b'DECORATINGPAINT BRUSHESDECORATINGPAINT BRUSHESRodo Tar Brush Short Handle HNH Imported Paint Brush Silverline (314733) DisposableSilverline (359900) Paint Brush Set 5pce Disposable Paint Brush Set 50pceA budget paint brush at a great price. PAINT BRUSHES ProDec Short Handle Tar PaintIdeal for throwaway applications Brush. Ideal for applying tar, bitumenincluding glues and cleaning. Dipped and other high viscosity products.wooden handles. Not recommended Sturdy 8 wooden handle for any epoxy-based systems or any Code Unit 2-pack paints and resins. Disposable utility brushes with RODPMSHT Each Code Size Unit pure bristles, polymer handles and RODR26B25 Each zinc-plated steel ferrules. Ideal for cleaning parts, painting trim and Rodo PPB6 Pro Paste BrushRODR26B5 12mm Each touch-up work. For use with paint, 150mm / 6 RODR26B1 25mm Each resin, glue, acetone and other RODR26B15 38mm Each solvents. Includes sizes 12, 25, 40, 50Disposable utility brushes with and 75mm. pure bristles, polymer handles and RODR26B2 50mm Each Code Unit zinc-plated steel ferrules. Ideal for RODR26B3 75mm Each cleaning parts, painting trim and RODR26B4 100mm Each SIL314733 Each touch-up work. For use with paint, resin, glue, acetone and other Prodec Craftsman Paint Brush Silverline Disposable Paintsolvents. Includes sizes 8 x 12mm, 10 Brush x 25mm, 6 x 40mm, 18 x 50mm, 4 x 75mm and 4 x 100mm.Extra wide polyester and pure bristle easy flow paste brush. MaroonCode Unittextured plastic handle with a non- SIL359900 Eachrust ferrule.Code Unit Disposable utility brush with pureSilverline (380455) Epoxy RODPPB6 Each Top quality professional paint &bristles, polymer handle andLaminating Paint Brush Set varnish brush. zinc-plated steel ferrule. Ideal for5pceRodo Pro Masonry Brush Code Size Unit cleaning parts, painting trim and touch-up work. For use with paint, RODR641C 25mm Each resin, glue, acetone and other RODR6415C 38mm Each solvents.RODR642C 50mm Each Code Size UnitRODR6425C 63mm Each SIL337208 12mm EachRODR643C 75mm Each SIL636432 25mm EachRODR644C 100mm Each SIL743930 40mm EachTraditional masonry brush with aSIL505083 50mm Eachmixture of polyester and pure bristle,Silverline 282408 Synthetic designed specifically for masonryBrush Set 5pc SIL590203 75mm Eachpaint application. SIL606675 100mm EachCode Size UnitRODPR4GY 100mm Each Silverline (344268) No-Loss Synthetic Paint Brush Set RODPR5GY 125mm Each 3pceProdec PRWB6 Splash Wall100% natural bristle. Tin-plated Brush 6 ferrule. Excellent performance with fibreglass, epoxy and other laminating compounds. High solvent Solid round filaments tapering fromresistance and durability whilst being base to tip. For use with emulsion,a cost-effective throw-away solution. oil-based coatings, varnish,Sizes 2 x 25mm, 40mm, and 2 x woodstain and lacquer. Sizes 19, 25,50mm.38, 50 and 75mm. High-tech synthetic filament. Corrosion-resistant stainlessCode UnitProfessional quality wall brush with aCode Unit steel ferrule. No bristle loss andSIL380455 Eachmixture of polyester and pure bristleSIL282408 Each exceptional performance. Suitable for great balance and durability.for gloss and emulsion. Sizes 25, 40Silverline 394974 Block Brush Green textured plastic handle. Silverline 282606 Mixed Tipand 50mm. 115mmCode Unit Brush Set 12pc Code UnitRODPRWB6 Each SIL344268 EachSilverline 228528 Point SashSilverline 539647 Angled Oil Brush Paint Brush 63mmPointed sash brush for use on oil andPure bristle with natural woodenPlastic-handled block brush with solvent-based coatings. 190mm longhandles. For finishing work, paintingAngled head ideal for cutting-in andexcellent paint-holding capacity and wooden handle. and priming. Tip sizes from 2-12mm. edging. a handy paint pot clip.Code Size Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL228528 190mm Each SIL282606 Each SIL539647 Each SIL394974 Each80 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'