b'HAND TOOLSAUTOMOTIVEHAND TOOLSAUTOMOTIVERECOVERY & TOWING SHAMPOOS & CLEANERSilverline 594260 JumpAction Can Amaze Dash &Carplan OBS500 OriginalCarplan WWK500 Wonder Leads 3.6m 600A max Bumper Car Cleaner Black 500ml Wheel 500mlAUTOMOTIVEPVC-coated cable with fully insulated, spring-loaded connectors. Suitable for vehicles with a battery start-up power to 600A. 3.6m.Code Unit Restores plastic and rubber trim toThe CarPlan Wonder Wheels Super looking new Alloy Wheel Cleaner will cut through SIL594260 Each Trim and bumper shine for alldirt, grease and brake dust instantlyCleans and protectscolours. Once applied the new lookto produce gleaming wheels.Silverline 633975 Tow PoleLeaves a silky finish shine is restored to pvc trim, plasticAnti static properties bumpers, tyre walls, side mirrors andCode Size Unit1800kg Easy to use wipe and clean spoiler kits. TETWWK500 500ml EachCan be used on most plastics, PVC, rubber, wood, leather, interiorCode Size Unit Hozelock 2603 Car Wash Brushtrim, exterior bumpers, mud flaps,TETOBS500 500ml Eachrubber strips, spoilers, side mirrors Sturdy pole enables safe and secureto mention a fewtowing of most vehicles up toCarplan TCS501 Triplewax 1800kg. Code Size Unit Shampoo 500mlCode Size Unit ACT1558 500ml EachAdjustable angled headSIL633975 1800kg Each Astonish C1576 Tar & Insect Quick connect to allow rapidRemover connection to the Hozelock systemSilverline 634004 Trickle Flow control from 100% zero Charger 12VWorks with 2621 soap sticks togently clean wheels Brush is through flow, and cleanwater is constantly jetted through the brush bristlesCode UnitHOZ2603 EachThe triple wax formula combines three types of wax that are appliedHozelock 2621 Soap Sticks as the car is washed. It cuts throughCard of 10Compact 500mA constant outputall types of dirt and grime, leaving a plug-in charger.A superb pre-wash formula, protective shine with every wash.Code Voltage Unit suitable for all body workSIL634004 12V Each Removes oil, fuel, tar, insects &Code Size Unittraffic film TETTCS501 500ml EachEasy to useSilverline 839280 FoldingSafe but powerful formulaShovel 580mm Carplan TMT501 T-Cut Code Size Unit Original Colour Restorer ASTC1576 750ml Each 500mlAstonish C1690 Window & Glass Cleaner Solid detergent sticks, use with: 2 601 Car Wheel BrushHeavy duty forged steel shovel with2603 Short Car Brush1.5mm thick, serrated blade and2604 Medium Car Brush Pluscomfortable, triangular handle.Code UnitCode Unit HOZ2621 CardSIL839280 EachTraffic Film Remover 25LSilverline 857328 Jump Leads 2.2m 200A maxColour Restorer is an efficient and hard-wearing restorer for aged A hard working cleaner with thepaintworks. It eliminates oxidations sparkling power of vinegar. and blemishes, and removes light scratches. It cleans the paintwork Removes tough stains & grease of tar, tree sap, insect depositsCleans & polishes all windows and other unwanted marks. AlsoPVC-coated cable with spring-loaded Non smear, crystal clear finish recommended as a tool to preparecopper connectors.Easy spray on - wipe off formula cars for repainting.Code Unit Code Size Unit Code Unit Code Size UnitSIL857328 Each ASTC1690 750ml Each TETTMT501 Each BONTFR160 25L Each216 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'