b'FIXINGS & FASTENERSSCREWSFIXINGS & FASTENERSSCREWS SECURPAKSELECTION PACK SCREWS SecurPak Hardened PictureSecurPak Pozi CSK Screws Pins BP Yellow ZPFixman (795475) TapFixman (885554) Spring Washers Pack 140pce Assortment Pack 200pceSold in outer of 10 bags.SCREWS & SECURPAK Sold in outer of 10 bags.Code UnitMPSSP10075 Bag 80 Code Size UnitMPSSP10255 3 x 13mm Bag 80Assorted rubber flat, domed washersSecurPak Brass HeadedMPSSP10257 3 x 16mm Bag 70and jumpers to repair most tap sizes.BZP spring steel for corrosionPicture Pins Brass MPSSP10259 3.5 x 16mm Bag 60Includes flat tap washers 3/8, 1/2,resistance. Can be squashed or 5/8 and 3/4; delta tap washersstretched, depending on spring type.MPSSP10261 3.5 x 19mm Bag 551/2 and 3/4; tantofex washers 1/2;Compressionspring sizes 9/32 -MPSSP10263 3.5 x 25mm Bag 50dome/jumper washers complete1-1/2. Extension spring sizes 13/64MPSSP10265 3.5 x 38mm Bag 401/2, 3/4; supertap jumper type A- 17/64. Handy storage case with 1/2, 3/4; type D 1/2. Handy storagecompartments. MPSSP10267 4 x 19mm Bag 50case with compartments. Code Unit MPSSP10269 4 x 25mm Bag 45Code Unit SIL885554 Each MPSSP10271 4 x 32mm Bag 40SIL795475 Each MPSSP10273 4 x 38mm Bag 30Fixman (935619) SteelMPSSP10275 4 x 45mm Bag 28Fixman (828147) Heat ShrinkWashers Pack 210pce Sold in outer of 10 bags. MPSSP10277 4 x 50mm Bag 25Tubes 95pce MPSSP10279 4 x 60mm Bag 22Code Unit MPSSP10281 4.5 x 25mm Bag 35MPSSP10076 Bag 10 MPSSP10283 4.5 x 38mm Bag 25SecurPak Hose Clip ZP MPSSP10285 5 x 38mm Bag 22MPSSP10287 5 x 50mm Bag 18MPSSP10289 5 x 60mm Bag 16MPSSP10291 5 x 80mm Bag 12MPSSP10293 5 x 100mm Bag 9MPSSP10295 6 x 100mm Bag 8Excellent flame-retardant, flexibilityZinc-plated for corrosion resistance.SecurPak Round Wire Nails Galvand insulation properties forIncludes flat and spring washers in insulation, bonding and corrosion- assorted sizes M5 to M10. Handy proofing of cables, rods, tubes andstorage case with compartments. Sold in outer of 10 bags.aerials. Includes sizes: 150 x 3mmCode Unit Code Size Unit(blue x 10, yellow x 10, red x 10 and black x 40), 150 x 8mm (blue x 5,SIL935619 Each MPSSP10191 1/2 Bag 2yellow x 5, red x 5 and black x 10).MPSSP10192 3/4 Bag 2Handy storage case. Fixman (961227) RubberMPSSP10194 1.1/16 Bag 2Code Unit Washers Pack 120pce MPSSP10196 ZP 2 Bag 1SIL828147 EachSecurPak Hose Clip withSold in outer of 10 bags.Fixman (871854) FibreThumb ZP Code Size (mm) UnitWashers Pack 110pce MPSSP10405 50mm Bag 120gMPSSP10406 75mm Bag 120gMPSSP10407 100mm Bag 120gSecurPak Panel Pins BrightRubber washers for plumbingSold in outer of 10 bags.applications and for use as buffersCode Unitand packers. Wide range of uses inMPSSP10198 Bag 2the home and workplace. Includes Fibre washers for plumbing(Inner Dia x Outer Dia x Width): 10 applications and for use as buffersx rubber washer 14.5mm x 24.5mm and packers. From 10mm withx 2mm; 20 x rubber washer 11.5mm 3mm centres, to 30mm with 16mmx 23.5mm x 2mm; 20 x rubber centres. Sizes (Inner Dia x Outerwasher 10mm x 19mm x 1.8mm; 30 xSold in outer of 10 bags.Dia): 16 x 30mm; 24 x 28mm;20 xrubber washer 6mm x 14mm x 1mm; 24mm; 15 x 18mm; 13 x 19mm; 8 x40 x rubber washer 5mm x 10mmCode Size Unit16mm; 6 x 12mm; 3 x 10mm. Handyx 1mm. Handy storage case withMPSSP10415 19mm Bag 125gstorage case with compartments. compartments. FIND US ON TWITTERMPSSP10416 25mm Bag 125gCode Unit Code Unit MPSSP10417 32mm Bag 125gSIL871854 Each SIL961227 Each @HNewtonHale MPSSP10418 38mm Bag 125g150 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'