b'HAND TOOLSPLIERS & SNIPSHAND TOOLSPLIERS & SNIPSPLIER SETS PUNCH PLIERSHilka Mini Plier Set Soft GripSilverline 427610 Pliers SetStanley 0-74471 DynagripSilverline 200111 Heavy Duty 3pc Long Nose, Combi &160mm 3pc Plier Set 3pc Punch Pliers 2 - 4.5mmDiagonalPLIERS & SNIPS Cutting jaws machined to a close fitRevolving carbon steel head and for efficient cutting spring-loaded handle. Includes 2, 2.5,All exposed steel parts polished for3, 3.5, 4 and 4.5mm punches. Plastic moulded handles with slip guards.protection against corrosionLong nose, combination and side-Induction hardened and temperedCode Unit cutting pliers. for long life performance SIL200111 EachInductive hardened cutting edgeCode UnitBi-material handles for comfort with comfortable soft grip handles.SIL427610 Each and grip Silverline 588767 Punch High quality carbon steel dropForged carbon steel jaws andPliers 2-5mmforged with micro finish to preventhandlesSilverline 633832 Expert Accurately machined and fitted corrosion. Contains: mini long nose pliers, mini combination pliers, miniPlier Set 4pc hinge for smooth functioningdiagonal cutting pliers. Code UnitCode Unit STASTHT0-74471 EachHIL26202003 EachStanley 0-84-892 Plier Set 3pcHilka Plier Set Soft Grip 3pcRevolving carbon steel head with Long Nose, Combi & Diagonal 6 punch sizes contained within a pressed steel frame. Spring-loaded Includes 180mm combination pliers,handle for repetitive use. Rotate the 150mm long nose pliers, 150mmhead to choose from 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 side-cutting pliers and 250mmor 5mm punch sizes.waterpump pliers. Code UnitHeat treated carbon steel forging for Code Unit long life. SIL588767 EachSIL633832 Each Code UnitTINSNIPSSilverline 633889 Mini PliersSTA084892 EachSet 6pc Eclipse EAS-L Aviation Tin PUNCH PLIERS Snips Left & Straight CutInductive hardened cutting edge with comfortable soft grip handles.Hilka Heavy Duty Revolving High quality carbon steel dropPunch Plierforged with micro finish to prevent corrosion. Contains: 8 long nose pliers, 8 combination pliers, 6 diagonal cutting pliers.Code Unit Includes 125mm long-nose pliers,Cuts up to 1.2mm cold rolled steel HIL26303003 Each 125mm flat-nose pliers, 110mm side- and 0.7mm stainless steel. Drop cutting pliers, 125mm combinationforged alloy steel blades give a pliers, 125mm bent nose pliers,longer cutting life, whilst the spring Silverline 282501 VDE Expert100mm end-cutting pliers and carry Drop forged soft grip handledloaded handles ensure a fast,Plier Set 3pc case . professional punch plier smooth cutting action.Code Unit Sizes 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5mm Code Unit In display packaging NEIEAS-L EachSIL633889 EachCode UnitSilverline 868868 CirclipHIL23997710 Each Eclipse EAS-R Aviation Snips Plier Set 160mm 5pc Right & Straight CutHilka Revolving Punch KitChrome vanadium steel with corrosion-resistant satin finish.Individually tested to 10,000V.Cuts up to 1.2mm cold rolled steel Includes 160mm long-nose pliers,Creates precise holes, eyelets & snapand 0.7mm stainless steel. Drop 160mm side-cutting pliers andChrome vanadium withfasteners in seconds. Spin quickly toforged alloy steel blades give a 180mm combination pliers. 2-toneexchangeable jaws for internal andchoose from 5 punch sizes. Suitablelonger cutting life, whilst the spring soft-grip handles with slip guards.external clips with straight, 45 andfor new holes to belts, handbags,loaded handles ensure a fast, VDE certified to DIN EN60900. 90 tips. shoes, and watches. smooth cutting action.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL282501 Each SIL868868 Each HIL23808011 Each NEIEAS-R Each266 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'