b'IRONMONGERYDOOR FITTINGSIRONMONGERYDOOR FITTINGSDOOR VIEWERS ESCUTCHEONS LETTER BOXES & PLATESERA Door Viewer Securit S2160 Georgian BrassSecurit S3465 LockSecurit Aluminium Letter Escutcheon Escutcheon Polished ChromePlate52x9mmDOOR FITTINGS The ERA Door Viewer allows visualCode Type Unitidentification of callers withoutCode Type Unit MPSB3130BULK Loose Eachthe need to open the door. MadeMPSS2160 Covered Each Code Unit MPSB3131BULK Front fix Eachof precision optical glass, 120o and 160o angles of view are available.Securit Victorian BrassMPSS3465 Card of 2Viewers with plastic lenses are alsoSecurit Aluminium Letter available, with up to 180o angle ofEscutcheon 35mm Securit S3466 EuroPlate 250mmview Escutcheon Polished ChromeThe viewer is adjustable to fit doors52x9mm35mm to 54mm thickCode Finish UnitERA78632 Electro Brass CardERA78432 Polished Brass CardERA78462 Chrome Plated Card Code Type UnitCode Type UnitMPSS2261 Open EachMPSS3130 Gravity EachSecurit Door Viewer 160MPSS2260 Covered EachDegree MPSS3131 Face-fix EachCode Unit MPSS3134 Internal flap EachSecurit Chrome EscutcheonMPSS3466 Card of 235mmSecurit Black Antique Letter Securit S3473 KeyPlateEscutcheons Satin Nickel/Chrome Plated 52mmCode Finish UnitMPSS1650 Brass Each Code Type UnitMPSS2944 Plain Each Code Size UnitMPSS1651 Chrome Each MPSS3315 250mm EachMPSS2943 Covered EachMPSS3316 350mm EachSecurit Door Viewer 180Code UnitDegree Securit Satin AluminiumMPSS3473 Card of 2 Securit Brush Letter Box Escutcheon 30mm CoverSecurit S3476 Euro Lock Escutcheons Satin Nickel/Chrome Plated Card-2Code Finish Unit Code Type Unit Code Size UnitMPSS1652 Brass Each MPSS3148 Open Card BrownMPSS1653 Chrome Each MPSS3147 Covered Card MPSS3251 300mm EachWhiteESCUTCHEONS Securit S3332 EscutcheonsCode Size Unit MPSS3250 300mm EachBlack Antique Card-2 MPSS3476 50mm CardSecurit Polished AluminiumSecurit Chrome Letter PlateEscutcheon 50mm Securit Satin Stainless Steel Escutcheon 50mm Card-2Code Size UnitMPSS2930 250mm EachCode Type Unit With postal knockerMPSS3031 Aluminium Each Code Type Unit MPSS2931 250mm EachMPSS3032 Oval profile Each Code Size Unit MPSS3421 Card ShapedMPSS3033 Euro profile Each MPSS3332 75mm Each MPSS3422 Euro profile Card MPSS2932 280mm Each392 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'