b'CLEANING & HOUSEWARESBRUSHESCLEANING & HOUSEWARESBRUSHESPLATFORM BRUSHES SCRUBBING BRUSHES SQUEEGEESGorilla Broom 18" Heavy Duty Silverline Stiff Bassine BroomBassine Deck Scrub BrushHilka Water Blade SqueegeeHead Head 9"Designed to collect and channel water away for quick drying. Suitable Code Unit for vehicle and also household BRUSHES window use. Soft silicon blade HNH5144 Each safe on paintwork and windows. Code Size Unit Ergonomic handle for comfortable Yellow Heavy-duty rubberwood with stiff,9" Deck Scrub Brush with 48"use.GORSPGRBRY 457mm Each bassine bristles. Suitable for useHandle Code Unitoutdoors. 254mm (10") and 304mm (12") compatible with 23mm (15/16")HIL83200909 EachSoft Brush Handle & Stay dia handle (999088), 457mm (18"), 610mm (24" and 914mm (36")Hilka Extending Wash Brush & compatible with 29mm dia (1 1/8")Squeegee Set 3mhandle (479573 or 746719).Code Size UnitSIL675238 10" EachSIL427673 12" EachSIL580473 18" Each Water fed quality cleaning brush SIL719807 24" Each extends to 3m. Comes with 2 SIL589700 36" Each interchangeable heads, a wide angle soft brush and sponge/ squeegee.Silverline Soft Coco BroomCode UnitCode Size Unit Head HIL84993003 EachHNH246-18HS 457mm EachHNH246-24HS 600mm Each Wham Window Squeegee Blade HNH246-36HS 900mm Each 12"Code UnitHNH5144COMP EachStiff Brush Handle & StaySilverline 633813 Deck Scrub Brush HeadRubberwood with soft, coco bristles.30cm squeegee blade for use on For indoor and outdoor use. 254mmwindows. Ideal for home, office or (10") and 304mm (12") compatiblevehicle use.with 23mm (15/16") dia handleCode Unit(999088),457mm (18"), 610mm (24") and 914mm (36") compatibleHeavy-duty, traditional scrubbingHNH21135 EachCode Size Unit with 29mm (1 1/8") dia handlebrush suitable for outdoor HNH255-18HS 457mm Each (479573 or 746719). applications. Made from rubberwoodSqueegee, Handle & Staymaterial with stiff bassine bristles. HNH255-24HS 600mm Each Code Size Unit Compatible with broom handle HNH255-36HS 900mm Each SIL868766 10" Each (999088).SIL282555 12" Each Code UnitPVC Semi Stiff Brush HandleSIL763607 18" Each SIL633813 Each& Stay SIL656623 24" EachSIL395009 36" Each Silverline 969750 Scrubbing Brush 8"SCRUBBING BRUSHESScrubbing Brush Single WingHeavy-duty brush in traditional design, suitable for indoor and outdoor use in hard-to-reach places. Rubberwood material with stiffWooden squeegee.Code Size Unit bassine and cane mix bristle. Code Size UnitHNH258-18HS 457mm Each Code Unit Code Unit NOR942-18HS 457mm EachHNH258-24HS 600mm Each HNH16801 Each SIL969750 Each NOR942-24HS 600mm Each50 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'