b'IRONMONGERYVENTSVENTS WINDOW & PATIO LOCKS IRONMONGERYStadium Hit & Miss VentERA 581-56 Key to suitERA 828-52 Window LockingERA 903-12 Metal Window Aluminium 801/3/5/53/55 Catch Swing LockVENTS & WINDOW & PATIO LOCKSThe ERA Snaplock can be used on most types of windows including Code Size Unit casement, side hung or top hung. STDBM351 9 x 3 Each Closing the window locks the STDBM352 9 x 6 Each Snaplock automatically - the key is only required to unlock. Manufactured from steel and brass STDBM353 9 x 9 Each to hold the window tight againstSuitable for most metal casement Code Unit the frame, by a threaded peg andwindows. The lock pivots to latch Stadium Hit & Miss VentERA58156 Each key-operated locknut. It is suitablewhen the window is closed. The Plastic With Integralfor most types of windows andmallfixing screws are concealed when Flyscreen ERA 809-12 Swing Lock White doors. Wedged packing plates arein the locked position. The locking included for tapered frames. actions pulls the window tight into Code Unit the frame, thus reducing drafts.ERA82852 Card Code UnitERA90312 CardERA 829-12 Metlock White Card Of 2 ERA 904-12 Metal Window Code Size Unit SnaplockSTDBM473 9 x 3 EachSTDBM476 9 x 6 EachSTDBM479 9 x 9 Each Suitable for most wooden casement windows. The lock pivots to latch Stadium Louvred Ventwhen the window is closed. The fixing screws are concealed whenUtilises a high tensile steel bolt to Aluminium in the locked position. The locking action pulls the window tight intoprevent the handle from moving. The the frame, thus reducing drafts. steel construction is operated by a standard key and is suitable for most Code Colour Unit cockspur handles on metal windows.ERA80912 White Card Code Colour UnitERA82912 White CardERA 816-12 PVCU Sash Code Size Unit Jammer White ERA 901-12 Window White STDBM361 9 x 3 Each Lock Available for both wooden and metal STDBM362 9 x 6 Each frames and in a variety of finishes. The mechanism is designed to allow STDBM363 9 x 9 Each for any subsequent movement of the window frame. Plugs conceal Stadium Louvred Vent Brass and protect the fixing screws. Manufactured from coated steel, ERA Snaplocks are designed to withstand years of use. Cut keyed Fits most metal windows includingversions of the snaplock can be casement, side hung, pivot and topsupplied with keys to pass.Ideal additional security for PVCUhung. The Metal Window Lock usesCode Unitwindows. It is simple to operate anda cut key to lock and unlock. FixingERA90412 Cardeasy to fit, and is non-handed for usescrews are self-tapping.on all applications. It is available as aCode Colour Unit ERA Mortice Door Boltstandard product or with a key lockERA90112 White Cardto secure the arm in place when the window is closed.Code Size Unit ERA 902-12 Window Flush STDBM342 9 x 6 Each Code Colour Unit Pivot LockSTDBM343 9 x 9 Each ERA81612 White CardStadium Louvred Vent Plastic ERA 820-52 Window StaylockThe ERA Door Security Bolt offers Suitable for most wooden windows,concealed security or all internal and including casement, side hung, pivot,external doors. The separate splined top hung and sliding. Each lock iskey locks and unlocks from one side The ERA Staylock is suitable forsupplied with a box keep in matchingonly.most stays, with or without holes forfinish. The Flush Pivot Lock usesCode Colour Unitthrough-pegs. It fits most woodena cut key to lock and unlock. The casement windows and is fitted withhardened steel bolt is deadlocked inERA83812 White CardCode Size Unit a tamper resistant spring loadedthe box keep. Fitting is by thief- ERA83832 Brass CardSTDBM463 9 x 3 Each locking system, operated by key. deterrent clutch-head screws. ERA83852 Satin CardSTDBM466 9 x 6 Each Code Unit Code Unit Pack of 2STDBM469 9 x 9 Each ERA82052 Card ERA90212 Card ERA83833 Brass CardOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 443'