240178 2.5mm Eachmaterials. Hardened andTungsten carbide-tipped teeth andBOST111C T111C Pk 5 Fast Cut (T101D)strengthened to ensure a long life.thin kerf. For use on hardwood, 20, 24, 40 tooth. Blades 20, 24 andsoftwood, chipboard and composites. BOST119B T119B Pk 5 HEL240147 4mm Each40T. BOST144D T144D Pk 5 Fast Cut (T111C)Code Size Unit Code Size Unit BOST144DP T144DP Pk 5 HEL240123 3mm EachNo Rings Max 3800rpm BOST244D T244D Pk 5 Fast Cut (T119B)SIL260333 190mm Pk 3 SIL709858 300 x 30mm 96T Each BOST344D T344D Pk 5 HEL240116 2mm EachRings Max 4600rpm BOSU101B U101B Pk 3 Rip Curved Cut (T244D)SIL298537 180mm Pk 3 SIL617338 250 x 30mm 40T Each BOSU111C U111C Pk 3 HEL258012 4mm EachSIL801292 185mm Pk 3 SIL633353 250 x 30mm 80T Each BOSU111D U111D Pk 3 Rough Cut (T144D)SIL590591 190mm Pk 3 SIL979631 250 x 30mm 60T Each BOSU144D U144D Pk 3 HEL240154 4mm Each480 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'