b'HAND TOOLSTOOL BOXES & WORKBENCHESHAND TOOLSTOOL BOXES & WORKBENCHES TRAMMEL HEADS TRITONWORK BENCHES Eclipse 33 Pair TrammelTriton (303468) T S Shelf Pin Heads Jig TSPJSilverline (548885) BenchSilverline TB01 Portable Dogs Pack of 4 Workbench 100kgTOOL BOXES & WORKBENCHES, TRAMMEL HEADS & TRITONSimple slot-together system for joining 2 or more jigs. 7 drill guides spaced at 32mm intervals. Ideal for creating locating holes on adjustable shelving Supplied as one pair of heads units such as cabinets and bookshelves.Suitable for laying out the distanceIncorporates retractable 30mm and between two points and scribing50mm side stops, plus a reinforced Plastic bench dogs for clampingarcs and circles clamping zone. Includes pin, drill bit, wooden items during sanding,collar and hex key, stored in the unit.planing and finishing.Fits 19mmTo be used in conjunction with any (3/4) holes drilled in any surface.wood offcut between 34 to 112Code UnitFor use with Silverline TB01 andwide, minimum thickness of 38 SIL303468 EachLightweight, strong, portable TB05 Workbenches. workbench ideal for site work.Code UnitCode Unit Folds easily for storage andNEI33 Pair Triton (785243) T6 Pocket-transportation. Includes two 560 xHole Jig Master Set 12pce SIL548885 Each 110mm worktops. 100kg max load.T6PHJMRequires assembly. TRITONSilverline (665646) Universal Mobile Base 180kg Code Size Unit Triton (747767) Single Mini SILTB01 100kg Each Pocket-Hole Jig T1PHJSilverline TB02 Workbench Clamp Set 2pcBench-mounted Jig for drilling pocket holes in wood for repeated use in joinery work, such as panel fixing and corners. Features a unique SpeedDrive drill holder for 4 times Corrosion resistant, powder-coatedStrong nylon body in a compactfaster drilling, extendable work steel mobile base. The adjustabledesign. For drilling pocket holes insupports for added stability, quick-and versatile base supports a varietywood for repeated use in joinerylock mechanism for holding the wood of workpieces and bench-mountedFor use in 18-38mm holes ofwork, such as panel fixing, cornersand integrated dust management power tools on stands. Easy toany workbench. Quick-releaseand mitre joints. Features hardenedoption. Can be used with 12 - 42mm manoeuvre with two fixed, and twomechanism and cam locks for faststeel drill guide and optional(1/2 - 1-1/2) thickness wood. Includes swivel wheels with foot-pedal brakes.removal. securing holes in the guide and jig.jig, step drill bit, collar and key, square Min square size 305 x 305mm. MaxFor use with materials from 12mmdrive bit, master kit and storage box.square size 864 x 864mm. MaxCode Unit (1/2). Includes mini jig, step drill bit, rectangle size 457 x 1270mm. MaxSILTB02 Each collar and key, square drive bit, andCode Unitload 180kg. starter kit. SIL785243 EachCode Unit Silverline TB05 Heavy DutyCode UnitEach Flip Top Workbench 150kg SIL747767 Each Triton (915306) T4 Easy-Set SIL665646 Pocket-Hole Jig T4PHJSilverline (973048) SawTriton (785737) Double Mini Horse 2pk 200kg Pocket-Hole Jig T2PHJBench-clamping jig with strong, nylon Strong nylon body in a compactbody and hardened steel drill guides. design. For drilling pocket holes inDrills pocket holes quickly with wood for repeated use in joineryrotating plate for 4 preset settings in work, such as panel fixing, cornersdifferent thicknesses of wood. Built-in Heavy duty workbench with rigid,and mitre joints. Features hardenedquick clamp and depth collar measure Strong, plastic saw horses forsquare section steel frame. Largesteel drill guide and optionalon side of jig for easy drill-depth workpiece support. Non-slip rubberwork surface made from two 605securing holes in the guide and jig.guide. Settings for use with 12mm feet for stability. Collapsible forx 120mm sections. Adjustable tableFor use with materials from 12mm(1/2), 25mm (1), 38mm (1-1/2) and storage and easy transportation.sections can be angled at 0, 45(1/2). Includes mini jig, step drill bit,50mm (2) pieces. Includes step drill Includes hanging hole. Heightor 90. 150kg max load. Requirescollar and key, square drive bit, andbit, square drive, collar and hex key, 800mm. Max load 200kg per horse. assembly. starter kit. storage box and starter kit.Code Unit Code Size Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL973048 Each SILTB05 150kg Each SIL785737 Each SIL915306 Each338 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'