b'HAND TOOLSPRECISION TOOLSHAND TOOLSPRECISION TOOLSSilverline 415070 Pick / ProbeSilverline 598570 Drill GaugeSilverline 677256 CompositeSilverline Feeler GaugeSet 6pc 1 - 13mm Digital Vernier Caliper 150mmPRECISION TOOLSFibre composite digital vernier caliper.Resolution 0-150 x 0.1mm / 0-6 x 0.01. 2-way measurement, Tempered stainless steel gauge forinternal and external.Stainless steel set of picks andmeasuring twist drills and otherCombination leaf feeler gauge probes ideal for carving andsmall items. Etched graduations.Code Unit accurately measures gaps between sculpturing. Includes 3 single-end1/16 - 1/2. SIL677256 Each components. Hardened and polished picks and 3 double-end hooks. carbon steel. Leaves clearly marked Code Unit Code Size Unit Silverline 696669 Crosswith sizes.SIL415070 Each SIL598570 1 - 13mm Each Action Tweezer Set Code Size UnitSilverline 656583 Internal26 LeavesSilverline 427707 Wiggler &Spring Caliper 150mm SIL763624 0.051 - 0.635mm EachCentre Finder Set 5pc 13 LeavesSIL793828 0.05 - 1mm EachSilverline 783110 Metric Dial Stainless steel, self-closing tweezersTest Indicator 0 - 0.8mmwith heat-resistant fibre grips and serrated tips. Ideal for small soldering tasks and model making. Jaw capacity 25mm. Includes 1 x Hardened ground points. Legs pivotstraight and 1 x 45 bent tip.Includes chuck holder, needle point, on roller and are tensioned with aCode Unit0.25 dia ball, 0.1 dia disc and offsetbow spring. Quick-adjust split nut.indicator holder. SIL696669 EachCode UnitCode Unit SIL656583 Each Silverline 719822 Bore Gauge SIL427707 Each 1 - 15mmSilverline 675037 Vernier Silverline 580427 SpringCaliper 150mm Low inertia jewelled bearings and Divider 150mm tungsten carbide auto reverse contact point for high sensitivity. Adjustable bezel for zero setting.Range 0-0.8mm. Graduation 0.01mm. Scale reads 0-40.Ground and tempered stainless steelCode Unitgauge, dual-etched with metric and High carbon steel vernier caliperimperial graduations. SIL783110 Eachresolution 0-150 x 0.02mm.Code Unit4-function measurement: internal,Silverline 783181 Protractor external, depth and step. StorageSIL719822 Each with Depth Gauge Scale 150mmHardened and ground points. Legscase.pivot on roller and are tensionedSilverline 763562 Hinge Joint with a bow spring. Quick adjust splitCode Unitnut. Divider 150mmSIL675037 EachCode UnitSIL580427 Each Silverline 675092 Telescopic Gauge Set 8 - 150mm 6pc Stainless steel with etched metric Silverline 598458 Magneticand imperial graduations. Suitable Base 235mm Hardened and ground points withfor angle measurement and nut and quadrant quick adjustment. transfer. Maximum depth gauge measurement 150mm.Code Unit Code UnitSIL763562 Each SIL783181 EachSilverline 783096 ExternalSilverline 793829 Protractor Spring Caliper 150mm 150mmLocking knurled handles and automatically self-centering plungers with constant spring tension for uniform contact pressure. Quick inside measuring For use with dial test indicators.of cylinder or hole bore by Machined base and one vertical sidetransferring dimension for external for choice of mounting positions.measurement. Indirect measurementHardened and ground points. LegsStainless steel with brass locking Fine adjustment screw for quick,by outside micrometer. Includespivot on roller and are tensionednut. Dual marked from 0-180 in 1 accurate height setting. Powerful8-12.7, 12.7-19, 19-32, 32-54, 54-90with a bow spring. Adjustment isincrements for accurate transfer. two side magnet with on/off switch. and 90-150mm gauges. made using a quick-adjust split nut. 150mm arm, 65mm gauge.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL598458 Each SIL675092 Each SIL783096 Each SIL793829 Each284 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'