b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESCHUCKS & KEYSCHUCKS & KEYS CORE DRILLS POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESPOWER TOOL CHUCKS POWER TOOL KEYS CORE BITSSilverline 325635 KeylessSilverline 783117 MetalSilverline 151205 RatchetSilverline Diamond Core Drill Chuck 1/4 Keyless Chuck 13mm Chuck Key BitConverts 1/4 hex female drive toMetal cased keyless chuck. 1/2 x 20Reversible ratchet mechanism for 3-jaw chuck which allows drill bits tofemale. quick chuck adjustment. Dual head be added. fits most common 10mm and 13mm Code Unit Code Unit chucks. Durable rubber handle.CHUCKS & KEYS & CORE DRILLSSIL783117 Each Heavy duty steel body core SIL325635 Each Code Unit drills with diamond dust cutting SIL151205 Each segments. Ideal for dry cutting clean Silverline 598466 KeyedSilverline Keyless Chuck holes in masonry. Use with 1/2 Chuck 13mm Silverline 427725 4-WayBSP compatible arbors and drills equipped with a safety clutch. Do not Universal Chuck Key use with drills set in hammer action.Code Size UnitSIL670870 28 x 300mm EachSIL675082 32 x 150mm EachFor all types of drilling includingSIL300338 38 x 150mm Eachreverse andhammer action. Set toSIL282415 42 x 150mm Eachhammer stop when using SDS Plus.SIL427544 48 x 150mm EachCode Size Unit SIL852348 52 x 150mm EachSIL934107 10mm Each SIL282395 65 x 150mm Each1/2 x 20 female keyed chuck andSIL436746 13mm Each SIL762171 78 x 150mm Eachkey. SIL598433 91 x 150mm EachCode Unit POWER TOOL KEYS Suitable for most drills and powerSIL155487 107 x 150mm Eachtools, ideal replacement for lost or SIL598466 Each Hilka 38502002 Chuck Keydamaged chuck keys. SIL675057 117 x 150mm EachSet 2pc Code Unit SIL868538 127 x 150mm EachSilverline 633613 MangaleseSIL406549 152 x 150mm EachKeyless Chuck 13mm SIL427725 EachSIL868562 300 x 22mm EachSilverline 456954 S2 Chuck Key 13mm Silverline TCT Core Drill BitHigh quality manganese stee keyless chuck. 1/2 x 20 female fitting. Suitable for all drills including hammer and SDS Plus with hammerReplacement keys for 5/16, 3/8Chuck key for S2 13mm keyed stop. and 1/2 chucks. Contains 12,16,19chucks.mm suitable for soft and hardwood. Code UnitCode UnitSIL633613 Each Code Unit SIL456954 EachHIL38502002 Each Heavy duty steel body core drills with TCT cutting tips. Ideal for Silverline 675222 AngledCORE DRILLS cutting clean holes in masonry. Use Keyless Chuck Hilka 38504100 4-in-1 Chuckwith 1/2 BSP compatible arbors and Key Set CORE BITS drills equipped with a safety clutch. Do not use with drills set in hammer Hilka SDS Core Drill action.Code Size UnitSIL447141 40mm EachSIL509115 45mm EachSIL349764 50mm EachSIL398782 60mm EachSIL186819 65mm EachTungsten carbide tipped core drills inSIL797970 76mm Eacha range of sizes display packed. WithSIL823541 80mm Eacharbor and guide drill. SIL947605 100mm EachFits most standard drills. For areasCovers most drills 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 and with limited access. Keyless chuck.5/8 chucks. Black finished hardenedCode Size Unit SIL199883 110mm EachMinimum working depth 150mm. steel. HIL49750050 50mm Each SIL585485 115mm EachCode Unit Code Unit HIL49750065 65mm Each SIL581694 125mm EachSIL675222 Each HIL38504100 Each HIL49750110 110mm Each SIL941865 150mm EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 451'