b'DECORATINGDECORATING KNIVESDECORATING KNIVES DECORATORS FILLERS DECORATINGStanley 0-28-806 HobbyPOWDER FILLER READY MIXED FILLERChisel Knife 1.1/2Bartoline Patching Plaster 1.5kg Bartoline Exterior FillerBartoline Ready Mixed Filler Powder 1.5kg WhiteDECORATING KNIVES & DECORATORS FILLERSA chisel knife with a mirror polishedReady-to-use product suitable steel blade attached to a yellowfor both interior and exterior polypropylene handle. For strippingapplications. Ideal for repairs to all wallpaper or paint. Size: 38 mmSpecially formulated for repairs toBartoline Exterior Filler Powder is (1.1/2in). plaster, plasterboard, wood, bricka cement-based formula ideal forstonework, timber and plaster.and stone. repairing exterior cracks, holes andCode Size UnitCode Size Unit gaps. Easy to mix, simple to use Code Unit and does not shrink or crack. HasBAR52720351 600g EachSTASTTDHS0F 38mm Each excellent adhesive properties whichBAR52720361 1Kg EachBAR52710070 Eachkeep the filler firmly in position and Stanley Hobby Stripping Knife allows a wide range of applicationsBartoline Fine Surface Filler Bartoline Multi Purpose Fillerincluding the setting of non- WhitePowder White structural bolts.Code UnitBAR52714130 EachEverbuild All Purpose Powder Filler WhiteA stripping knife with a mirror polished steel blade attached to aReady to use, super smooth paste yellow polypropylene handle. Forideal for repairs to brickwork, stone, stripping wallpaper. plaster, wood and other materials.Bartoline Multi-Purpose FillerCode Size UnitCode Size Unit Powder is a specially formulated STASTTETS0J 75mm Each traditional powder filler ideal forBAR52720371 300g EachSTASTTEYS0L 100mm Each repairs to plaster, plasterboard,BAR52720330 600g Eachwood, brick, stone and most other building materials. Easy to mix andBartoline Flexible Filler White Stanley 0-28-808 Hobbysimple to use, it has superb adhesive300gFilling Knife 50mm properties that keeps the fillerFor both interior and exterior use, firmly in place when dry. Provides awith added PVA for extra strength. smooth surface for over painting orFor repairs to plaster, brick, stone, wallpapering. May be sanded whenwood, can be nailed or screwed when set. Dries rock hard to take nails ordry. Quick setting, non-shrink.screws.Code Weight UnitCode Weight Unit EVEFILL450 450g EachBAR52713240 450g Each EVEFILL15 1.5kg EachBAR52713250 1.5kg EachBAR52710018 9kg Each Ronseal Multi Purpose PowderFormulated for both interior and exterior applications, suitable for all A flexible filling knife for applyingSmooth Finish Filler White types of repairs including window Polyfilla etc. prior to decorating. Itframes, skirtings and doors, where has a mirror polished blade and aan element of flexibility is required.yellow polypropylene handle. Size: 50 mm (2in). Code UnitBAR52720505 EachCode UnitSTASTTFYS0H Each Bartoline Instant Filler White 330gFill holes in almost any surface including plaster, stone, concrete and wood. Our Multi Purpose Powder has a smooth finish so its easy to sand. Its tough too and wont shrink or crack. Specially formulated for speedy Code Size Unit smaller jobs around the home. The product incorporates quick drying RON36548 500g+50% Each properties enabling repairs to be QUALITYORDER ONLINEcarried out fast and efficiently.PRODUCTS AT A24HRS A DAYRON36549 1kg EachRON36550 2kg Each Code UnitGREAT PRICE www.newtonhale.co.uk RON36779 5kg Each BAR52729161 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 71'