b'SEALANTS & ADHESIVESSURFACE TREATMENTSSEALANTS & ADHESIVESSURFACE TREATMENTS THIXOTROPICTILE ADHESIVESADHESIVESEverbuild Patio WizardEverbuild Resiblock SuperiorEverbuild 705 Rapid Set Tile Concentrate 5L Natural Matt 5L Dunlop Thixofix AdhesiveAlpha Thixofix Contact Adhesive has been developed for the specific SURFACE TREATMENTS, THIXOTROPIC ADHESIVES & TILE ADHESIVES Patio Wizard is a new type of Mouldaim of making simple the bonding ofRapid Set Tile Mortar is a fast-and Algae treatment that kills andlaminated plastics to wood and othersetting thick or thin bed adhesive for cleans all type of green growthsubstrates, whilst maintaining thebonding ceramic tiles to floors and without the need for any washingResiblock Superior is a solventedwell proven efficiency of ordinarymost walls where same day fixing off, scrubbing or pressure washing.sealer used to bond jointing sandcontact adhesives. and grouting is required. Can be Totally safe and non-hazardous toand seal the surface of block paving,used internally and externally and children and pets, once dry PatioCode Size Unit bonds to most building substrates whilst retaining its normal flexuralDUN250 250ml Each such as concrete, cement screeds Wizard is made from biodegradableproperties. Available in a gloss wet ingredients and does not include anylook or natural matt finish. DUN500 500ml Each and render etc. Tested to EN12004.bleach or acid contents. DUN1 1L Each Code Size UnitCode Unit Code Unit EVERAPID10 10kg EachEVERBORIGNAT5 Each DUN25 2.5L EachEVEPATWIZ5 Each DUN5 5L Each EVERAPID20 20kg EachEverbuild Resiblock IndianEverbuild Stain Block 400ml TILE ADHESIVES Everbuild 711 Rapid Set FlexiplusSandstone Sealer Colour Enhancer 5L Everbuild 701 Non Slip Tile Adhesive WhiteRapid Set Flexiplus is a quick setting floor and wall tile mortar with added Stainblock is a spray applied heavilylatex powder for improved flexibility. Everbuild Resiblock Indian Sandstonepigmented white paint whichNon Slip Tile Adhesive is an acrylicCan be used on prepared wooden Sealer Colour Enhancer restorespermanently prevents existing stainsbased formula for extra slipfloors, interior and exterior use the stone and helps to bring out itsfrom water, mould, rust, nicotine,resistance and grab. Designed forwhere same day fixing and grouting natural colours, providing long termgrease, soot, crayon showinggeneral use in bathroom and kitchenis required. Tested to EN12004.resistance against staining and algaethrough subsequent coatings. Quickareas. May be used in domesticCode Size Unitgrowth for up to five years. Thedrying, overcoat in 15 mins. showers when used in conjunction application can be done in one simplewith Everbuild Powdered Wall TileEVERSPLUS10 10kg Eachcoat and is suitable to use with mostCode Size Unit Grout. Tested to EN12004 type D1T. EVERSPLUS 20kg Eachforms of natural stone. EVESTAINSTP 400ml EachCode Size Unit Everbuild 714 White Set Code Unit Thompsons Water Seal 5L EVENS02 2.5L Each Flexiplus 20kgEVERBINDENH5 Each EVENS05 5L EachEVENS10 10L EachEverbuild Resiblock Indian Sandstone Sealer Invisible 5L Everbuild 702 Water Resistant Tile AdhesiveWhite one part flexible adhesive for bonding ceramic tiles to most walls. Can be used internally and For protection that helps enhanceexternally and bonds to most building and maintain woods naturalsubstrates,The adhesive is fully water Resiblock Indian Sandstone Sealercolor, Thompsons WaterSealWater Resistant Tile Adhesive is aresistant and suitable for continuous Invisible acts as an invisible seal toWaterproofer Plus Clear Woodpremium grade adhesive that can beimmersion (e.g. swimming pools). paths, patios and driveways andProtector gives you beautifulused in areas subject to prolonged/ White Set Flexiplus is the ideal choice provides long term resistance againstprotection against damage frompermanent wet conditions andfor fixing white tiles as the adhesive staining and algae growth for up to fivewater and sun and provides a mildewin areas of high humidity andwill give no show through. May also years. The application can be done inresistant coating. Its oil-enrichedcondensation. Tested to EN12004be used as a white grout for floor one simple coat and is suitable to useformula provides long-lastingtype D2T. tiles. Note: Product dries off white.with most forms of natural stone. protection for all types of wood. Code Unit Tested to EN12004.Code Unit Code Size Unit EVERES05 5L Each Code UnitEVERBINDINV5 Each THOWATERSEAL 5L Each EVERES10 10L Each EVEWSPLUS20 Each556 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'