b'SEALANTS & ADHESIVESGRAB ADHESIVESSEALANTS & ADHESIVESGRAB ADHESIVESEverbuild Mirror Mate C3 Everbuild Pinkgrip SF WhiteEverbuild Stixall 300ml Gorilla (2044001) Grab C3 Adhesive 290ml Heavy DutyStixall Extreme Power is the ultimate GRAB ADHESIVES Mirror Mate is a one componentcombined building adhesive and solvent free sealant and adhesivePinkgrip SF But Its White is asealant, based on hybrid polymer based on MS Polymer technologysolvent free, white version of thetechnology, with the most extreme that is specially formulated forbrand leading Pinkgrip Direct Bondpower to both bond and sealGorilla Grab Adhesive is so versatile, bonding mirrors to most commonAdhesive.It has all the uniquevirtually EVERYTHING to ANYTHINGit grabs virtually anything. The surfaces. The totally neutral curingbenefits of Pinkgrip and will stickin virtually all conditions, evenflexible, gap filling formula provides system will not attack the mirrorjust about anything on a building siteunder water or in the rain! Stixalla heavy duty bond thatll last. backing. without the need for under pinning,Extreme Power offers almostGorilla Grab Adhesive is 100% thanks to the products no-slumplimitless benefits as an adhesivewaterproof and withstands extreme Code Colour Unit formula. and a sealant removing the previoustemperatures, meaning you can use EVEMIRROR White Each application barriers associated withit indoors or out, for an extra-tough conventional products. bond.Code UnitEverbuild Multi Stick WhiteEVEPINKWE Each Code Colour UnitCode Unit350ml EVESTIXBK Black EachEVESTIXBN Brown Each GOR2044001 EachEverbuild Pinkgrip Solvent Free C4 EVESTIXCLEAR Clear EachEVESTIXGY Grey Each Gripfill Green 350mlEVESTIXWE White EachEverbuild Stixall Easi Squeeze 80mlMulti Stick is an exciting new grab adhesive based on new SPUR technology (Silyl-terminated PUR technology). This superior adhesivePinkgrip SF is a radically new direct has the ability to bond virtuallybond adhesive with all the legendary A high performance, multi-purpose, anything to everything in bothgrabbing performance of original wet and dry conditions, and evenPinkgrip but in a solvent freegap filling adhesiveunderwater or in the rain. formula. Bonds most solid building materials Stixall, the Builders favouriteand is suitable for almost any Code Unit Code Colour Unit adhesive and sealant is nowapplication, inside and outEVESKMULTISWE Each EVESFREEPINK Pink Each available in a 80ml easy squeeze tube. Stixall Extreme Power has theCode Colour UnitEverbuild Pinkgrip 350ml power to bond and seal virtuallyLAYGRIPFILL Buff EachEverbuild Standard Gun A Naileverything to anything, even under C3 water or in the rain. Easi Squeeze 80ml. Gripfill Yellow Solvent Free Code Colour Unit 350mlEVEEASISTIXWE White EachEVEEASISTIXCL Clear EachPinkgrip will stick just about anything on a building site that needs sticking. Its amazing grabbingGun A Nail Standard is a high strength not only removes thestrength, gap filling multi-purpose need to pin under the workpiecebuilding adhesive based on aNEED HELP WITH to prevent slumping, but itstackified solvent free system forAN ITEM?A high performance, multi-purpose,revolutionary initial Direct Bonduse in a wide variety of building andgap filling adhesiveeliminates the need for double stickhome improvement applications. methods. Pinkgrip can be used insideGun A Nail Standard can be used Bonds most solid building materials and outside and adheres to justwhere at least one of the substratesand is suitable for almost any about every building substrate. to be bonded is porous. application, inside and outCall our sales teamCode Colour Unit Code Colour Unit Code Size Unit0151 647 4255EVEPINKGRIP Pink Each EVEGANN3 White Each LAYGRIPFILLSF 350ml Each546 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'