b'HAND TOOLSTAPES & MEASURESHAND TOOLSTAPES & MEASURESPOCKET TAPESSilverline Measure Mate Tape Stanley Powerlock Tape Stanley Fatmax Tape Stanley Tylon TapeTAPES & MEASURESTylon TM blade coating gives Compact case - easier to hold greater durability / wear resistance3-rivet end hook - for long life than lacquer Tru zero end hook moves toHuge standout of 3.35 mm for easy Matt finish blade reduces glare/compensate for accurate insideone person measuring reflection for easy readingand outside measurementsMylar coated blade is up to 10 Compact and ergonomic bi material Mylar coated blade is up to 10times more resistant to abrasioncase for comfort and ease of use times more resistant to abrasionthan normal lacquered blades Belt Clip for ease of storageRugged rubber-grip case, blade- than normal lacquered bladesBlade Armor coating on theTru zero hook moves to lock, brake and auto return.Belt clip for ease of storage first 100mm reduces the risk ofcompensate for accurate inside Double-riveted tip with wraparound Strong 19mm width blade for largebreaking the tape by 95% and outside measurementsreinforcement. Durable, coatedstandout Wide 32mm blade makes readingCode Length Unitblade. Measures both internal andthe numbers easyexternal lengths. Easy to readCode Length Unit STA030686 3m Eachgraduation marks with highlighted 3 Rivet end hook40% stronger STA033523 3m Each STA030696 5m Eachjoist marks every 16. than a 2 rivet hook constructionSTA033553 5m EachSpecially designed hook grabs onSTA030656 8m EachCode Length UnitSTA033526 8m Each side, top or bottom for versatilityDisplay Box-30 STA033443 10m Each Cushion grip provides sturdy, slip- RULESSIL633625 3m x 16mm Box 30 resistant holdSIL868620 5m x 19mm Box 30 Stanley 0-33-531PowerlockFisco SR2ME Surveyors Display Box-24 Tape 10m Code Length Unit Folding Rod 2mSIL675126 8m x 25mm Box 24 STA033719 5m EachSTA033726 8m EachSilverline Measure Max Tape STA033805 10m EachStanley Fatmax XL Tape Fisco wooden rules are made fromtop quality hardwood, treated twice for durability. The ends are protected by rolled brass end-caps. The clear graduations are precisely Compact case - easier to hold inscribed into the tough hardwood3-rivet end hook is 40% stronger -surface for long life These rules are designed for long Super heavy duty tape featuringTru zero end hook moves tolife in tough working environmentssoft-grip, impact-resistant case andcompensate for accurate inside triple-riveted tip with wraparoundand outside measurements Code Length Unitreinforcement and extra-thick, Blade Armor coating on theFISSR2ME 2m Each32mm wide tape. Metric and imperialfirst 100mm reduces the risk ofBlade Armor coating on the first graduations. Features blade lock andbreaking the tape by 95% 150mm reduces the risk of breakingFisher FR106ME E&M automatic blade return.Mylar coated blade is up to 10the tape by 95% Stainless Steel Rule Low CostCode Length Unit times more resistant to abrasion Cushion grip provides sturdy, slip- 6than normal lacquered blades resistant holdSIL633464 7.5m x 25mm Each Belt clip for ease of storage Huge standout of almost 4 metres SIL868502 10m x 32mm EachCode Length Unit for easy one person measuringStanley 3-68-07-0 Tylon TapeSTA033531 10m Each 32mm wide blade makes reading the numbers easy8m Dual Lock Stanley 1-30-696 Tylon Tape Mylar coated blade is up to 10Loose times more resistant to abrasionCode Unitthan normal lacquered blades FISFR106ME EachTrue zero end hook- moves to compensate for accurate insideFisher FR112ME E&M and outside measurementsStainless Steel Rule 12 3 rivet end hook40% strongerthan a 2 rivet hook construction Specially designed hook grabs onT ylon Blade coating gives greater durability side, tip or bottom for versatility Dual locking mechanism locks theBelt clip blade when extended Tylon TM Blade coating gives greaterShock-resistant bi-material case durability / wear resistance thanCode Length Unitlacquer. A high quality stainless steel rule,T ru-Zero hook for accurateSTA533886 5m Each permanently etched and polished to measurements Code Size Unit STA533891 8m Each give long lasting clarity and accuracyClass II accuracy of measurement.STA130696 5m Each STA533896 10m EachCode Unit 25mm Metric Only Code UnitSTA368070 Each STA130656 8m Each STA033892 8m Each FISFR112ME Each328 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'