b'ELECTRICAL & LIGHTINGSITE LIGHTINGSITE LIGHTING SITE LIGHTING TORCHES ELECTRICAL & LIGHTINGSilverline 987435 Work LightDefender (E712654) DefenderStatus Halogen Floodlight &Active A50480 9-LED 150W V3 Base Unit 110V PIR 400W Aluminium Torch 9 ultra bright LEDs 3 x AAA batteries (included)ABS plastic with 4 x 110V 16A outlets.Code UnitSITE LIGHTING & TORCHESLinkable. Compatible with E712658.5Status 400W halogen wall mountedACTA50480 EachTough, die-cast aluminium withand E712658. Includes 3m H07RNFfloodlight with 180 degree motion protective wire grille. Adjustablerubber cable and 110V 16A plug. detector. Active A50862 3-LED Rubber stand for easy positioning. UsesCode Unit Torchlinear halogen bulbs. Bulbs 78mmCode Unit150W halogen. SILE712654 Each STAS400WPIRFL6 EachCode Unit Defender (E7126585) LEDTORCHESSIL987435 EachUplight Stick V3 4ft 110V Defender (E206015) Umbrella- 25W Active A51104 Lantern Torch & BatteryUltra bright 3 LEDs Type Telescopic Tripod 0.67m 2 x AA batteries (included)- 1.5mCode UnitACTA50862 EachActive A50879 3-LED Rubber Torch 2D Krypton lantern with batteryCan use 1 x 6V battery PJ996 (Included) Impact-resistant polycarbonate lensor 4 x D batteries (not included)Ultra bright 3 LEDs with high output, low energy LEDCode Unit2 x D batteries (included) tube. Moulded fixing points provide quick, secure fastening to scaffoldingACTA051104 Each Code Unitto extend usability. ShatterproofACTA50879 Eachtube safeguards users and ensuresActive A051296 LED Torch quick, clean replacement. 360Aluminium 2D Active A50923 1W Lantern & light spread with reflector removed. Compatible with Defender Wobble6V BatteryBase. Includes 450mm of H05RNF rubber cable fitted with a 110V 16A Powder-coated steel constructionplug.with solid, stable base. Compact andCode Unitlightweight design, able to withstand site usage. Fully telescopic with easy- SILE7126585 Eachtwist feature which securely locks the tripod at the desired height. EasyDefender (E712671) LED 1 Ultra Bright LEDbolt-on light bracket secures all slim Uplight Stick V2 4ft 110V 2D Alkaline Batteries Includedlights.20W1 watt LED Code Unit Code UnitP J996 battery (included)SILE206015 Each ACTA051296 Each Code UnitDefender (E712550) WobbleActive A50183 24-LEDACTA50923 EachBase for Uplights Magnetic Clip LightActive A51074 1W Led Rechargeable SpotlightStrong ABS plastic base. Self-righting. Can be filled with sand or20W LED tube made from tough ABS water. Integrated carry handles forwith polycarbonate lens. Linkable easy transportation. Compatible110V 16A power take off. Compatible with Defender LED Uplight Sticks V2with Defender Wobble Base. Includes 2 4 ultra bright LEDsUltra bright 1 watt LED and V3. 4.5m H05VVF PVC cable.3 x AAA batteries (included)AC/DC mains adaptor supplied Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSILE712550 Each SILE712671 Each ACTA50183 Each ACTA51074 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 123'