b'CLEANING & HOUSEWARESPEST CONTROLPEST CONTROL CLEANING & HOUSEWARESRAT & MOUSE KILLER WOODWORM TREATMENTFixman 198419 Plastic RatSilverline 647990 ClassicBarrettine Nourish & ProtectRonseal Wet Rot Wood Trap 140mm Mouse Trap Solvent Preserver WoodwormHardenerKillerSpring-action plastic trap. Classic, PEST CONTROLproven design. Fast and effective.Prevents & exterminates woodworm Reusable. For indoor and outdoorClassic treadle design. Slightestand wood boring insects from treated use. L x W: 140 x 70mm. motion triggers trap, deliveringtimber. Ideal for treating furniture,Code Size UnitCode Unit a very high catch-rate. Quick andflooring, structural timbers etc. RON32041 250ml EachSIL198419 Each effective. RON32042 500ml EachCode Size UnitCode Unit CanFixman 301759 Rat Glue TrapSIL647990 Pk 2 Ronseal Woodworm Killer Pack-2 BARSPWW.25 250ml Each 2016Fixman 674723 HumaneBARSPWW001 1L EachMouse Trap BARSPWW005 5L EachBARSPWW2.5 2.5L EachSpray BottleBARSPWW.50 500ml EachHighly effective glue traps suitableEverbuild Triple Action Wood for home or business use. Traps ratsTreatment Clearquickly where previous methods have failed. Also suitable for cockroaches and other crawling insects.Code UnitSIL301759 EachReuseable humane mouse trapCode Size UnitSilverline 323406 Plasticcatches but does not kill theRON38245 1L Eachmouse. Plastic construction for Mouse Trap easy cleaning. Mouse cannot takeRON37662 5L Eachbait without tripping the trap; once caught the trap can be emptied without the need to touch the mouse. Simply add bait. Triple Action takes care of remedial Code Unit wood treatment and preservation in one can. Lasting protection from SIL674723 Each damage caused by wet rot, dry rot, fungi and wood boring insects/larvae.Fixman (904334)Mouse Traps Set 6pce 98 x 48mm Code Size UnitEVELJUN01 1L EachPlastic mouse traps. DurableEVELJUN02 2.5L Eachconstruction. Classic, proven design. Quick and effective. EVELJUN05 5L EachCode Unit EVELJUN25 25L EachSIL323406 Pk 2 Rentokil Woodworm Treatment Fixman 438479 Mouse GlueFluidTrap Pack-2Hygienic plastic and stainless steel traps. Easy to set and reusable. Ideal for commercial or home use in multiple locations for fast, effective catch rate. Instant trigger ensures immediate entrapment.Code Unit Controls wood boring insects. Also Highly effective glue traps suitableprevents and controls wood rotting for home or business use. TrapsSIL904334 Each fungi. For indoor and outdoor use. mice quickly where previousLow odour & fast drying. OVER 20,000 methods have failed. Also suitablePRODUCT LINES for cockroaches and other crawlingCode Size Unitinsects. AVAILABLE TO RENPWT25 250ml EachCode Unit RENPWT50 500ml Each BUY ONLINE SIL438479 Each RENPWT100 1L Each www.newtonhale.co.ukOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 65'