b'HAND TOOLSTROWELS & ACCESSORIESTROWELS & ACCESSORIES HAND TOOLSNOTCHED & SERRATEDHilka 66170400 SerratedRST RTR6255 V Notch TrowelSilverline 245062 EconomyVitrex 102960 Adhesive Plaster Trowel 11 3mm Adhesive Trowel 230 xTrowel 4mm V Notch / 7mm 100mm U NotchTROWELS & ACCESSORIESSoft grip handle with polished blade.Wood handleIn display sleeve.Banana shape Alloy tangEconomy notched adhesive trowel Code Size UnitSpring steel bladewith 6mm square teeth.Lightweight plastic trowelHIL66170400 11 (280mm) EachBlade dimensions 290 x 115mm Dual edged for use with wall and Code UnitHilka 66170500 NotchedCode Size Unit SIL245062 Each floor tile adhesivesPlaster Trowel 11 RSTRTR6255 3mm EachComfortable ergonomic handleSilverline CB59 AdhesiveEasy to cleanRST RTR6261 U Notch TrowelTrowel 280mm Code Unit13mmVIT102960 EachRST RTR153DS Notched Finishing Trowel 6mmSoft grip handle with polished blade. In display sleeve. Wood handleCode Size Unit Banana shapeHIL66170500 11 (280mm) EachAlloy tang 280mm flexible steel blade with wooden handle. 6mm square teeth. Spring steel blade Marshalltown M702S SquareBlade dimensions 290 x 115mm Code UnitNotched Trowel 11 x 4.1/2Code Size Unit SILCB59 EachWood handlesCurved Wood HandleRSTRTR6261 13mm Each Vitrex 102906 ProfessionalBanana shape Alloy tangAdhesive Trowel 20mm Round RST Square Notch TrowelSpring steel bladeNotchBlade dimensions 290x115mmCode Size UnitRSTRTR153DS 6mm EachCast aluminum alloy mounting isPLASTERERS TROWELSsecurely attached with rivets to the tempered steel blade Wood handle Hilka 66309000 Plasterers The hardest blade available, Banana shape Trowel Soft Grip 11making them last longerAlloy tangSpring steel blade Notch style and size help to controldepth and amount of adhesiveBlade dimensions 290 x 115mm Rust resistant stainless steel blades appliedand large, contoured handles with Notch width = 1/4, Notch depth =Code Size Unit soft grip to ensure comfort over 1/4, Space between notches = 1/4 RSTRTR6257 5mm Each prolonged use. Used to spread adhesive or mastic RSTRTR6259 8mm Eachon the base surface before layingCode Size Unittile, carpet, or other floor coverings RSTRTR6260 10mm Each VIT102906 20mm EachCode Unit Fully hardened and tempered with MARM702S Each Silverline (880084) AdhesiveVitrex Professional Adhesivethe latest designed soft grip handle. Trowel Soft-Grip 280 xTrowel Square Notch With coloured display packaging.120mm - 6mm TeethRST RTR153DT SerratedCode Size UnitFinishing Trowel 5mm HIL66309000 11 (280mm) EachHilka 66309108 Plasterers Trowel Soft Grip 8 x 3Flexible, polished, corrosion-resistant stainless steel blade with a two-piece Wood handles soft-grip TPR handle, giving goodRust resistant stainless steel bladesBanana shape knuckle clearance. Strong, 8-rivetand large, contoured handles withAlloy tang bond between handle and blade.soft grip to ensure comfort over Allows rapid and even spreading ofSpring steel blade prolonged use. Correctly hardened and tempered adhesives in tiling, flooring, claddingBlade dimensions 290x115mm and carpet-laying applications. Code Size Unit with soft grip handle.Code Size Unit Code Unit VIT102957 6mm Each Code Size UnitRSTRTR153DT 5mm Each SIL880084 Each VIT102909 10mm Each HIL66309108 8 x 3 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 349'