b'HAND TOOLSSOCKETS & SPANNERSSOCKETS & SPANNERS HAND TOOLSSPANNERSSilverline Fixed Head RatchetSilverline 380443 OpenSilverline 748320 Pump NutSilverline Combination Spanner Ended Spanner Spanner 52mm SpannerSOCKETS & SPANNERSHardened and tempered drop-forged chrome vanadium steel. High qualityThin profile, mirror polished, drop-polished finish. 6-7mm. Tough, heavy duty steel spanner thatforged, hardened and tempered Polished 40Cr alloy steel. MetricCode Size Unit fits most central heating circulatingchrome vanadium steel.ratchet spanner. 8 ratchet action. SIL380443 8-9mm Each pumps. Size 52mm A/F.Code Size UnitSIL380112 10-11mm Each Code Unit SILLS06 6mm EachCode Size Unit SIL380939 12-13mm Each SIL748320 Each SILLS07 7mm EachSIL633787 8mm Each SIL380694 14-15mm EachSILLS08 8mm EachSIL868745 9mm Each SIL380248 16-17mm Each Silverline Deep Offset RingSILLS09 9mm EachSIL675225 10mm EachSIL380385 18-19mm Each Spanner SILLS10 10mm EachSIL282546 11mm Each SIL380851 20-22mm EachSILLS11 11mm EachSIL427664 12mm Each SIL380516 21-23mm EachSILLS12 12mm EachSIL245073 13mm Each SIL380169 24-27mm EachSILLS13 13mm EachSIL457015 14mm Each SIL380981 30-32mm EachSILLS14 14mm EachSIL598522 15mm EachSILLS15 15mm EachSIL196572 16mm Each Silverline 111508 Crows FootHardened tempered polished chrome SIL783122 17mm Each Spanner Set 10pc 10-19mm vanadium, double-ended metric ringSILLS16 16mm Eachspanner offset at 75 to the shank. SILLS17 17mm EachSIL793777 18mm EachSILLS18 18mm EachSIL763581 19mm Each Code Size UnitSILLS19 19mm EachSIL580445 20mm Each SIL449371 20 x 22mm EachSILLS20 20mm EachSIL656620 21mm Each SIL447826 21 x 23mm EachSILLS21 21mm EachSIL719792 22mm Each SIL442786 24 x 27mm EachSILLS22 22mm EachSIL395006 24mm Each For use with extension bars andSIL442181 30 x 32mm Each SILLS23 23mm EachSIL589682 27mm Each ratchet wrenches. Ideal for hard- SILLS24 24mm EachSIL571522 30mm Each to-reach areas. Includes all coreSilverline 959681 RatchetSILLS25 25mm EachSIL228555 32mm Each sizes: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 andSpanner Adaptors 3pc19mm. SILLS26 26mm EachCode Unit SILLS27 27mm EachSilverline Flexible HeadSILLS28 28mm EachRatchet Spanner SIL111508 EachSILLS29 29mm EachSilverline 240859 ConeSILLS30 30mm EachSpanner Set 2pc SILLS32 32mm EachSilverline 656636 Back Nut Tap Spanner 27 & 32mmChrome vanadium steel. Converts ratchet spanners into ratchets. Polished 40Cr alloy steel. Metric. 8Includes: 1/4 square drive adaptor ratchet action. 180 pivoting head. Hardened and tempered carbonwith 10mm spanner fitting; 3/8 steel spanner set for adjusting cupsquare drive adaptor with 13mm Code Size Unit and cone bearing races on bikespanner fitting; and 1/2 square drive axles. Slim design fits narrow lockadaptor with 19mm spanner fitting. SIL282547 8mm Each nuts. Sizes 13/14mm and 15/16mm.Push-button locking mechanism. Heavy duty, double-ended box spanner. SIL245074 10mm Each Black painted finish for increasedFor quick assembly of tap back nuts on SIL457016 11mm Each corrosion resistance. Code Unit basins. Includes tommy bar.SIL598523 12mm Each Code Unit SIL959681 Set Code UnitSIL196573 13mm Each SIL240859 Each SIL656636 EachSIL783149 14mm Each Silverline 633592 Scaffold SIL793805 15mm Each Silverline 241269 PedalSpanner 7/16 Silverline Monoblock Back Nut Spanner 15mm Tap SpannerSIL763605 16mm EachSIL580470 17mm EachSIL656621 18mm EachSIL719804 19mm EachSIL395007 20mm EachSIL589698 21mm Each Hardened and tempered tool steel. SIL571523 22mm Each Narrow jaw fits most pedal flats.Hardened steel Whitworth scaffoldFor fitting back nuts to monobloc Long, vinyl-dipped handle providesspanner with swivel head. For oldertaps in restricted access areas.SIL228556 24mm Each extra torque and grip. Hanging holestyle scaffold fittings.SIL993058 27mm Each for storage. Code UnitSIL918548 30mm Each Code Unit Code Unit SIL395020 EachSIL583265 32mm Each SIL241269 Each SIL633592 Each SIL719819 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 313'