b'POWER TOOLSGRINDERSPOWER TOOLSGRINDERSMakita 9565PCV Grinder 5Makita GA4534 Grinder 4.5Makita GA9020 Grinder 9Silverline 263511 Bench 1400W 115mm 720W 2000W Grinder 150mm 150WGRINDERS Code Voltage UnitMAKGA9020-1 110V EachCode Voltage Unit MAKGA9020-2 240V Each Compact with dust-protected switch MAK9565PCV-1 110V Each and rubber mounting feet. 2 all-steel Code Voltage Unit Makita GD0600 Die Grindertool rests, large eye-shields and wheel MAK9565PCV-2 240V Each MAKGA4534-1 110V Each 240v 400W guards for safety. Fitted with medium and fine grade grinding wheels.Makita DGA452Z 18v LXTMAKGA4534-2 240V EachCode UnitCordless Angle Grinder 115mm Body Only Makita GA5021 Grinder 5SIL263511 Bench Grinder Each125mm 1050W SIL812096 Replacement Wheel EachCode Voltage Unit Silverline 268953 Multi MAKGD0600-2 240V Each Grinder 3Makita GD0800C Die Grinder 750WCode Voltage UnitMAKGA5021-1 110V EachMakita DGA452Z LXT Lithium IonMAKGA5021-2 240V EachCordless Angle Grinder 18v (naked) complete with lock nut wrench, sideMakita GA5021C Grinder 5Code Voltage Unithandle and abrasive wheel. 125mm 1450W MAKGD0800C-1 110V Each Versatile mini grinder and polisher Code Unit MAKGD0800C-2 240V Each with handy flexible drive shaft grinding attachment. Complete MAKDGA452Z Each with fine (80 grit) grinding stone Silverline (571295) DIY 650Wand polishing wheel. Adjustable eye Makita GA4034 Grinder 4Angle Grinder 115mm protection shields, spark deflectors, 100mm 720W wheel guards and tools rests.Code UnitSIL268953 EachSilverline 563709 Angle Code Voltage Unit Grinder 115mm 800WMAKGA5021C-1 110V Each Compact and versatile mini grinder MAKGA5021C-2 240V Each for a wide range of grinding, cutting and sanding tasks. Adjustable safety Makita GA5034 Grinder 5guard and 2-position side handle. On 125mm 720W / off automatic safety release switch Code Voltage Unit for improved operator protection. MAKGA4034-1 110V Each Disc diameter 115mm. No load speed 11,000rpm.MAKGA4034-2 240V Each 3-position auxiliary handle increases Code Unit user comfort and adapts to multiple Makita GA4530R GrinderSIL571295 Each work angles. Includes 2 separate 4.5 Boxed guards for use with cutting and Silverline (951855) Anglegrinding discs. No load speed Grinder 230mm 2400W 11,000rpm. Soft-grip handle. 2-stage on/off switch. Weight 2.4kg.Code Voltage Unit Code UnitMAKGA5034-1 110V Each SIL563709 EachMAKGA5034-2 240V EachTriton 406270 Grinding Angle Makita GA7020 Grinder 7Set-Up Jig TWSGAJ180mm 2000W Powerful 2400W motor with soft Makita GA4530 Angle Grinder 115mmstart. Rotating main handle for wheel diameter tough industrialoptimal handling for both cutting angle grinder powered through aand grinding. 2-position auxiliary 720w motor gives the trade safehandle. Soft-grip for low vibration and easy barrel grip. It does notand comfort. Easy access brush matter if the tradesman grips thecovers. For grinding and cutting motor housing or the rear cover themetal, stone and concrete. Use withFor use with the Triton Wetstone ergonomic barrel grip fits into anywire cup brushes and wheels forSharpener TWSS10. For setting up palm and fingers perfectly. rapid removal of rust and corrosion.the correct angle for sharpening. Includes grinding and cutting guards,Enables repeatable accuracy for Code Desc. Unit Code Voltage Unit and pin spanner. grinding specific bevel angles.MAKGA4530R-1 110V Each MAKGA7020-1 110V Each Code Unit Code UnitMAKGA4530R-2 240V Each MAKGA7020-2 240V Each SIL951855 Each SIL406270 Each518 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'