b'HAND TOOLSLEVELSHAND TOOLSLEVELS MAGNETSTORPEDO LEVELS Silverline 106307 FerriteSilverline 431911 Bar Magnets Magnet 7.2kg / 16lb Pack-4 Pack-2RST L250 SitePro TorpedoStanley 0-43-511 Fatmax Level 250mm Xtreme Torpedo Level 230mmLEVELS & MAGNETS Aluminium plate with V-shaped metalTraditional alnico bar magnets, groove to check cylindrical surfacessupplied in pairs. Maximum e.g. for use on pipes operating temperature 500C. High visibility reversible vials:Code UnitThe RST Torpedo Level is shockproofhorizontal, vertical and 45and UV resistant. The top and Rubber end caps to provideSupports up to 7.2kg. 36mm dia xSIL431911 Eachbottom of the level are finely milledprotection in case the level is dropped 7mm height with 5mm hole. Inner to provide more grip when eitherdiameter of ring is larger than holeSilverline 617854 Magnetic holding the level or putting on aCode Size Unit in steel casing, allowing head of boltLifting Handle 45kgsurface. The red colouring makesSTA043511 9 (230mm) Each or screw to easily fit in place.this tool easily distinguishable. Code Weight UnitCode Unit Stanley 0-43-609 Fatmax Xtreme Torpedo Level 10 SIL106307 7.2kg EachRSTL250 EachSilverline 245116 Magnetiser Stanley 0-42-294 TorpedoDemagnetiser 50 x 55 x 30mmLevel 3Vial 200mmLifts up to 100lb (100 x its own+/- 0,5 mm/m accuracy weight). Lifts large pieces of sheet 10 years warranty on the accuracy metal easily, and cleans up screws, 180 degree rotation vial nuts and bolts. Comfortable non-slip rubber over-moulded grip. SuppliedLightweight injection moulded ABSwith magnet shields. 3 vials (find angles, vertical,body for strength horizontal) Die cast aluminium body Code Unit 3 tubular vials: 1 level, 1 plumb anda 45 vialMagnified centre vial for improvedSIL617854 Each all round visibility Instantly magnetises screwdrivers, Code Size UnitV shaped metal groove for use ontweezers and other small ferrousSilverline Welding Magnet STA042294 8 (200mm) Each pipes tools.Stanley 0-42-465 AluminiumCode Length Unit Code UnitMagnetic Level 230mm STA043609 25cm Each SIL245116 EachWATER LEVELS Silverline 250000 Hand Magnet 11kgSilverline 633586 Water Level 10mStrong & lightweight aluminiumPowerful magnet for holding body ideal for small installations workpieces in place at 45, 90Magnetic base ideal for steeland 135. Frees hands for work. Useconstruction for welding, soldering, assembly3 vials: horizontal, plumb and 45 marking off and pipe installation.Protected central vial for resistanceCode Size Unit to shocks Simple and versatile tool allowsSIL675214 75mm EachCode Size Unit levels to be taken at distances overSIL868731 100mm Each10m with graduated sight tubes andPowerful magnet with carrying STA042465 9 (230mm) Each vent caps. Flexible clear PVC 10mhandle. For clearing/collecting nailsSIL633756 125mm Eachhose 3/8 diameter. and ferrous metals in the work area. Stanley 0-43-603 TorpedoCode Unit Pull force of 11kg (25lb). Silverline Welding MagnetLevel 230mm Code Size UnitSIL633586 EachSIL250000 11kg EachMAGNETSSilverline 427714 Magnetic Flexible Magnetic Pick-Up ToolEarth Block 16kg600mm Die-cast Aluminum Body Providesmaximum durability Magnified Center Vial Pipe Groove For use on rounded surfaces Powerful welding magnet that frees Rare Earth Magnets For ultimateRobust steel construction withthe hands by holding the workpiece holding power ergonomic non-slip plastic handle.securely in place. Holds steel parts Solid block vials Flexible neck allows reach intoFast, convenient earthing for electricat 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90. UseVials accuracy of 0,5mm/m Forconfined areas. Magnet cover keepswelders, can be clamped or hardfor welding, soldering, assemblyfaster and more accurate readings magnet clean. Retrieves ferrouswired. Suitable for flat surfaces.marking off and pipe installation.Code Size Unit objects up to 2kg. 90mm dia. Code Weight UnitSTA043603 9 (230mm) Each Code Unit Code Unit SIL148968 18kg/40lb EachSIL253184 Each SIL427714 Each SIL529011 27.2kg/60lb Each258 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'