b'DECORATINGPAINTSPAINTS DECORATINGSTAIN BLOCKING & DAMPRustins Anti CondensationZinsser Gardz HighZinsser B-I-N Primer, Sealer,Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3 Plus White Paint Performance Sealer / PrimerStain Killer Paint Primer Sealer Stainkiller 2.5L1LPAINTSRustins Anti-Condensation is idealB-I-N is the ultimate primer, sealer for kitchens and bathrooms. It isA unique water-based sealer forand stain killer. Blocks stains fromBulls Eye 1-2-3 Plus delivers quick drying with a matt white finishporous and potential problemwater, smoke, fire damage and more.unparalleled adhesion and deals for interior use. Containing mouldsurfaces. Gardz is formulated toSeals knots and sap streaks in wood.effortlessly with hard to paint inhibitors, it reduces condensationdeeply penetrate and dry to a hard,Blocks odours permanently andinterior and exterior substrates such in areas commonly prone to heatmoisture resistant film that sealscompletely. Sticks to glass, metal tile,as glossy surfaces, ceramic tiles, and high humidity. Rustins Anti- and binds down porous, chalkyand other glossy surfaces withoutgalvanised metal, vinyl, hardboard, Condensation Paint has excellentand crumbling surfaces, paints andsanding. Lightning fast - touch drymelamine, varnish, plastic, GRP, stain covering properties that willtextured finishes. in 15 minutes, recoat in 45 minutes.UPVC, wood, masonry and more.not only prevent unsightly stains, itCode Unit Great under or over any topcoat. Code Unitwill cover them as well.TORZINGS1L1 Each Code Size Unit TORZN7190001C1 EachCode Size UnitRUSACONP250 250ml Each TORZN7020001E1 500ml EachZinsser Perma-White InteriorTORZN7020001D1 1L Each VARNISHRUSACONP500 500ml Each Satin Paint 1LTORZN7020001C1 2.5L Each Everbuild Ultra Hard Floor Rustins Damp Seal Paint Varnish Clear 750mlZinsser Peel Stop Clear Binding Primer 1LFast drying high performanceMould resistant, contains a biocodeEverbuild Ultra Hard Floor Varnish interior paint which permanentlyto protect dried coatings againstis a clear quick drying varnish ideal covers damp, water stains and mostfungal degradation. Suited forfor use on most common types of household stains. It dries with a longareas of high humidity, frequentZinssers Peel Stop is a clear,wooden floors including hardwood, lasting permanent seal over damptemperature change and/or poorflexible bridging sealer for surfacessoftwood, hardboard, chipboard and walls and ceilings and can be overair circulation. Washable andwhere peeling, flaking, dusting orcomposite wooden boards.coated with gloss or emulsion paintscrubbable. Approximate coverage:chalking is a problem. Use indoors or as well as wallpaper. 10m2 per litre. out to form a breathable membraneCode Unitover questionable or faultyEVEFLOORVGL07 EachCode Size Unit Code Unit substrates.RUSDAMS250 250ml Each TORZN7180001D1 Each Code Unit Everbuild Clear VarnishRUSDAMS500 500ml EachZinsser Cover Stain TORZN7050001D1 EachRustins Quick Drying Stain Blocker Zinsser Perma White Interior Paint MattQuick Drying Clear Varnish is a professional, low solvent varnish that enhances the natural qualities of wood, and provides long lasting A water based matt white stainInterior or exterior primer, sealer,protection.blocker for interior and exterior use,stain sealer and bond coat, touch with excellent adhesion to wood,dry in 35mins, recoat in two hours.Mould resistant, contains a biocodeCode Size Unitplaster and previously paintedEffective on nicotine and waterto protect dried coatings againstGlosssurfaces. It will seal all stains thatstains. New wood trim can befungal degradation. Suited forEVEWVARCLG02 250ml Eachmay bleed through and discolourprimed, sanded and top coated theareas of high humidity, frequentEVEWVARCLG07 750ml Eachpaint. As a primer, it providessame day, saving time and money.temperature change and/or poor excellent adhesion to ceramic tiles,Approximate coverage: 9.8m2 perair circulation. Washable andEVEWVARCLG2 2.5L Eachglass, and melamine. litre. scrubbable. Approximate coverage:SatinCode Size Unit Code Size Unit 10m2 per litre. EVEWVARCLS02 250ml EachRUSSBMP250 250ml Each TORZN1080001E1 500ml Each Code Size Unit EVEWVARCLS07 750ml EachRUSSBMP500 500ml Each TORZN7080001C1 2.5L Each TORZN7070001C1 2.5L Each EVEWVARCLS2 2.5L EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 91'