b'SEALANTS & ADHESIVESPROFESSIONAL SILICONEPROFESSIONALPURAFLEX SILICONE PVA BOND ROOF & GUTTER SEAL SEALANTS & ADHESIVESSILICONEEverbuild Black Puraflex K11Everbuild 501 PVA Bond Everbuild 905 All Weather Everbuild 500 Bath &Sealant Roof CoatingSanitary Silicone C3Puraflex 25 is a one part lowPVA Bond is a multi-purpose bonding Premium quality high modulusmodulus building sealant based onagent, primer, sealer, cement and acetoxy cure silicone sealant thatpolyurethane technology. Conformsplaster admixture that adheres toAll Weather Roof Coating is a contains a high level of powerfulISO1160025LM and is CE marked tosolvent based, full bodied black PROFESSIONAL SILICONE, PURAFLEX SILICONE, PVA BOND & ROOF & GUTTER SEALanti-fungal compound to preventEN15651-1: 2012Type F EXT-INT CC. most common building and DIYbrushable bitumen compound with mould and fungal growth. TypicallyIt is suitable for most constructionmaterials. Ideal for priming unsoundadded fibres for reinforcement. It is used in areas of high humidity, suchexpansion and dilation joints andsurfaces prior to plastering oran effective general purpose roof as bathrooms, toilets, showers andadheres to most building surfacespainting, as an adhesive on wood,coating that is resistant to wash kitchens in both commercial andsuch as concrete, ceramics, wood,cork, textiles and most applicationsoff by rain almost immediately. The domestic applications. Tested to ISOmetal, uPVC etc. where at least one surface isproduct is specifically designed for 8339 and ISO 10590/10563. porous, for general dust sealing ongeneral waterproofing in all roofing Code Colour Unit flaking paintwork/walls etc and as aapplications, guttering (non plastic) Code Colour Unit EVEPURAFLEXK11BK Black Each cement and plaster admixture. Fullyand structural steelwork.EVE500SAND Sandstone Each conforms to BS 5270.EVE500WE White Each EVEPURAFLEXK11BR Brown Each Code Size Unit Code Size UnitEVE500IV Ivory Each EVEPURAFLEXK11BU Buff Each EVEPVA05L 500ml Each EVE90505 5L EachEVE500TR Clear Each EVEPURAFLEXK11GR Grey Each EVEPVA1L 1L Each EVE90525 25L EachEVEPURAFLEXK11WE White EachEVE500GY Manhattan Grey Each EVEPVA2 2.5L Each Everbuild 906 Bitumen Everbuild Puraflex 40 SealantEVEPVA5L 5L Each Roofing Emulsion 5LEverbuild AC95 AcousticC3 EVEPVAB25L 25L EachSealant & Adhesive 900mlEverbuild 506 Contract PVA Bond 5LIntumescent acrylic sealant andPuraflex 40 is a premium qualityBitumen Roofing Emulsion is a stable adhesive specifically formulatedhigh modulus, PU hybrid sealant andbitumen/water emulsion of medium for fire rated sealing and bondingadhesive that provides exceptionalbrushing consistency which dries to applications on plasterboard andresistance to mechanical wear.a black, flexible coating. The product other kraft lined insulation boards.Typically used in the engineering,is specially designed for general Provides up to 5 hours fire resistance,caravan and marine industries andContractors PVA is a multi-purposewaterproofing of roofs and provides tested to BS 476, part 20/EN1366-4for sealing floor joints in ceramicprimer, sealer, cement and plasterprotection against corrosion of pipes (2006). Acoustic rated to BS EN ISOinstallations that are subject toadmixture that adheres to mostand structural steelwork.140/3. Tested for air permeability tohigh traffic. Has excellent chemicalcommon building and DIY materials. EN13141-1 Ventilation for buildings. resistance, can be overpainted. Ideal for priming and dust sealing onCode Size Unitflaking surfaces and as an adhesiveEVE90605 5L EachCode Unit Code Colour Unit on wood, cork etc.EVEAC95900 Each EVEPUBK Black Each Code Unit Everbuild Evercryl Emergency EVEPUGY Grey Each EVECONPVA5 Each Roof Repair Grey C3Everbuild Forever Silicone C3 EVEPUWE White EachEverbuild Febond Blue GritPVA BONDAlphachem Contractors PVA 5kgForever White is a superior siliconeEvercryl Emergency Roof Repair sealant that is permanently waterproofin a cartridge is an emergency and flexible and ideal for sealing:repair aid for the use on external shower bases and cubicles, wetrooms,roofing applications. The Evercryl around baths, sinks and basins. It isFebond Blue Grit is a high performance,formula has been gelled up to allow also ideal for use in kitchens and utilityplasterers grip coat bonding agentit to be cartridge applied while still rooms and for sealing around windowspecifically designed to provide ancontaining the top quality fibres and door frames. With the worldsimproved key to smooth surfaces.that you expect with Evercryl. The leading branded anti-bacterial solutionContaining a fine aggregate, it providesproduct is applied througha special integrated into the manufacturinga mechanical key to backgrounds suchduck bill shaped nozzle ideal for process, Forever White is guaranteed toas plaster, concrete, painted surfaces,emergency repairs to gaps, cracks stop black mould growth for 10 years. A contractors grade multi-purposetextured surfaces and ceramic tiles.and holes in roofs, gutters, flashing, bonding agent, sealer, primer andOne coat application, coloured blue toupstands and felt. It even works in Code Colour Unit admixture, adheres to most commonindicate coverage. wet conditions so there is no need to EVEFOREVERCLEAR Clear Each building substrates. Code Size Unit wait for the rain to stop.EVEFOREVERIV Ivory Each Code Size Unit EVEFBBLUE5 5L Each Code Size UnitEVEFOREVERWE White Each ALPX3CONPVA5 5kg Each EVEFBBLUE10 10L Each EVEEVCGYCART C3 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 551'