b'IRONMONGERYPAD LOCKSIRONMONGERYPAD LOCKSCOMBINATION & TRAVEL LOCKS DISCUS PADLOCKSSquire CP50 CombinationSterling 101C CombinationHilka Discus Padlock 70mm Silverline 926157 Combination Padlock 50mm Locking Black Disc Padlock Stainless Steel 70mmPAD LOCKS 10,000 possible combinations Hardened steel 8mm diameter shackle Stainless steel lock hardened Tough die cast alloy lock body Cable 10mm x 1.5m. Intergrated lock.shackle. Weatherproof rustproof andHighly resistant to corrosion,Self coiling for easy storage. suitable for outdoor use. Robust, corrosion-resistant stainless steel body and hardened steel excellent weather protection Code Size Unit Code Unit shackle. Easily resettable 4-digitRecodableyou choose your own HIL70500070 Each combination with 10,000 possible code STE101C 10mm Eachcombinations. Highly secure closed-Kasp K160 Discus Padlockshackle design protects against4 combination wheels spaced comfortably aparteasy to use Sterling CPL170 Combinationcrowbar and hacksaw attacks. Ideal cannot be accidentally recoded. Discus Stainless Steel for securing outbuildings, sheds,Dual compound body cover forgarages, gates and storage lockers.comfortable handling Horizontal shackle clearance: 22mm. Available in open shackle, closedVertical shackle clearance: 16mm. shackle, long and extra longShackle Dia: 9.5mm. Weight 0.225kg.shackles. Code UnitCode Desc. Unit SIL926157 EachDie CastSQUCP50 Each Silverline 932434 Motorcycle Die Cast Closed Shackle Laser welded stainless steel lockDisc Lock 10mm Pinbody. Stainless steel body and exceptional SQUCP50CS Each design, the 160 series combines Code Size UnitDie Cast Long Shackle corrosion resistance and high STECPL170 70mm Each security.SQUCP50112 1.1/2 EachSQUCP50212 2.1/2 Each Yale Y16048 Steel 5 DialCode Size UnitStainless Steel Combi Padlock KASK16060D 60mm EachSQUCP50S Each KASK16070D 70mm Eachwith Keys to PassSquire CP60 CombinationKASK16070A1 70mm EachPadlock Die Cast Alloy 60mmSecurit Discus PadlockHardened 10mm locking pin. Impact resistant die cast body. Throat size Stainless Steel 61.5 x 9mm. Visible bright colour for easy recognition. Supplied with 2 keys.Code UnitThe Yale Y160 48mm combinationSIL932434 Eachpadlock is a steel padlock with a resettable 5 dial combination. It has a chrome plated steel shackle and isSilverline Discus Padlock5-Wheel 60mm waterproof, meaning it can be used100,000 possible combinations for outdoor applications.Hardened steel 10mm diameter Code Unitshackle Code Size Unit T ough die cast alloy lock body YALY16048 Each MPSS1110 50mm EachHighly resistant to corrosion,MPSS1111 70mm Eachexcellent weather protection DISCUS PADLOCKSMPSS1113 90mm EachRecodableyou choose your own code B1111 Discus Padlock To Pass5 combination wheels spacedZinc Plated Securit S1201 Resettable Discus Codecomfortably aparteasy to usecannot be accidentally recoded.Dual compound body cover for comfortable handling Heavy duty stainless steel securityAvailable in open shackle, closeddisc padlock with hardened shackle.shackle and extra long shackles. Brass locking cylinder. Includes 3 Code Desc. Unit brass keys. Horizontal x vertical shackle clearance: 292707: 21x12mm; SQUCP60 Each 436750: 25x23mm. Shackle dia: Closed Shackle Closed Shackle. 292707: 9.5mm, 436750: 12mm.SQUCP60CS Each Code Unit Stainless Steel. Code Size UnitLong Shackle MPSB1111-KA1 Each Code Size Unit SIL292707 70mm EachSQUCP60212 2.1/2 Each MPSB1111-KA2 Each MPSS1201 70mm Each SIL436750 90mm Each426 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'