b'BUILDING & SAWSDEKTONBUILDING & SAWS MEASURING & LEVELSDekton DT45614 Jab SawDekton DT45805 HolesawDekton DT45910 JuniorDekton DT55162 Soft Grip Soft Grip Handle Kit 6pc Hacksaw Blades 10pc Auto Lock Tape Measure 5m Hi-Vis OrangeBUILDING & SAWS & MEASURING & LEVELSExtra sharp teeth and pointed end for piercing plasterboard. Large smooth end pad facilitates pushing and twisting the blade through plasterboard. 1.8mm extra thick blade. Heavy duty, hardened & tempered steel blade. Excellent forIncludes 4 holesaws suitoble for10 junior hacksaw blades ideal wood, plastic and drywall cutting. cutting through wood and thinfor cutting wood and plastic. Code Unit metal. Sizes: 32mm, 38mm, 51mmManufactured from extra strong and 54mm. Includes allen key andsteel. Extra flexible shatter proofBelt clip. Auto-lock. Hi-Vis soft grip. DEKDT45614 Each arbo. blades for durability. Fine cutImpact resistant case. Metric units.blades with pins. Fits standard 6"" Dekton Heavy Duty Saw Code Unit hacksaws. 24 teeth per inch. Code UnitDEKDT45805 Each DEKDT55162 EachCode UnitDekton DT45840 DownlightDEKDT45910 Each Dekton DT55163 Soft Grip Installation Kit 9pc Auto Lock Tape Measure 7.5m Dekton DT45920 Hacksaw Blades 12pc Hi-Vis RedSure grip comfort handle. Thick rigid blade minimises \'whip\' and vibration. Multipurpose, ideal for timber, PVC, plastic, plasterboard. Rapid cut, triple ground hard point teeth ideal for a faster, easier cut.Code Size UnitDEKDT45620 20" EachDEKDT45624 22" EachDekton DT45670 12" TenonIncludes 6 holesaws suitable for Saw cutting through wood and thin12 hacksaw blades ideal for cutting metal. Sizes: 88mm, 75mm, 72mm,steel, wood and plastic. Fine cut 65mm, 60mm and 51mm. Includesblades. Fits standard 12"" hacksaws. drive plate, arbor and allen key. IdealHardened and tempered high carbonBelt clip. Auto-lock. Hi-Vis soft grip. for DIY and professional use. steel. 24 teeth per inch. Impact resistant case. Metric units.Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitDEKDT45840 Each DEKDT45920 Each DEKDT55163 EachSure grip comfort handle. Thick rigidMEASURING & LEVELSblade minimises \'whip\' and vibration.Dekton Fatboy Magnetic Tape Multipurpose, ideal for timber, PVC,Dekton Hard Case 19mm Dekton DT55161 Soft GripMeasure 25mmplastic, plasterboard. Rapid cut, triple ground hard point teeth idealAuto Lock Tape Measure 3m for a faster, easier cut. ReinforcedHi-Vis Greenblade for a straighter cut. 8 TPI.Code UnitDEKDT45670 EachDekton DT45710 Coping Saw and BladesBlade-lock. Belt clip. Rubber grip. High carbon steel blade. Imperial and metric units. Tough impact resistantAnti-slip rubber clip. Belt clip. Belt clip. Auto-lock. Hi-Vis soft grip.Magnetic tip. Auto-lock. Imperial case. Impact resistant case. Metric units. and metric units. 25mm extra wide. Adjusts to any cutting angle. DurableClass II.steel blades. Includes 5 blades - 2 xCode Size Unit Code Unit32 TPI blades, 2 x 24 TPI blades andDEKDT55101 3m Each DEKDT55161 Each Code Size Unit1 x 18 TPI blade. DEKDT55102 5m Each DEKDT55170 5m EachCode Unit DEKDT55104 7.5m Each DEKDT55175 8m EachDEKDT45710 Each DEKDT55106 10m Each DEKDT55180 10m Each12 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'