b'CLEANING & HOUSEWARESBUCKETS & BOWLSCLEANING & HOUSEWARESBUCKETS & BOWLS CLEANING DETERGENTS & CLEANERSYellow Invincible Bucket Silverline Multi-PurposeHANDWASHFlexible Tub Astonish C1031 Shower Self Astonish Protect & CareClean 750mlAntibacterial Handwash 650mlBUCKETS & BOWLS, CLEANING, CLOTHS & SPONGES & DETERGENTS & CLEANERS Strong, flexible multi-use tub. HoldsQuick and easy daily cleaning and transports anything fromsolution, simply spray and leave, no One of the strongest bucketsliquid to rubble. Ideal for building,scrubbing required.available on the market. Durable inplastering, gardening, agriculturalProtect & Care is our germ removingCode Unitthe toughest of environments, with aand equine applications. Mouldedvariant developed to remove strong wire handle and a pouring lip99.9% of bacteria, dirt and germs.ASTC1031 Eachhandles have 131kg maximum loadWith the added benefit of an for extra ease of use. capacity. antibacterial action your hands willAstonish C1069 Stainless Code Unit Code Size Unit be left hygienically cleans. All roundSteel Cleaner 750mlHNHPB1004Y Each SIL427385 26L Each protection for the whole family.SIL940508 42L Each Code Desc. UnitWashing Up Bowl RectangularASTC4671 Original Each11L Silverline (572506)ASTC4710 Aloe Vera EachMultipurpose Buckets 10pkASTC4730 Moisturising Each12Ltr ASTC4750 Milk & Honey EachCLOTHS & SPONGESNova Stockinette 800g Removes grease, fingerprints and water marks leaving surfaces gleaming.Code UnitASTC1069 EachCode Colour UnitHNHTHW20-G Black Each Astonish C1087 Hob Cream Cleaner 235mlHNHTHW20-R Red EachHNHTHW20-S Silver EachHousehold Plastic Bucket 13L Tough, polypropylene construction with sturdy steel handle and pouring lip. Internal graduation marks. Ideal for cleaning, decorating and for general use around the home. Capacity 12Ltr. 100% Cotton Stockinette. Soft and gentle. Perfect for polishing. Suitable Code Qty. Unit for interior and exterior.SIL572506 10 pack Each Code UnitAn everyday essential. Removes Silverline (907044)HOLM880 Each burnt on spills and dried on food.Galvanised Bucket 3pk 14Ltr Rustins Lint Free Cloths Code Size UnitASTC1087 235ml EachAction Can Blue Crystal Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner 750mlCode Colour UnitHNHTHW22-G Black EachHNHTHW22-R Red EachHNHTHW22-S Silver EachGARDENING & OUTDOOR Ideal for use applying products such as Danish Oil, Teak and Furniture Oil,Blue Crystal is a professional strength See pages Durable galvanised-steel bucketWax, Wood Dye and French Polish.multi-purpose cleaner for use on 155-194 for catching and transportingMachine washable. Use to softenglass, plastic, ceramic tiles, metal liquids and granular products. 14Ltrputty. Natural nourishment for wood.and many hard surfaces, delivering a capacity. 3 in a pack - 300 x 300mm. crystal-clear, smear-free finish.Code Unit Code Unit Code Size UnitSIL907044 pK/3 RUSLFCT003 Each ACT2020 750ml Each52 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'