b'HAND TOOLSWOOD WORKING TOOLSHAND TOOLSWOOD WORKING TOOLSWOOD WORKING CHISELSEclipse Flat Chisel Hilka 72800904 Wood ChiselMarples M373S6 Bevel EdgeSilverline (303159) Wood Set 4pc Chisels 6pc Set Boxed Turning Chisel Set 8pceWOOD WORKING TOOLSFor general cutting and chipping of metals, and for shaping, facing and cutting of stonework.Code Size Unit Sizes: 6,12,19,25mm.NEICB46T/07 5 x 3/8 Each Code UnitNEICB68V/07 6 x 1/2 Each HIL72800904 Each Set contains 1 each of 1/4in, 3/8in,Long, two-handed softwood handles. 1/2in, 3/4in, 1in and 1.1/4in in a NEICB88R/07 6 x 5/8 Each wooden display box. Tool steel shafts and tips. Suitable NEICB90M/07 8 x 5/8 Each Hilka Wood Chisel for use on wood lathes and for Code Unit shaping wood. Length 360mm.NEICB110T/07 8 x 3/4 Each NEWTM373S6 EachNEICB111G/07 9 x 3/4 Each Code UnitNEICB151V/07 9 x 1 Each Marples MS500 Chisel SIL303159 EachNEICB72F/07 10 x 1/2 Each Bevel edged, heat treated blades. Silverline (549666) Wood NEICB112E/07 10 x 3/4 Each Chisel Set 3pceNEICB152R/07 10 x 1 Each Code Size UnitNEICB73N/07 12 x 1/2 Each HIL72909106 6mm EachNEICB113V/07 12 x 3/4 Each HIL72909112 12mm Each Code Size UnitNEICB153H/07 12 x 1 Each HIL72909119 19mm Each NEW10501698 6mm EachNEICB116M/07 18 x 3/4 Each HIL72909125 25mm Each NEW10501700 10mm EachHIL72909132 32mm Each NEW10501702 13mm EachEclipse CB770K FlooringHIL72909138 38mm Each NEW10501705 16mm EachChisel 2.1/4 NEW10501706 19mm EachHilka Wood Chisel Set Forged, 1-piece, bevel-edged chisels. NEW10501708 25mm Each Hardened and tempered, sharpened NEW10503669 32mm Each and ready to use. Comfortable NEW10503670 38mm Each polypropylene handles. Sizes 13, 19 and 25. Supplied with blade guards.Code Unit Eclipse Bevel Edge Wood ChiselCode UnitNEICB770K/07 Each Soft Grip with Striking Cap SIL549666 EachEclipse Wood Chisel 3pc SetSilverline 250234 Carving Soft Grip 1/2, 3/4 & 1 Chisels Set 6pcSizes: 6mm, 12mm, 19mm and 25mm.Code Desc. Unit Heat treated blades for maximised safety and strength. Soft feel HIL72040104 4pc Each ergonomic handle. Chrome HIL72909006 6pc Each vanadium steel, Built in striking cap.Code Size UnitMarples Bevel Edge ChiselNEIBEWC1/4E 6mm EachHeat treated blades for maximisedNEIBEWC3/8E 10mm Eachsafety and strength. Soft feelNEIBEWC1/2E 13mm Each Includes 5mm skew, 5 and 12mm ergonomic handle. ChromeNEIBEWC5/8E 16mm Each straight, 8mm vee, and 8 and 10mm vanadium steel. Built in striking capNEIBEWC3/4E 20mm Each gougers.3 piece set includes 1/2, 3/4 andNEIBEWC1E 25mm Each Code Unit1 chisel. Marples 373 Series Bevel Edge Chisels. Blade, bolster and tangNEIBEWC11/4E 32mm Each SIL250234 EachCode UnitNEIBEWC3BCE Set/3 forged from one piece of steel.NEIBEWC11/2E 38mm EachEdges bevelled to enable easierNEIBEWC2E 50mm Each Silverline 250241 Precision working in tight corners. Fitted withWood Carving Set 135mm 12pcHilka 49700004 SDS Chisel2 tone splitproof plastic handle Set 4pc which will withstand heavy usage. Silverline (301934) Chisel Edge Guards 12pk 6 - 38mmCode Size UnitNEWTM37318 3mm EachNEWTM37314 6mm EachNEWTM37338 10mm EachNEWTM37312 12mm EachNEWTM37358 16mm Each Includes 6 and 14mm straight NEWTM37334 19mm Each Strong plastic edge guards to fit achisels, 12mm vee chisel, 8mm range of chisels for protection againstcurved chisel, 4 gouging chisels 250mm chisels are pointed, groovedNEWTM3731 25mm Each injury and damage. Includes 6, 13, 19,and 4 different profile parting tools. and 20 and 40 mm flat. NEWTM373114 32mm Each 25, 32 and 38mm (two of each size). Includes storage pouch.Code Unit NEWTM373112 37mm Each Code Unit Code UnitHIL49700004 Each NEWTM3732 50mm Each SIL301934 Each SIL250241 Each364 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'