b'HAND TOOLSWIRE BRUSHESWIRE BRUSHES HAND TOOLSSilverline Heavy Duty WireSilverline PB09 Spark PlugSilverline PB19 File CardSilverline Wire Tube BrushBrush Brush 3 Row Brush Wooden 40mmWIRE BRUSHES & WIRE WOOLHeavy duty with steel bristles. Overall length 290mm. HardwoodFor cleaning spark plugs. BrassFile cleaning card. Ultra-fine handle. bristles and hardwood handle. hardened steel wire and wooden back.Code Size Unit Code Unit 1/4 threaded fitting to universal SILPB15 4 Row Each SILPB09 Each Code Unit drain rod joint. Taut wire loop on SILPB06 6 Row Each SILPB19 Each front end. Scrapes and brushes ceramic flue pipes and chimneys. Silverline PB16 Wooden WireSilverline Steel Wire Brush Strong steel wire construction.Silverline PB05 Brassed WireBrush & Scraper 6-RowBrush 4 Row Code Size UnitSIL417961 100mm EachSIL366706 150mm EachHeavy duty steel wire brush with Heavy duty, 4-row brassed wireHeavy duty, steel brisles. Woodenstay-clean, tough plastic handles. brush for light and heavy cleaninghandle with scraper. Overall lengthOverall length 280mm.tasks. Overall length 290mm. 290mm. Code Size UnitCode Unit Code Unit With ScraperSILPB05 Each SILPB16 Each SIL245007 5 Row EachWIRE WOOLHilka 68200020 Multi GradeRustins Steel Wool 0000 Wire Wool Rolls 450gSteel Wool Pack of 12Rustins Steel Wool - 0000 / UltraWire Wool in 450g Rolls. Available Fine, 150g Box. Contains no oilyin Fine, Medium, Coarse and an residue. Moulds to any shape. IdealAssorted Pack.for stripping paint, removing waxOVER 20,000 Pack contains 4x Fine, 4x Medium &polish, obtaining matt and satinCode Desc. Unit PRODUCT LINES 4x Coarse. finishes, plus removing rust andMWCMW25F Fine Eachpolishing metal. AVAILABLE TO MWCMW25M Medium Each BUY ONLINE Code Unit Code Unit MWCMW25C Coarse Eachwww.newtonhale.co.ukHIL68200020 Pack RUSSTEW0000 Each MWCDIYMIXED36 Mixed pack EachCOLLECTION AVAILABLE FROM OUR COUNTER** Orders can be collected between 9am & 1.30pm, orders must be placed at least 30 mins before collecting.Open a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 355'