b'GARDENING & OUTDOORAXESGARDENING & OUTDOORAXESBulldog Felling Axe 24Hilka Axe Fibreglass Shaft Silverline Fibreglass Felling Axe Silverline HA36 Fibreglass Fibreglass Shaft Hatchet 1.5lbHigh quality forged head with sturdy fibre glass shafts and soft grip rubber handles. With edge cover forDrop-forged, hardened steel headDrop-forged, hardened steel head Code Size Unit safe storage. with ground polished blade. Shockwith ground polished blade. Shock absorbing fibreglass shaft with nylon BULBFA25LBFG 2.5lb Each Code Size Unit surround and hi-grip rubber handle.absorbing fibreglass shaft with nylon AXES BULBFA4LBFG 4lb Each HIL60601025 2.5lb Each Supplied with plastic blade sheath.surround and hi-grip rubber handle. BULBFA6LBFG 6lb Each Handle length 890mm. Supplied with plastic blade sheath.HIL60601004 4lb EachCode Size Unit Code UnitBulldog Fibreglass HatchetHilka 60601600 All SteelSIL456920 4.5lb Each SILHA36 Each1.5lb Hand Axe Soft Grip 600gSIL196501 6lb Each Silverline HA68 Hardwood Silverline Hickory Felling Axe Shaft Hatchet 1.5lbAll steel shaft with soft grip handle. A fibreglass shaft makes this Code Unithatchet very strong and durable HIL60601600 Each Shaped fibreglass shaft, soft touchgrip, resin bonded head Forged steel head with polished Hand Axe Handle Hickory Drop-forged, carbon steel head, heatcutting edges, strong lightweight Code Unit treated, ground and polished cuttingwooden shaft.BULBHATCHETFG Each edge. Extra long hickory handle. Code UnitEstwing E24A SportsmansCode Size Unit SILHA68 EachAxe Leather Handle 24oz SIL244967 4.5lb EachSIL598432 6lb Each Silverline HA68B Tubular Shaft Hatchet 16ozSilverline 868715 Slaters Axe Code Size Unit 255mmHNH535H12 12 (300mm) EachHNH535H14 14 (350mm) EachHNH535H16 16 (400mm) EachThis axe is forged in one piece with aHNH535H24 24 (600mm) Eachgenuine leather grip. HNH540H30 30 (750mm) EachTubular steel shaft with thick rubber Code Unit handle. Includes head cover.ESTE24A Each Spear & Jackson SARH Slaters Ripper & Axe Right Hand Code UnitSlaters axe with hard-wearing, Hilka 60200600 Hand Axeground polished cutting edge forSILHA68B EachWood Shaft clean cutting of slates.Worldwide Felling Axe 4.1/2lbCode UnitSIL868715 EachSilverline 900913 Hardwood Used by slaters for the removal ofAxe Handle 915 x 64mmDrop forged steel head with strongold roofing slates. Hardened and hardwood handle. spring tempered blade to allow access between slates.Code Unit Code UnitHIL60200600 Each NEISJ-SARH Each Code UnitWOR192 EachHilka 60200800 Hand AxeSilverline 245034 SolidCode UnitFibreglass Handle Forged Hatchet 20oz SIL900913 Each Worldwide Joiners Hand Axe 1.1/2lbAxe Handle Hickory800 gram hand axe with black head and polished cutting with plasticSolid forged with impact absorbent,Code Size Unitblade protector. non-slip rubber handle. HNH540H36 36 x 2.5 EachCode Unit Code Unit HNH541H36 36 x 3 Each Code UnitHIL60200800 Each SIL245034 Each HNH542H36 36 x 3.75 Each WOR198 Each156 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'