b'DECORATINGTURPS & SPIRITSDECORATINGTURPS & SPIRITS WALLPAPER ADHESIVEBird Brand Turps Substitute Everbuild Safer Spirit 750ml Bartoline Border and OverlapEverbuild Overlap & Border Adhesive AdhesiveTURPS & SPIRITS & WALLPAPER ADHESIVEBartoline Pure Turpentine is aBartoline Extra Strong Border/non-hydrocarbon organic naturallyOverlap Adhesive is extremelyA high strength, ready mixed paste based solvent particularly favouredSafer Spirit is a revolutionary waterpowerful and used primarily for fixingsuitable for all types of borders (inc. by artists for use with oil paints as abased alternative to White Spirit.decorative borders to interior surfacesvinyl). May be used for adhering cleaner and thinner. Safer Spirit can be used for manyand for minor repairs to existingoverlaps and repairs to damaged Code Size Unit of the same applications as Whitewallcoverings. It is simple to applypaper sections. Will stick all common Spirit, such as cleaning oil and waterand has high grab properties, butpapers as well as to gloss and BIRTUR750 750ml Each based paints from brushes, rollersstill enables the border to slide intoemulsion paint. High tack excellent BIRTUR2 2L Each etc. and from hard surfaces, and asposition easily. Formulated as suitableadjustability. Contains powerful BIRTUR4 4L Each a de-greasing fluid.Safer Spirit isfor vinyl over vinyl applications. fungicide.not only low in VOCs and has a solvent content of below 8%, but itCode Size Unit Code Size UnitWhite Spirit is also virtually odourless, non-toxic,BAR58509151 250g Each EVEBORD2 250g Eachnon-flammable and non-corrosive.BAR58500371 500g Each EVEBORD5 500g EachTherefore, it doesnt carry any of the label warnings of other paintBAR58500381 1kg Eachsolvents, so there are no storage,Everbuild Wallpaper Pastetransport or sale restrictions on theBartoline Easi Paste Ready product. Mixed Wallcovering AdhesiveCode UnitEVESAFERSP07 EachRustins Methylated SpiritsWhite Spirit is a highly refined solvent meeting the requirements of BS245.Suitable for general cleaning purposes, brush cleaning and paintA powdered adhesive which when thinning. It is more suitable forReady to use, high qualitymixed with water is suitable for paint thinning than other solventswallcovering adhesive, especiallyhanging all common wallcoverings as it will not affect the drying timeformulated for use with luxury vinylsincluding sculptured, blown and of oil based paints. (both paper and fabric backed),textured vinyl, washable and heavy White Spirit is the most popularhessians, covings and polystyreneembossed. The product is also and widely used of all solvents sold. tiles and veneers. suitable for fixing polystyrene tiles. Code Size Unit Code Size Unit High tack combines with excellent adjustability. Contains a powerful BIRWS750 750ml Each Used for thinning french polishesBARRMPASTE01 1kg Each fungicide.BIRWS2 2L Each and shellac varnishes, for use inBARRMPASTE25 2.5kg EachBIRWS4 4L Each spirit burning heaters, stoves and forBAR58510930 5kg Each Code Size Unitlighting barbecues. Cleans mirrors,EVEPASTE5 5 Roll Eachglass and jewellery.Thins FrenchBAR58510940 10kg EachEverbuild Methylated SpiritsPolish and Shellac VarnishUse inEVEPASTE10 10 Roll Each500ml spirit burning stoves and lightingBartoline Wallpaper Paste EVEPASTE20 30 Roll EachIdeal for cleaning glass, mirrors and jewellery Everbuild Ready Mixed Code Size Unit Wallcovering Adhesive 4.5kg.RUSMETH250 250ml EachRUSMETH500 500ml EachRustins Pure TurpentineTraditional easy-to-mix flake type product, containing chemically Mineralised Methylated Spirits isincorporated anti-mould additives. an alcohol prepared for industrialIncorporating excellent slide use. Suitable for use as a solventproperties, it can be used for all for patent knotting, some varnishes,wallpapers including woodchip, some spirit based paints and Frenchwashables, vinyls, blown vinyls, polish. Methylated Spirits can alsoheavily embossed and Paste TheA ready mixed paste suitable for be used as a cleaner/degreaser forWall types. hanging all common papers including paint work, glassware and for wipingvinyls and heavy embossed. High resinous matter from knots prior toCode Size Unit tack, excellent adjustability. Contains knotting. BARPASTE05 5 Roll Each a powerful fungicide.Code Unit Code Size Unit BARPASTE10 10 Roll Each Code UnitEVEMS5 Each RUSPURT300 300ml Each BARPASTE30 30 Roll Each EVEWALLREADY4 Each106 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'