b'HAND TOOLSWRENCHESHAND TOOLSWRENCHESSilverline 271414 Oil FilterSilverline Expert Stillson PipeSilverline 868740 MultiSilverline CB40 Adjustable Wrench 3-Leg 60-110mm Wrench Wrench Set 3/8-1.1/4 2pc Basin Wrench 280mmWRENCHES Heavy duty forged steel wrench.Fits 1/2 and 3/4 nuts. Length Deeply serrated and hardened jaws.280mm.Easily and quickly adjustable.Ratchets for sizes 3/8 to 13/16 andCode UnitCode Size Unit 7/8 to 1 1/4.Self-tightening mechanism gripsJaw 50mm SILCB40 Eachfilters from 60-110mm. MadeSIL633620 250mm Each Code Unitfrom tough, heat-treated carbonSIL868740 Each Silverline CB42 Basin Wrench steel for high torque application.Jaw 65mm 250mmRubber-coated feet for improvedSIL868615 300mm Each Silverline Adjustable Wrenchgrip. Electro-plated for corrosionSILWR60 355mm Eachresistance. 3/8 square drive. Jaw 70mmCode Unit SILWR61 450mm EachSIL271414 Each Jaw 90mmSILWR62 600mm EachSilverline 273198 Expert Adjustable Basin WrenchJaw 110mm Drop-forged chrome plated. PolishedDouble-ended cast iron wrench for 240mm SIL282454 900mm Each jaw face. Smooth jaw adjustment. 27mm and 32mm WC and basin Jaw 140mm nuts. For use with 15mm and 22mm Code Size Unit copper tube fittings.SIL571504 1200mm Each SILWR10 150mm, Jaw 21mm EachCode UnitSilverline 380629 CrossSILWR20 200mm, Jaw 26mm Each SILCB42 EachWrench SILWR30 250mm, Jaw 30mm EachSILWR40 300mm, Jaw 36mm Each Silverline Expert Adjustable SILWR50 375mm, Jaw 45mm Each WrenchSILWR55 450mm, Jaw 57mm EachSILWR56 600mm, Jaw 65mm EachChrome vanadium, hardened jaws,Hexagonal 4 sockets on one toughSilverline Adjustable Wrencheasily reversible. Knurled handle. handy tool for added versatility. 17, Heavy duty, satin finish chrome Code Unit 19, 21, 23mm. vanadium steel. Laser-marked SIL273198 Each Code Unit graduations. Precision-ground slides. SIL380629 Each Smooth jaw adjustment.Silverline 427590 ChainCode Size UnitWrench Silverline 598449 ThumbturnDrop-forged, chrome-plated carbonSILWR11 150mm, Jaw 20mm Eachsteel. Corrosion-resistant satin finish. Pipe Clear, laser marked graduations withSILWR21 200mm, Jaw 25mm Eachprecision ground slides and soft-gripSILWR31 250mm, Jaw 30mm Eachhandle. SILWR41 300mm, Jaw 35mm EachCode Size UnitJaw 18mm Silverline MS121 Immersion One-piece, forged alloy tool steel jawSIL868618 6 (150mm) Each Box Wrench 85mmand handle. Double jaw design, fast action in either direction. For closeAll-purpose wrench grips theJaw 25mmquarter work. 230 x 150mm. workpiece tighter when additionalSIL282456 8 (200mm) EachCode Size Unit pressure is asserted. KnurledJaw 30mmthumb screw for one-handed tool SIL427590 300 x 120mm Each adjustment. Wrench 175mm - JawSIL427594 10 (250mm) Each40mm. Jaw 38mm Heavy gauge steel box wrench with Silverline 598531 RubberCode Size Unit SIL598474 12 (300mm) Each T bar.Strap Wrench Set 500 & 600mm 2pc Jaw: 50mm Code UnitSIL598449 225mm Each Silverline Bent Nose SwedishSILMS121 EachPipe WrenchSilverline 675121 Oil FilterSilverline Oil Filter WrenchChain Wrench 150mmHigh quality drop-forged chromeFor accessing restricted areas in vanadium steel with hardened andengines, and gripping dirty filters For loosening or tightening oil filters,One piece forged alloy tool steeltempered S-shaped jaws. Enhancedwithout slipping. Durable, PVC-PVC pipes, opening jars and hosehandle and jaw. Features double jawgrip and teeth offset against thedipped, multi-position handle. fittings. Non-marking strap will notdesign giving fast ratchet like actiondirection of rotation. Grips pipes andAutomatically tightens as pressure damage fine finishes. Soft, non-slipin either direction. Ideal for closepipe fittings tightly. Adjustable jawis applied. Strong, steel band with rubber grips. quarter work. capacity. corrosion-resistant coating.Code Unit Code Unit Code Size Unit Code Size UnitSIL598531 Each SIL675121 Each SIL788895 560mm Jaw 2 Each SIL380671 57-65mm Each370 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'