b'GARDENING & OUTDOORLOG SAWSLOG SAWS LOPPERS & SHEARS GARDENING & OUTDOORG-Man Peg Tooth Bow SawSilverline 250422 ForestersBulldog 2032T Hand Shears Bulldog BD1101RW Compound Blade Bow Saw 600mm Anvil LoppersFine, straight-tooth form for pruning and seasoned wood.Code Size UnitStraight bladesAWTG10H21 533mm (21) Each Adjustable blade tensionAWTG10H24 600mm (24) Each Strong oval section frame with quick- Wavy blade to reduce cloggingCompound cutting actionAWTG10H30 750mm (30) EachHandle bumpersrelease tensioner for easy blade Anvil blades Soft touch gripschange. Ergonomic handle with Aluminium handlesG-Man Raker Tooth Bow Sawintegrated hand guard. Hardened Blade length 9 (230mm)LOG SAWS & LOPPERS & SHEARSBlade and tempered carbon steel blade Soft touch gripsCode UnitLight weight designwith protective plastic sleeve. Ideal for cutting larger logs and trees. BULBD2032T Each 45mm Cutting capacityCode Unit Bulldog 2232Y2 Hand Shears Code UnitFine raker toothing for fresh/greenSIL250422 Each BULBD1101RW Eachwood.Silverline Pruning / Bow SawBulldog BD1115Y2 Anvil Code Size Unit Blade LoppersAWTG30SH21 533mm (21) EachAWTG30SH24 600mm (24) EachAWTG30SH30 750mm (30) Each Adjustable blade tension Hilka Bow Saw BladeWavy blade to reduce cloggingCarbon steel blade with hard point teeth.Soft touch grip Handle bumpersCode Size Unit Light weight designCompound cutting actionSIL320129 300mm (12) Each Blade length 9 (230mm)SILSW25 525mm (21) Each Anvil jaws for dead woodCorrectly hardened and supersharp.SILSW26 600mm (24) EachCode UnitAluminium handlesWith blade protector. BULBD2232Y2 EachSoft touch gripsSILSW27 750mm (30) Each Blade capacity 1.5 (38mm)Code Size Unit Bulldog B613W Border Shears45mm Cutting capacityHIL92051921 533mm Each Silverline Bow SawCode UnitHIL92051924 600mm Each BULBD1115Y2 EachHilka Log Saw Bulldog BD3113TW Extending Bypass LoppersHard-point steel blade. Powder- Adjustable blade pressurecoated, heavy gauge, oval Wavy blade to reduce clogging Sturdy tubular steel frame. Withsection steel frame. Large handle T ubular steel shaftssoft grip safety handle. Correctlyincorporates quick release blade Heat treated blades hardened super sharp blade. tensioner.3 2 Handle with rubber gripExtending handles Code Size Unit Code Size UnitFixed point lockingCode UnitBULB613W EachHIL92051524 600mm/24 Each SILSW20 600mm (24) EachPressure reducing blade holesHIL92052121 533mm/21 Each SILSW22 750mm (30) EachPush button handle lock Bulldog B614W Lawn Shears Soft touch gripsSilverline 229062 PruningStanley 1-15-368 Log Saw 24100mm Cutting capacity Saw 380mm Code UnitBULBD3113TW EachKingfisher ALT220 Telescopic Anvil Lopper Soft Grip HandlesHardened oval tubular frame withStrong lightweight frame for longer induction-hardened HCS blade.life Adjustable blade pressureRaker tooth set for cutting green Wavy blade to reduce cloggingwood. Integrated grip and hand T ension lever that allows rapidTelescopic anvil lopper with soft grip guard. Butterfly nut blade tensionerchanging of the bladeT ubular steel shafts handles. Extends from 64cm (25in) for easy blade change. For pruning, T reated steel blade to maintain 1st Heat treated blades to 95cm (37in). Packed with a fulltrimming and cutting of green wood. cut sharpness longer 32 Handle with rubber grip colour high gloss card wrap.Code Unit Code Size Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL229062 Each STA115368 600mm Each BULB614W Each BONALT220 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 171'