b'SEALANTS & ADHESIVESADMIXTURES & CHEMICALSADMIXTURES & CHEMICALS CAULK & ACRYLICCONTACT ADHESIVES SEALANTS & ADHESIVESSEALANTSEverbuild 406 StabilisingEverbuild Opti-Mix CementBostik All Purpose AdhesiveSolution 5L Colourant Black 1L Everbuild 125 1 Hour Caulk125 One Hour Caulk is a fast drying flexible decorators filler and sealant that remains permanently flexible. Can be overpainted with most paint types or covered over with wallpaper;Bostik all purpose adhesive is a fast A one-shot cement colourant thatno sanding down required. drying, super strong, long lasting all-ADMIXTURES & CHEMICALS, CAULK & ACRYLIC SEALANTS & CONTACT ADHESIVESenables accurate colour matchingCode Colour Unit purpose adhesive, supplied in a 20ml and consistency between differentC3 tube.Water resistantSets clearIdeal Microscopically fine polymerbatches of mortar.It has a fastfor all household repairs, DIY tasks, emulsion which penetrates dusty/ colouring formulation, a controlledEVE125C3 White Each crafts and hobbies, and much chalky and badly weathered surfacesdosage, a consistent mix design andEVE125BN Brown Each moreFeatures a resealable capGlue to leave a stable sound base foris easy to use and less messy thanEVE125MAG Magnolia Each will not dry out in tubedecoration with paint, wallpaper,powder. It produces no waste and no tiling etc. Suitable for both interiormore colour differences in mortarC4 Code Size Unitand exterior use. batches. 1 litre is equivalent to 5EVE125C4 White Each EVO80207 20ml Cardlitres of standard product. EVO80208 50ml CardCode Size UnitEVESTAB5 5L Each Code Size Unit Everbuild 175 Universal EVEOPTITONEBK1 1L Each Acrylic Everbuild Stick2 All Purpose Clear Adhesive 30mlEverbuild 503 S.B.R Bond Everbuild Opti-Mix Integral Waterproofer 1L175 Universal Acrylic Sealant is a high quality acrylic sealant that provides a long lasting, permanently flexible seal in a wide variety of applications. Adheres to virtually all substrates. C3.Code Colour Unit Stick 2 All Purpose Clear Adhesive EVE175WE White Each is a strong, clear, quick drying EVE175BN Brown Each adhesive suitable for a variety of Latex based, water resistant bondingPlasticiser, waterproofing agenthousehold repairs and hobbies. agent and admixture for use inand salt inhibitor, all in one. ItEverbuild Caulk Once WhiteWill stick ceramic, porcelain, wood, areas subject to humidity, dampnesswaterproofs, plasticises and retards,C4 card, paper, most plastics, leather, and continuous water contact.has a controlled dosage, a consistentcork, linoleum, rubber, stone, glass, Improves water resistance of cementmix design and is easy to use with nometals and dense fabrics. 5 minutes mixtures by forming a reinforcingwaste. 1 litre is equivalent to 25 litresrepositionable.polymer that increases long termof standard product. Code Size Unitdurability and flexibility of the mixCode Size Unit EVES2CLEAR 30ml Eachon renderings and floor screeds.EVEOPTIPROOF1 1L EachCode Size Unit Caulk Once is a premium qualityEverbuild Stick2 Contact EVESBR2L 2.5L Each Everbuild Opti-Mix Mortaracrylic caulk that has beenAdhesiveformulated to outperform all other EVESBR5L 5L Each Plasticiser conventional decorating caulks and EVESBRB25 25L Each fillers. Fast-drying and permanently flexible, Caulk Once can be over painted in 1 hour with all paint types Everbuild Opti-Mix 3-in-1or covered over with wallpaper.Render 1LCode UnitEVECLKONCEWE4 EachSoudal Decorators Caulk White 290mlStick 2 All Purpose Contact Adhesive is a premium grade rubber based The worlds first 1:25 plasticisercontact adhesive suitable for use is just Pure Admix, it smells andwith a wide variety of materials works like the best traditionalfor both professional and DIY use. Admix. Benefits include: superiorThe product may be used internally plasticising action, controlledGeneral purpose acrylic polymerand externally (apart from the 5L dosage, consistent mix design, easybased sealant and filler. Solvent freesize which is for internal use only) to use, no waste. 1 litre is equivalentand virtually odourless. Very easyfor bonding decorative laminates, Opti-Mix 3-in-1 render additive is ato 25 litres of standard productto apply. Colourfast and waterproofall types of wood, rigid PVC, ABS, plasticiser, waterproofing agent andand 250ml is equivalent to 6.25after curing. Can be painted overleather, cork, linoleum, rubber, stone, salt inhibitor designed specificallylitres of standard product. Tested toafter curing. Very good adhesion onmetals and dense fabrics. All tins are for use with renders. BSEN934-Part 3. many porous surfaces. fully printed.Code Unit Code Size Unit Code Unit Code Size UnitEVEOPTIREND1 Each EVEOPTIMIX1 1L Each SOU121638 Each EVES2CONADH 30ml EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 541'