b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESBISCUITS & DOWELSPOWER TOOL ACCESSORIESBISCUITS & DOWELS CHUCKS & KEYSMakita P-08844 No10 BiscuitSilverline Biscuits CHUCK ADAPTORS POWER TOOL CHUCKSDowelsSilverline 245001 9/16 HexHilka 38351303 Keyed Chuck to SDS Plus Adaptor 200mm Set 3pcForms accurate, high strength joints in soft or hard woods, plywood,1/2 x 20 UNF thread. Suitable for composition boards and other9/16 x 2/8-3/8 hex shank to SDScordless and AC hammer action Code Unit timber. Plus Quick-lock adaptor. drills. 2-13mm capacity. Supplied with MAKP-08844 Box 1000 SDS plus adaptor and chuck key.BISCUITS & DOWELS, CHAIN SAW FILES & CHUCKS & KEYS Code Size Unit Code UnitSIL245065 Size 0 Pk 200 SIL245001 Each Code Size UnitSilverline 342613 Dowel DrillHIL38351303 13mm EachSet 6, 8, 10mm 3pc SIL457012 Size 10 Pk 200 Silverline 292703 13mm SIL598520 Size 20 Pk 200 Keyed Chuck & SDS PlusHilka 38361302 SDS Chuck Adaptor Kit 1/2 UNF Bit Kit 2pcSilverline Dowel PinsPrecision ground, pre-cutting blades for a cleaner cut. Includes depth collars for accurate drilling of dowel1/2 20 UNF thread 2-13mm capacity holes. For timbers and man-madesupplied with SDS adaptor.woods. Sizes: 6, 8 and 10mm. Air dried Birchwood fluted dowels.Code Unit Code Size UnitCode Size Unit HIL38361302 13mm EachSIL342613 Each SIL633751 6 x 30mm Pk 200SIL868727 8 x 40mm Pk 200 Set to hammer stop when usingMakita 192877-8 Chuck Silverline 675264 Dowel & BitSDS Plus. Short SDS Plus adaptorMount 1/2 x 20 UNF (8406)Set 47pc SIL675212 10 x 40mm Pk 200 prevents chuck damage.Code UnitSpear & Jackson Wood Dowells SIL292703 EachSilverline 437202 M14 Adaptor 10mmHeavy duty original chuck for drilling. Chuck thread 1/2x 20 UNFCapacity 13mmCode Size Unit Code UnitIncludes: 3 carbon steel wood boringNEI5414 8mm Pk 60 MAK192877-8 Eachdrill bits, 6, 8 and 10mm; 44 assortedNEI5416 10mm Pk 45dowel pins, 30 x 6mm (18pce), 40 xSteel alloy construction. AllowsMakita P-33788 Keyless 8mm (14pce) and 40 x 10mm (12pce). CHAIN SAW FILES M14 x 2 female accessories toChuck & SDS Adaptorbe used on drills. Parallel-faced Code Unit nut for tightening and loosening. SIL675264 Each Silverline Chainsaw File Compatible with all power and air drills with a 10mm chuck capacity.Silverline 733252 DowelCode UnitCentre Point Set 6 - 12mmSIL437202 Each8pcCode UnitSilverline 793773 SDS PlusMAKP-33788 EachAdaptor 1/2 80mmSilverline 196528 Locking Keyless Chuck 13mmRound file designed for sharpening chainsaw chains quickly and Chrome plated. For accurateaccurately. Attached guide plate alignment of drill holes when dowel- holds file at correct depth, clearShort SDS Plus chuck adaptor fitsKeyless chuck with click lock for pinning joinery. Pack of 8 (2 x 6mm,markings for easy angle alignment. most 1/2 x 20 chucks and preventsimpact use (not suitable for SDS 2 x 8mm, 2 x 10mm and 2 x 12mm). chuck damage. Hammer). 1/2 x 20 female.Code Size UnitCode Unit SIL151212 4.0mm Each Code Unit Code UnitSIL733252 Each SIL153142 4.8mm Each SIL793773 Each SIL196528 Each450 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'