b'HAND TOOLSAUTOMOTIVEHAND TOOLSAUTOMOTIVEFUSES & ACCESSORIES GEAR PULLEYS GREASE GUNS & CARTRIDGESHilka 28600100 Terminal SetSilverline (515011) HarmonicConcept Oil EP2 LithiumPressol 12 511 Grease 100pc Balancer Puller Set 46pce 40Grease 400g For Grease Gun Cartridge 400g For Grease - 93mm GunAUTOMOTIVEPressol Grease Cartridge, 400g. Multi purpose grease, for sliding and Contains 12 different popular crimproller bearing lubrication, under high terminals and connectors. Terminalsload: water resistant, acid free.are tin plated copper with PVC insulation. Code Unit Code UnitCONEP2 Each PS12511 EachCode UnitHIL28600100 Each Hilka 84800120 ManualSilverline (775238) Mini Lever Carbon steel with zinc-plated yokeGrease Gun Set Action Grease Gun 120ccHilka 79552312 Mini Bladeand bolts. Multi-purpose balancer Fuse Set 120pc puller set for removing flywheels, balancers and pulleys. Imperial and metric bolts. Minimum / maximum spread: 40 - 93mm. Includes bolts, yoke, washers, thrust bolt, centring adaptor, flat shaft adaptor and tough storage case.Code Unit Can fill with cartridge or bulk grease. SIL515011 Each Supplied with 10 1/2 flexible hose, 7 rigid and 4 1/2 connector.Silverline 580487 HarmonicCode Unit Heavy duty all-steel construction Balancer Puller Kit 13pc grease gun. Lever-action grease HIL84800120 Each pumping. Compact design for use in confined spaces. Bulk or manual Contains 20 each of: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25,Hilka 84800700 Pistolgrease loading. Includes grease 30 amp popular fuses. Grease Gun Kit 500cc nipple connector plus 135mm Code Unit straight and 300mm flexible tubes. Ideal for work with cars, motorbikes, HIL79552312 Each machinery and bearings.Silverline (361371) Micro FuseCode UnitSet 120pce ATT SIL775238 EachSuitable for all greasingSilverline 241990 Grease Gun Removes balancers, pulleys andrequirements with 3 way filling. gears with tapped holes. A floatingIncludes fixed hose, flexible hose andTrigger Action 500ccswivel prevents damage to the shaftadditional connector.end. Four slots in the yoke allow for 2 or 3 hole application. Tool bolts toCode Unitbalancer with centre screw on theHIL84800700 Eachend of the crankshaft.ATT pattern micro blade fuses. ZincCode Unit Hilka 84802003 Grease Gun alloy. Blade fuses are generally usedSIL580487 Each Cartridge 3oz 2pcup to 24V and serve as a protector for the vehicle wiring system and electrical components. Includes 20 xSilverline MS23 Gear Puller 5/10/15/20/25/30A. Compatible withSet 3pc 75/100/150mmmost cars and commercial vehicles.Code Unit Heavy duty with die-cast aluminium head. Single-handed operation. Coupler SIL361371 Each Suitable for use with 3oz/85gramand rigid extension tube. Accepts bulk capacity gun. Suitable for mostfill. Fitted with bulk fill plunger.greasing requirements. Code UnitCode Size Unit SIL241990 EachHIL84802003 3oz EachSilverline 633868 Grease Gun Hilka 84803014 Grease GunDelivery Tube 300mmCartridge 14ozHeavy duty gear pullers in sizes ORDER ONLINE 75mm, 100mm and 150mm.Suitable for most greasingFlexible delivery tube with chrome-Reversible for internal or externalrequirements. For use with 500ccplated, threaded nozzle. 4500psi 24 HOURS A DAY, use. capacity gun. recommended working pressure.7 DAYS A WEEK Code Unit Code Size Unit Code Unitwww.newtonhale.co.uk HIL84803014 14oz Each SIL633868 EachSILMS23 Each210 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'