b'HAND TOOLSCLAMPS & VICESHAND TOOLSCLAMPS & VICESG CLAMPS HAND CLAMPSEclipse Heavy Duty G-Clamp Irwin General Purpose Clamp Silverline G-Clamp Hilka Spring Clamp Set 4pc 3.5 (90mm)CLAMPS & VICESCode Size UnitNEWT1204 4 (100mm) EachAverage clamping force of 300 NEWT1206 6 (150mm) Each Steel frame and copper-plated 800kg (6601760lbs). Guaranteedthread that prevents weld spatter unbreakable malleable iron frameNEWT1208 8 (200mm) Each from sticking. Reinforced shouldersVersatile design with many uses. with a fast action twin start rolledNEWT12010 10 (250mm) Each provide greater strength. Swivel jaw holds different shapes. Resin clamps are rust resistant for acme thread. The steel swivel shoeNEWT12012 12 (300mm) Each Code Size Unit use outdoor.applies an even pressure, even on angled surfaces, whilst the tommySILVC22 2 (50mm) Eachbar will bend before the frame canIrwin Quick Grip Quick ChangeSILVC23 3 (75mm) Each Code Size Unitbecome over-stressed. Clamp HIL64024490 90mm EachSILVC24 4 (100mm) EachCode Size Unit SILVC26 6 (150mm) Each Rockler (306013) Box Joint NEIE20-3 3 (75mm) Each SILVC28 8 (200mm) Each Cauls 4pk 6.35mm (1/4)NEIE20-4 4 (100mm) Each SILVC30 10 (250mm) EachNEIE20-6 6 (150mm) Each SILVC32 12 (300mm) EachNEIE20-8 8 (200mm) EachNEIE20-10 10 (250mm) Each Stanley 0-83-036 G ClampNEIE20-12 12 (300mm) EachNew and improved one-handed Eclipse Locking C-Clamps 6clamp delivers 300 lbs of sustained clamping force, and locking swivel jaw Regular Pads for evenly distributed clamping force.Code Size UnitNEWT506QCEL7 6 EachNEWT512QCEL7 12 Each Creates a tight fit quickly and easily NEWT518QCEL7 18 Each and features evenly-spaced pressure NEWT524QCEL7 24 Each points to clamp box joint fingers atHigh-visibility, corrosion-resistantthe corners for maximum tightness. NEWT536QCEL7 36 Each finish Cauls only apply pressure on the fingers that need it. Slots on the Wear resistant serrated andSilverline Light Duty G ClampAdvanced frame design resists flexingoutside of the cauls are made to hold hardened jaws provide a firm grip.and bending pennies in place to firmly support Guarded release trigger protects Heavy-duty, malleable iron and steelband clamps at varying heights and against accidental release whilstconstruction can be used with Rockler 25mm also enabling the tool to be quickly Roll-formed screw threads ensure(1) x 4.5m (15) Band Clamp (sold unlocked when required. Screwsmooth operation and durability separately).adjusts to fit the work piece and Oversized T handle for extra torque Code Unitexerts a pressure that is maintainedCast iron frame with black even after repetitive use. Jawphosphate thread coating andCode Size Unit SIL306013 EachCapacity 45mm (1.3/4). reinforced shoulders. IncludesSTA083036 8 EachCode Unit tommy bar and swivel shoe. Rockler (336040) Mini Clamp-NEIE6R Each Code Size Unit CLAMPS & VICES It Assembly Square 102 x 102 x 32mm (4 x 4 x 1-1/4)SIL277960 50mm EachHilka Heavy Duty G-Clamp SIL993290 75mm Each HAND CLAMPSSIL926904 100mm Each Hilka Spring Clamp Set 2pc SIL605787 150mm Each 6.5 (165mm)Silverline 868223 3-Way Clamp 62mmDurable high impact, rigid polycarbonate construction for strength and accuracy. Provides superior holding power when assembling small pieces at right Full range of professional qualityangles on small items and projects. malleable cast iron clamps. TheIdeal for drawers and for precise, copper plated threads give smoothdetailed work such as dolls houses action. Packed with hanging display. and music boxes. Measures 102 x Corrosion-resistant steel. JawVersatile design with many uses.102mm (4 x 4) x 32mm (1-1/4) Code Size Unit capacity 62mm. 3-way clamp for easySwivel jaw holds different shapes.square. Maximum throat depth HIL64500003 3 (75mm) Each fitting of mouldings and trim. CarbonResin clamps are rust resistant for58.5mm (2-3/8). Minimum throat HIL64500004 4 (100mm) Each steel spindle and sliding pin bar. use outdoor. depth 31.8mm (1-1/4)HIL64500006 6 (150mm) Each Code Unit Code Size Unit Code UnitHIL64500008 8 (200mm) Each SIL868223 Each HIL64021652 165mm Each SIL336040 Each228 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'