b'HAND TOOLSSOLDERING TOOLSSOLDERING TOOLS HAND TOOLSSilverline Soldering Iron 15W Silverline 427639 Soldering &Silverline Soldering Iron TipSilverline 282589 Heavy Duty Brazing Torch 10, 14 & 17mm Set 4pc Helping Hands Magnifying Glass 90mm (3x)SOLDERING TOOLSGeneral purpose soldering iron suitable for work on small to medium-size cables and wires. 13A plug. Includes 1 x bent tip, 1 x cut-off tip, 1 x point tip and 1 x chisel tip. Code Wattage Unit Multipurpose torch kit suitableCompatible with Silverline 60W SIL264572 15W Each for brazing, soft soldering, paintand 100W soldering irons (part no. stripping and pre-heating. Contains633838 and 868784).Silverline Soldering Iron 25W a gas torch with flame adjustment,Code Wattage Unit3 burner nozzles 10, 14 and 17mm. Overall length 360mm. SIL675250 100W Pk 4 Versatile hobby tool for securing Code Unit SIL868786 60W Each objects when soldering or for jobs that require precision. Leaves hands SIL427639 Each Silverline Soldering Iron Tipfree. Includes 2 heavy duty crock Set 10pc clips, soldering iron holder, plus General purpose soldering iron suitableSilverline 497837 Gasweighted base with sponge.for electrical work on small to mediumSoldering Iron195mmwires and cables. BS approved 13A plugCode Unit230V/AC CE marked. SIL282589 EachCode Wattage UnitSIL643115 25W Each Silverline 427552 Soldering Iron Stand 85 x 125mm BaseSilverline Soldering Iron 40WButane gas torch, electronic ignition, heat adjustment. For jewellery and model making, minor repairs,3 x points, 3 x chisels, 2 x bent and brazing, welding, rope cutting and2 x cut-off pre-tinned soldering tips. shrinking. Easy to use. Refillable196507 compatible with Silverline with butane lighter fuel. Includes 415W and 25W soldering irons (520113 General purpose soldering iron suitablesoldering iron tips. and 643113). 675071 compatible with for a wide range of electrical soldering40W soldering iron (656997).of circuits, medium-thick wires andCode Unit Code Wattage Unitcables. Supplied with precision-pointSIL497837 Eachtip. Temperature range 420-480C. SIL675071 40W Pk 10 Heavy-duty metal base featuring Silverline (511032) UniversalSIL196507 15W & 25W Pk 10 reinforced spring holder. Supplied Code Desc. Unit Clamping Kit 5pce 36 with cleaning sponge.SIL263572 40W UK Each Silverline 281271 Soldering SIL917270 40W EU Each Tip Cleaning Ball and BaseCode Unit60x60mm SIL427552 EachSilverline Soldering Iron 60WSilverline 633540 Soldering Mat 300 x 250mmRigid metal structure with rubber Suitable for electrical and automotivefeet for stability. Can be rotated work, including soft soldering, highthrough 36. Provides support current cables and decorative work.when soldering. Adjustable baseBrass wool cleans soldering iron tips Supplied with angled chisel tip.and clamps. Holds various sized PCwithout the need for water, retaining boards. Includes length bar, 2 x standthe tip temperature. For use with dryHeat-resistant woven glass fabric Temperature range 480-520C. bars, 2 x clamp brackets with anglesoldering irons. Brass wool refills aremat protects surrounding areas Code Desc. Unit and length adjustment knobs. available separately. when soldering or brazing. Resists temperatures up to 600C.SIL633838 60W UK Each Code Unit Code UnitSIL503456 60W EU Each SIL511032 Each SIL281271 Each Code UnitSIL633540 EachSilverline Soldering Iron 100W Silverline 105878 Solder FluxSilverline 633932 Soldering Brushes 15mm 5pc Sponges Pack-10 Silverline Desoldering WireSoldering iron suitable for electrical and automotive work, including soft soldering, high current cablesDesigned to apply flux when making and decorative work. Supplied withsoldering joints, also suitable for angled chisel tip. Temperature rangegeneral workshop use. Metal handlesUse to keep your soldering tip clean.Copper desoldering braid for removing 500-550C. with crimped bristles reduce damageMoisten slightly before use. Suitablesoldered joints. Length 1.5m.Code Wattage Unit from corrosive substances. for all Silverline soldering irons. Code Size UnitSIL868784 100W UK Each Code Unit Code Unit SIL336736 1mm x 1.5m EachSIL548911 100W EU Each SIL105878 Each SIL633932 Each SIL512655 2mm x 1.5m EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 317'