b'ELECTRICAL & LIGHTINGINSPECTION LAMPSINSPECTION LAMPS PLUGS & SOCKETS ELECTRICAL & LIGHTINGStatus Spur Switch With Neon Status Shower Ceiling SwitchSilverline Fly Lead Converter PowerMaster (488289) 13A 2 Way Fused Plug BlackPlug to socket converter suitable for camping, caravanning and on-site generators.Cable length 250mm. Code Unit 45 amp neon. Max 240V. Earthed and rewirable standard STAS13AFSSWNB8 Each Code Unit Code Unit plug with 13A fuse. Solid brass LIGHT FITTINGS & PLUGS & SOCKETSpins. Replacement safety device Status Sensor Light Switch STAS45ACSB3 Each 13A 3-pin plug to 16A 3-pin socket to protect electrical circuits. ASTA SIL818738 Each approved. Complies with BS1363.Status Ceiling Pendant 6 16A 3-pin plug to 13A 3-pin socket Code UnitSIL341082 Each SIL488289 EachSilverline 3-Way Splitter 16A Status White Plug 13 AmpCode UnitSTAS1G1WWLSPRIX6 EachCode Size Unit 3-way splitter. Heavy duty impact-Status Light Switch White resistant, for site and industrial use. STAS6INCPB6 150mm Each Captive terminal and cord clamp screws. IP44 rated. Code UnitStatus Ceiling Rose Batten STA13APLUGBULK16 EachCode Size UnitSIL399015 110V Each Status 24 Hour Plug In Timer SIL993054 240V Each SwitchSilverline 16 or 32A PlugCode Size UnitSTAS1G2WLS10 1 Gang EachSTAS2G2WLS10 2 Gang EachSTAS3G2WLS5 3 Gang Each Code UnitSTASCRBHB8 Each 3-pin plug. Heavy duty impact-Status Dimmer Switch 1 Wayresistant, for site and industrial use. 250W Status Ceiling Switch 2 WayIP44 rated.6 Amp Code Size UnitBlue 240V Programme the timer with the push down segments for start and finish SIL589694 16A Each times. Plug the appliance into the SIL427717 32A Each timer, suitable for UK power sockets. Yellow 110V Built in manual override button. Recyclable materials. CE certified. SIL583263 16A Each Supplied in a clam shell pack.SIL868864 32A Each Code UnitSilverline 16 or 32A Socket STA24HT16 EachCode Unit Status Wall Socket Switched STAS250WDS5 Each Code Unit 13 AmpSTASCS6A2WPB5 EachStatus Starter Motor Card-2Status Lamp Holder Cord Grip T2Heavy duty splashproof 3 pin socket, impact-resistant, for industrial use. Captive terminal and cord clamp screws. IP44 rated.Code Size UnitBlue 240VSIL245112 32A EachCode Size Unit SIL395002 16A Each Code Type UnitSTAS4-65WSSB26 4-65W Card Code Unit Yellow 110V STAS1G13AWS8 1 Gang EachSTAS70-125WSSB26 70-125W Card STASLHCGPB12 Each SIL918545 16A Each STAS2G13AWS8 2 Gang EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 121'