b'DECORATINGPAINTSDECORATINGPAINTSSATIN PAINT SCRATCH & MARK REMOVAL SPRAY PAINTSRustins Quick Dry Small JobRustins Rust Remover 125ml Paint Factory Colour It SprayPaint Factory 1748 Yacht Satin 250ml Paint 400ml Varnish Spray Paint Clear Gloss Finish 400mlPAINTSRemoves surface rust from mild Quick Dry Small Job is designedsteel and iron products. Ideal for use specifically for small paintingon garden gates, bicycles, cars and projects. A water based hardwearingall metal objects around the home.paint for interior & exterior useAll purpose spray paint for interior that is touch dry in approximatelyCode Unit and exterior use on metal, plasticAllpurpose spray varnish with long 30 minutes. A 250ml will coverRUSRUST125 Each and wood. Quick Drying. lasting protection for interior and approximately 3.25 sq.mt. Suitableexterior use. Tough and durable. for use on wood and metal. Rustins Scratch Cover 125ml Code Colour Unit Preserves, strengthens and seals.Code Colour Unit Gloss Code UnitRUSSPBGW250 Buckingham Green Each RAP1732 Jet Black Each RAP1748 EachRUSSPBLW250 Black Each RAP1735 Brilliant White EachRUSSPBUW250 Buttercup Each RAP1738 Forest Green Each Paint Factory Varnish Spray RUSSPCHW250 Chocolate Each RAP1739 Lime Green Each Paint Clear 400mlRUSSPOBW250 Oxford Blue Each RAP1740 Sunshine Yellow EachRUSSPPOW250 Poppy Each RAP1741 Perfect Pink EachRUSSPWHW250 White EachMasks unsightly scratches RAP1742 Crimson Red Each For new and old furniture RAP1743 Beautiful Blue EachSCRATCH & MARK REMOVAL Available in light, medium & darkRAP1744 Sky Blue Eachshades RAP1745 Original Orange EachLiberon LIBRCO RetouchCode Colour Unit RAP1746 Cottage Cream EachCrayons 3pkRUSSCLW125 Light Each RAP2680 Grass Green EachRUSSCMW125 Medium Each RAP2681 Bubblegum Pink Each All purpose spray varnish with long RUSSCDW125 Dark Each RAP2682 Proper Purple Each lasting protection for interior and RAP2683 Light Grey Each exterior use. Tough and durable. Rustins Surface Cleaner 125ml RAP2686 Espresso Brown Each Preserves, strengthens and seals.RAP2687 Cherry Red Each Code Finish UnitRAP2688 Ivory Silk Each RAP1749 Gloss EachRAP2689 Antique White Each RAP1750 Matt EachRAP2771 Very Violet EachFor filling and masking superficialMatt Paint Factory Chalk Finish scratches. Retouch Crayons canFurniture Paint Matt 400mlbe used to fill and mask superficialRAP1733 Black Eachscratches on finished woodenRAP1736 White Eachsurfaces and furniture, such as Removes wax and dirtRAP1747 Nato Green Eachnail holes and worm holes. Applied Ideal for use on old furniture with an easy rub on and buff offSatinapplication, they expand andCode Unit RAP2684 White Eachcontract with the wood, do notRUSSURC125 Each RAP2685 Black Eachshrink or drop out, and are available in a wide range of colours. SPRAY PAINTSPaint Factory Colour It Spray Code Unit Paint Primer Matt 400mlLIBRCO Each PlastiKote 021109 Twist & Spray Gloss Lawn GreenRustins Ring Remover 125ml Chalk finish furniture paint. Smooth touch with a flat matt finish. Interior spray paint. Ideal to use on furniture, metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, glass and more. Drying time 16 hours, recoat time approximately 4 hours. Touch dry time approximately 30 minutes. 400ml aerosol.Code Colour UnitA mixture of fine abrasives thatAll purpose primer for interior andRAP2615 White Eachwill remove water and heat markexterior use on metal, plastic andRAP2616 Clotted Cream Eachdamage from a range of polishedwood. For use with light coloured topRAP2617 Antique White Eachsurfaces such as lacquers, varnishesPlastiKote Twist & Spray is a multi- coats. Quick drying. Matt finish.and French Polish. Ring Remover willpurpose spray paint for use onRAP2618 Hessian Eachalso restore the gloss and removevirtually any surface and can be usedCode Colour Unit RAP2619 Winter Grey Eachminor defects from finishes. for interior and exterior projects. RAP1734 White Each RAP2633 Eggshell Blue EachCode Unit Code Unit RAP1737 Grey Each RAP2675 Oriental Pink EachRUSRINGR125 Each PLA021109 Each RAP2690 Red Each RAP2676 Summer Sage Each88 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'