b'HAND TOOLSSTAPLERS & STAPLESSTAPLERS & STAPLES HAND TOOLSCABLE STAPLE GUNSArrow T50 ProfessionalArrow T55 Staple Gun Silverline 101326 Steel StapleStanley 0-TR250 Heavy Duty Staple Gun Gun 4-8mm Staple/Nail GunSTAPLERS & STAPLES Pinch point free design for addedsafetyCompact all-steel body with powerfulEasy push handleeasier to use Choice of home owners and pros Aluminium cast housing for greater spring-firing action. Cushioned alike Easy squeeze staple gun. finger grip, safety loop and stapledurability All steel constructionEasy access staple & brad insertion remover. For upholstery, crafts andJam resistant mechanism DIY. Includes 100 x 6mm staples.for faster loadingCode Unit Hardened steel working parts Accepts type 53 staples (4-8mm).Lock down handle for easier ARRT55 EachEasy squeeze double leveragestorageoperation Code UnitAccepts heavy duty staples andVisual staple refill window Hilka 20300800 Heavy DutySIL101326 Each brads for multiple applications Over 50 years of tested durability Staple Gun & 800 StaplesInternal wire guide for greaterSilverline 101332 3-in-1 StapleaccuracyCode Unit Gun 4-14mmHi/Lo adjustment to match densityARRT50 Each of materialsCode UnitArrow T50PBN Staple andSTA0TR250 EachNail GunHAMMER TACKERSArrow HT55 Low Cost Hammer TackerTakes 4-14mm staples. FullyFor staples, nails and cable staples. adjustable and chrome plated.Durable steel body with impact Supplied with 400 x 6mm & 400 xpressure adjuster, safety loop and 8mm staples. integral staple remover. SuppliedShoots staples and 5/8 brad nails with 100 each of 8mm staples, 12mm Hi-Viz cushioned non-slip grip Code Unit cable staples and 10mm nails.Chrome finish resists wear and tear HIL20300800 EachCode UnitProfessional Hammer TackerAll steel constructionSIL101332 EachHeavy-duty steel constructionHigh carbon hardened steelHilka 3 in 1 Staple Gun withAnti-slip rubber grip handleworking parts 600 Staples Visual staple/brad refill window Stanley 0-TR150HL HeavyRemovable handle pin releases magazine Jam resistant mechanism Duty Staple Gun Loads two strips of Arrow T50Easy squeeze double leveragestaples in 3 sizesoperationCode UnitCode Unit ARRHT55 EachARRT50PBN EachArrow T50VP Staple Gun Kit Pinch point free design for safetyEasy to use easy push handle RAPID DELIVERY Aluminium cast housing for greaterSuitable for a wide range of DIY anddurabilityhousehold applications. Adjustable Lock down handle for easier power control allows for precisestorage We offer a rapid control and lock down handle allows for safe storage. Compatible with: T akes heavy duty staples delivery service where The T50VP is supplied in a heavy4-14mm staples, 10-12mm u shape Easy access staple insertion forin most cases you duty plastic carry case. Supplyingstaples and 10-14mm nail. Includes:faster loading will receive prompt 200 X 8mm staples, 200 x12mm U Application specific Hi/Lo you with all of the items you need to get you working shape staples and 200 x 10mm nails. adjustment delivery. We deliver to all UK regions at least Code Unit Code Unit Code Unittwice a week.ARRT50VP Each HIL20150301 Each STA0TR150HL EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 321'