b'CLEANING & HOUSEWARESLUBRICANTS & MAINTENANCECLEANING & HOUSEWARESLUBRICANTS & MAINTENANCEAction Can ESC ElectricalAction Can CD-90 Chain &Action Can CS-90 Copper AntiAction Can AS-90 Welders Contact Cleaner Spray 500ml Drive Spray 500ml Seize Grease with Graphite Multipurpose Fluid Anti Spatter Spray 400g Provides a good quality cleaning ofCD-90 is also available with a Food Anti spatterLUBRICANTS & MAINTENANCE Grade H1.electrical parts and componentsWelding Wire lubricant Multi viscosity capability Residue freeIdeal for wet and damp conditionsPost weld corrosion protectorCS-90 is very high temperatureRemoves oil, grease, dirt and grimePrevents the formulation of rust Silicone or CFC freeresisting Copper Grease withDelays corrosion and oxidationSilicone free Anti fling propertiesa Graphite additive, ideal forF ast dryingStrong anti rust protection Easy to wipe or rub away Gentle manner on delicateall automotive, industrial and Non flammable productHighly water resistant and repellentcomponents construction uses.Non flammable propellant Strong water and moistureProlongs life of switchHigh quality greasedisplacing action Code UnitEffectively removes carbon from No added solvent Free from lead, zinc, nickel and contact ACT1843 EachsiliconeCode Unit Code Unit Contains pure micro fine copper ACT1797 Each Action Can CT-90 Cutting & ACT1487 Each flakes and micro fine graphiteTapping Fluid 500mlAction Can WG-90 WhiteflakesAction Can CT90 Cutting AndGrease + PTFE 500ml Very high temperature resisting Tapping Paste 480g rate 1200C Increased lubrication with addedgraphite Waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti- rust, anti-acid and heat resistantCode Size UnitAerosol ACT1829 500ml EachDrilling, sawing and thread cutting Compound Tub simplifiedCT-90, the ultimate 4-in-1 versatileACT1611 500g EachSafe on steels, designed forGeneral purpose lubricant stainless steel and ceramicscutting lubricant makes metalReduces wear and frictionExtends tool lengthworking easier when cutting,Heat and water resistant Action Can SP-90 Dry Film High rates of metal removaltapping, drilling and reaming. High-performance metal cutting lubricant PTFE additive for superior longSilicone Lubricant 500mlAnti weld features for use on all tough metals includinglasting performanceSilicone and CFCs free stainless steel. Specially formulatedCorrosion inhibitor built intoReduces heat and improves surface with excellent extreme-pressureformulation finish(EP), additives reducing friction and White colour for easy identificationkeeping the work-piece at a stableof treated components Code Unittemperature to prevent seizing.ACT1846 EachDissipates heat, reducing cuttingCode Unittime, swarf build-up, metal scrap andACT1820 Each Action Can TF-90 Fast Drying downtime. Protects and extends the life of the tool. Cleaning Solvent & Degreaser Action Can RP-90 Rapid500mlCode Size Unit Penetrating Oil 500mlACT1528 480g tub EachSpray Duster AerosolSuperior non toxic maximum silicone lubricant Clear, clean, and dry lubricating film L ow odour and non staining lubricant sprayReduces friction and staticStable over a wide temperature,Effective and quick cleaner andExcellent penetrating power prevents sticking of rubber ordegreaser Fast acting releasing capability plastic partsF ast removal of oil, grease, tar, wax, High-powered aerosol application to Protects against rust and corrosion carbon and containmentsProtects against corrosion and force dust and debris out of hard toReduces friction and wear oxidationE vaporating action leaves a clean, reach areas such as burner jets, heat 30% less dense than water whichclear, and dry surfaceexchangers or laptop keyboards. results in excellent penetratingIdeal for use on rubber, plastics,Replacement for 111- Code Size Unit power and releasing capability metal, vinyl, and glass Trichloroethane based productsARCZE29 120ml Each Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitARCZE294 300ml Each ACT1822 Each ACT1887 Each ACT1848 Each56 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'