b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESROUTER BITSPOWER TOOL ACCESSORIESROUTER BITSROUTER BIT SETS STRAIGHT CUTTERSSilverline 719769 KitchenSilverline 793749 TCT Panel8mm Straight Metric Cutter Silverline 1/2 Straight Cutter Router Bit Set 4pc Door Bit Set 1/2 3pc MetricTCT cutting edge. Strong, hardenedStraight cutter with sharp, durable steel shank. Single fluted for smoothtungsten carbide blade.finish. For general routing, grooving,Code Size Unitrebating, dados, mortising and edge trimming. Max 24,000rpm. SIL677278 10 x 25mm EachCode Size Unit SIL718108 12 x 25mm EachROUTER BITS Comprehensive pack for kitchenSharp TCT cutting edges. StrongSIL257907 3 x 12mm Each SIL675116 16 x 25mm Eachfitters. Contains 4 essential routerhardened steel shanks. Includes 2SIL821168 18 x 25mm Eachbits: Straight bit 63 x 12.7mm; 2x 12.7mm rail and stile bits, and 1 xSIL248439 5 x 12mm Eachx Straight bits 50 x 12.7mm with12.7mm raised panel bit. SIL251322 6 x 20mm Each SIL283003 20 x 25mm Each1/2 shank; 1 x Flush trim bit 25.4 xSIL633611 25 x 25mm Each12.7mm with 1/4 shank. Code Unit SIL258191 10 x 20mm EachCode Unit SIL793749 Each SIL253176 15 x 20mm Each Silverline 1/2 Straight SIL719769 Each SIL254794 18 x 20mm Each Imperial CutterTCT Router Bit Set 12pc SIL254087 20 x 20mm EachSilverline 763555 TCT RouterSilverline 1/4 Straight Cutter Bit Set 1/2 12pc MetricStraight cutter with sharp, durable tungsten carbide blade.Code Size UnitSIL797962 1/2 x 2 EachStraight cutter with sharp, durableSIL398774 1/2 x 2.1/2 Eachtungsten carbide blade.TCT cutting edges and strong,Code Size Unit TEMPLATE CUTTERShardened steel shanks. Includes:SIL790840 3 x 12mm EachHigh quality 1/2 hardened steelStraight: 6 x 20mm, 12 x 20mm, 16SIL178044 4 x 12mm Each 8mm Template Cuttershanks with sharp TCT cuttingx 20mm; 9 grooving: D12.7mm; Dovetail: D12.7mm; 45 chamfer:SIL243806 5 x 12mm Eachedges. Twin cutting edge forD32mm; Bearing flush trim: 12.7SIL593432 6 x 20mm Eachsmooth finish. Straight bitsx 13mm; Rounding over: R6.3mm 12.7x6mm, 12.7x12mm, 12.7x16D22.2mm, R9.5 D28.6mm; Cove box:SIL501793 8 x 20mm Eachmm; V-Groove Bit 12.7x12.7mm;R6.3 D12.7mm; Cove: R6.3 D22.2mm;SIL766481 10 x 20mm Each TCT cutting edges. Strong, hardened Dovetail Bit 12.7x12.7mm; ChamferRoman ogee: R4 D25.5mm. steel shank. Twin fluted for smooth Bit 12.7x32mm; Bearing Flush TrimSIL771421 12 x 20mm Each finish. For template routing. Max Bit 12.7x12mm; Rounding Over BitsCode Size Unit SIL673435 15 x 20mm Each 24,000rpm.12.7xR6.3mm and R9.5mm; RoundingSIL251678 8mm Each SIL955430 18 x 20mm EachBox Bit 12.7xR6.3mm; Cove BoxCode Size UnitBit 12.7xR6.3mm; Roman Ogee BitSIL251591 12mm Each SIL868244 20 x 20mm Each SIL249421 5/8 x 3/4 x 5/8 Each12.7xR4mm. SIL257049 5/8 x 1 x 5/8 EachCode Unit STRAIGHT CUTTERS Silverline 1/4 StraightSIL251422 3/4 x 1 x 3/4 EachImperial CutterSIL763555 Each 12mm Straight Imperial CutterSilverline Template CutterSilverline 792084 TCT Router Bit Set 1/4 12pcStraight cutter with sharp, durable TCT cutting edges. Strong, hardenedtungsten carbide blade. Sharp TCT cutting edges. For use steel shank. Twin fluted for smoothwith router templates or jigs. Twin finish. For general routing, grooving,Code Size Unit fluted for smooth finish.rebating, dados, mortising and edgeSIL117661 1/4 x 1 Each Code Size Unittrimming.SIL633631 1/2 x 3/4 x 1/2 EachCode Size Unit SIL868626 1/2 x 1 x 1/2 EachSIL253995 1/2 x 2 Each SIL282462 5/8 x 1 x 5/8 EachSIL252049 1/2 x 2 1/2 Each SIL427597 3/4 x 1 x 3/4 Each1/4 shank router cutter set. Contents: Straight bits (6 x 20, 1212mm Straight Metric Cutter Silverline Template Cutterx 20, 16 x 20mm), Cove box cutter (9.5 x 12.7mm), Dovetail bit (11.5 x 12.7mm), Cove cutter (22 x 11.2mm), Flush trim cutter (12.7 x 12.7mm), V Groove cutter (12.7 x 11.5mm x 90), Roman ogee cutter (25.4 x 11.7 xTCT cutting edges. Strong, hardenedSharp TCT cutting edges. For use R4mm), Rounding over cutter (22 xsteel shank. Twin fluted for smoothwith router templates or jigs. Twin 10.5 x R6.35mm), Ovolo cutter (28.6finish. For general routing, grooving,fluted for smooth finish.x 15 x R9.5mm), Chamfer cutter (32 xrebating, dados, mortising and edge 12.7mm x 45). trimming. FIND US ONCode Size UnitCode Unit Code Size Unit FACEBOOKSIL245015 3/4 x 1 x 3/4 EachSIL792084 Each SIL255250 10 x 25mm Each @newtonhaleandsons SIL456966 3/4 x 1.1/4 x 3/4 Each492 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'