b'DECORATINGSCRAPERSSCRAPERS DECORATINGSilverline 245130 WallpaperSilverline 661660 6-in-1Silverline (770029) PlasticStanley 0-28-590 5930c Perforator 150 x 480mm Expert Scraper Scraper Set 3pce 50100 &Window Scraper150mmSCRAPERS & SEAM ROLLERSMulti-function scraper. Supplied with 1 heavy duty blade.Perforates wallpaper and coveringsCode Unitto allow hot steam and water toCode Unit Lightweight scrapers made from penetrate and loosen wallpaper forSIL661660 Each durable, flexible polypropylene. EasySTA028590 Eacheasy removal. Steel head and spikesto clean. Handles feature hanging mounted on a polypropylene roller.Silverline (682361) Wallpaperholes for easy storage. Includes sizesStanley 0-28-005 Heavy Varnished hardwood handle withPerforator Extension Roller50, 100 and 150mm. Duty Scraper Bladeshanging hole for storage. Effective on all types of wallpaper. 150 x 590mm Code UnitCode Unit SIL770029 EachSIL245130 Each Silverline 868695 K9 Scraper 180mmSilverline ScraperDurable polymer roller withA pack of heavy-duty replacement hardened steel spikes on ablades to fit the Stanley 028004 telescopic, anodised-aluminiumheavy-duty long handled scraper. handle. Perforates wall coveringsBlade width: 100mm (4in).for fast removal of wallpaper using aHardened, tempered head with Spring-tempered blade scraper knifesteamer. Extendable twist-and-lockresharpenable blade. 1040mm longCode Unitwith solid bolster, scale tang andtelescopic handle with ergonomichandle. STASTTMHS00 Pk 6riveted hardwood handle. polymer handle and hanging holes. Effective on all types of wallpaper.Code Unit Stanley 0-28-004 Heavy Code Size Unit Re-usable safety cover. Roller 150 xSIL868695 Each Duty Long Handle ScraperSIL633610 25mm Each 40mm dia; length 580 - 1000mm.SIL675114 50mm Each Code Unit Silverline 993061 Shave Hook SIL675075 75mm Each SIL682361 Each 230mmSIL282410 100mm EachSilverline Soft-Grip ScraperSilverline (357487) Retractable Steel Window Scraper 100mm Code UnitFor stripping and scraping paint fromSTASTTSGL00 Eachflat, concave and convex mouldings.SEAM ROLLERSCode UnitPremium-quality scraper knife withSIL993061 Each Rodo FFJSR Seam Rollercorrosion-resistant spring-tempered steel blade and two-tone soft-gripSilverline CB35 Heavy Duty handle. Hanging hole. Scraper 100mmRazor blade scraper with 5 single- Code Size Unitedge blades for the effectiveSIL763612 25mm Eachremoval of stick-on labels, paint andSIL580478 50mm Eachspills. Strong, steel constructionSIL656627 75mm Eachmakes it ideal for scraping and cleaning of hard surfaces andSIL719811 100mm Each DIY seam roller for the final finishing smooth, retractable blade ensuresWith razor sharp blade. touch when wallpapering. Plastic safe handling and storage. Silverline (767118) Wallhead and soft-drip handle.Code Unit Scraper 150mm Code UnitSILCB35 Each Code UnitSIL357487 Each RODFFJSR EachSilverline 633793 MetalStanley 0-28-500 Razor Scraper Silverline 277872 Seam Roller Scraper 43mm 200mmHeavy duty carbon steel scraper with razor-sharp blade for gap-filling on drywall, scraping, and removing dirt, paint or other unwanted surface 43mm double-sided scraper blade.matter. Extra-long handle with easy- Retractable rectangular blade. Seam roller with plastic roller and 10 spare blades. grip shaft. Code Unit 2-tone soft-grip handle.Code Unit Code Unit STA028510 Each Code UnitSIL633793 Each SIL767118 Each STA028500 Each SIL277872 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 103'