b'HAND TOOLSAUTOMOTIVEHAND TOOLSAUTOMOTIVEBODYWORK CAR COVERSSilverline 427723 Pick &Silverline Suction Pad Silverline 783171 MechanicsSilverline 617404 Motorbike Hook Set 4pc Creeper 915mm CoverAUTOMOTIVEPlastic suction cup ideal for carryingSteel construction with 6 easy rolling Contains straight pick, 90 pick, fullawkward items such as glass andcomposite castors, comfortable hook and angled hook. Chrome- ceramics. vinyl covered back and headrest. plated shafts and hard-grip handles.Dimensions 915 x 460mm.Useful tools for carpenters,Code Size Unit Code Unit Keeps motorbikes clean and dry mechanics and engineers. Max lifting capacity 15kg when not in use. 2300 x 870 x SIL783171 Each 1050mm.Code Size Unit SIL127864 55mm EachSIL427723 140mm Each Max lifting capacity 35kg Silverline 927687 Trim ClipCode UnitSIL282432 115mm Each Removal Pliers 235mm SIL617404 EachSilverline 456945 Double Suction Pad Expert 100kg Silverline 675088 DoubleSilverline 966668 Windscreen Suction Pad 70kg ProtectorCarbon steel, heat-treated pliers with blackened body and dipped, coated grip.Code Unit Aluminium, foil-covered SIL927687 Each polyethylene. 1700 x 700mm.Aluminium alloy double suction padPlastic double-suction cup forCode Unitfor carrying heavy, awkward itemscarrying heavy, awkward items suchENGINE & DRIVETRAIN SIL966668 Eachsuch as glass, doors, windows andas sheet glass and board. Pad size sheet metal. Pad size 115mm. 115mm. Silverline (357860) ClutchSilverline Car CoverCode Size Unit Code Size Unit Alignment Tool Set 9pceSIL456945 100kg Each SIL675088 70kg EachSilverline 731768 Car TrimSilverline 868582 Triple Remover Set 5pc Suction Pad100kgAligns clutch discs on most cars andWaterproof PEVA covers that protect light commercial vehicles. Adaptorbodywork from the weather.fits through clutch plate and into pilot bushing or bearing. ElectroplatedCode Size Unitfor corrosion resistance. Includes4310 x 1650 x 1190mmcentring shaft with clutch plate adaptor, 2 x pilot bearing adaptorsSIL220393 M Each(15.8 x 12mm and 17 x 15mm), and4820 x 1190 x 1770mm8 collets (0.787 x 0.749, 0.874SIL774618 L EachPlastic triple-suction cup forx 0.812, 0.590 x 0.561, 0.624 x For removal of upholstery, clips,carrying heavy,awkward items such0.614, 0.718 x 0.668, and 1.18 x5320 x 2000 x 1800mmtrims, mouldings and wheel hubs ofas sheet glass and board. Pad size0.984). Suitable for Audi, Citroen,SIL942611 XL Eachcars, vans and utility vehicles. 115mm. Fiat, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Rover, Code Unit Code Size Unit Saab, Seat, Skoda, Subaru, Toyota,DE-IONISED WATERSIL731768 Each SIL868582 100kg Each Vauxhall, VW and Volvo.Bird De-Ionised WaterCode UnitSilverline 633580 QuadSIL357860 EachSuction Pad 120kgSilverline (631811) Clutch Alignment Tool UniversalWE CARRY STOCKPlastic quad suction cup for carryingEasy alignment for single clutchDe-Ionised Water for use in batteries, heavy awkward items such as glass,irons and other appliances to OF SOME OF THEdoors, windows and sheet metal. Padplates. Works with most cars and lightprevent furring.commercial vehicles. Also suitable for UKS TOP BRANDSsize 115mm. flywheels with no pilot bearing.TO STOCK OUTCode Size Unit Code Size UnitCode Unit BIRDE1 1L EachYOUR SHOP. SIL633580 120kg Each SIL631811 Each BIRDE5 5L Each208 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'